Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Brackets, Brackets, Brackets

Time to get your brackets filled out for Ken Cooper's 24th Annual Challenge!

Welcome to the 24th Annual Penn State XC/T&F and Friends March Madness Pool. 

Tough one for the Nittany Lions.  I can’t believe Oklahoma, Syracuse, UCLA and Texas got in with limited debate.  Oklahoma was 4-11 in their last 15.  But I digress.  The brackets are set and with 14 teams who could win it all, this looks like an awesome tourney on paper.

See info below, including division listing at the end.

       MAIN POOL - Everyone is in the Main Pool.  It is free and pride only.  Last year we had 159 people.  This is great for kids.  Last year, we had 32 kids in 8th grade or under and they had 5 of the top 15 overall placers.  You are encouraged to include kids and pass along to other friends.  You are more encouraged to mock them when their picks suck.


Picks due by tip off of first Thursday game.

If your email program has wrapped the link to multiple lines, make absolutely sure that you enter the entire link EXACTLY as shown above or your picks may not be registered correctly.

Multiple brackets are fine.  Please distinguish – Jane Doe 1, Jane Doe 2, Jane Doe 3, etc.

You get all play-in games right.  You can take any team as far as you want.


Please designate your division:

1.       Kid – 8th Grade and Under (include the grade of the kid)
2.       Kid – HS/College (include grade if high school or name of college)
3.       Penn State Grad (Hoops Team)
4.       Penn State Grad (non XC/T & F) (include year graduated)
5.       PSU T & F (Distance) (include year graduated)
6.       PSU T & F (Field/Multi) (include year graduated)
7.       PSU T & F (Mid-Dist) (include year graduated)
8.       PSU T & F (Sprint)  (include year graduated)
9.       Spouse/Sig Other of Penn State XC/T & F (include year graduated)
10.   Non PSU (XC/T & F) (include year graduated and name of college)
11.   Open - Non PSU (Non-XC or T&F) - (include year graduated and name of college)
12.   Dog/Animal

Good luck.

And join us at the Reunion and Golf Tourney May 18, 19.
One Person options:

For additional family members, add up permutations in post and use snail mail to:
 Harry Smith
            508 Washington Avenue
            Elyria, OH  44035

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