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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Another Academic Honor By Marriage

Way back, even before I made it to PSU, I met Heather Carmichael at an all-comers meet at Millersville.  She was there with Arthur Lydiard scouting out colleges for his "girls".  I had the pleasure of meeting both of them after I won the 2-Mile and the Steeplechase that day.  Took a nice warm-down run with her when she said she was leaning toward PSU, where I had just found out that Coach Groves would allow me to walk on.  Small world!  I still have one of the mittens Heather made for me in 1978.  Apparently, knitting is easy for someone from a land where sheep outnumber people 2 to 1.

Our Official Physicist and great friend Brian Boyer sent me word of her husband Tom Richardson's recent honor of a Penn State Alumni  Fellow Award.

Heather Carmichael, foreground, with Arthur Lydiard.

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Anonymous said...

That figure in the background looked a bit like Alan Scharsu!!!

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