Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Lions Get Better With Age (And Deserve Headlines)

I won't divulge her age, except to say she just entered the 60 and over age group this year.  Back in the day, she wasn't one of the Lady Lions that garnered headlines, but I am making up for that with this post.  She deserves more headlines than any of the politicians we hear from every stinking single day.

Janet Norem ran with my wife and was an acquaintance of mine back in the 70-somethings. She never knew that I admired her.  She always seemed to know what she wanted.  I still haven't figured that out yet.

Needless to say, she has done wonderful things for many, many people all around the world. I have fixed a few bunions in Central Pennsylvania...

I think she spends half her time in Northern California, and therefore was available to run the USATF Marathon Championships this year.  The same race that saw Tyler McCandless place 2nd overall.

Well, Janet placed 2nd overall in her age group too!  A splendid 3:21:16 in near perfect conditions.  And to think I almost scolded her for being there and not getting an exclusive pic of Tyler!

Congrats Janet.  I'm one of your biggest fans.

Flashback from a few years ago...
 "First up, Janet Norem, who may have the Alumni (Golfer) record for miles run on the Continent of Africa.  Somehow she ended up on the Left Coast from hometown Pittsburgh when she isn't overseas, and placed third in her age division at the USA San Diego Half-Marathon. At school, we probably spoke 3 or 4 words to each other, and she never realized how much I admired her.  Still do.  Someone who has done wonderful things for this world.  A Nittany Lion ambassador of the finest order."

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