Sunday, April 15, 2018

Nittany Lions In The News

First up is Ricky Garcia with a C-Span 3 documentary about George Washington's Alexadria Home, which Ricky just happens to live in.

The documentary will air this evening at 6:00PM and 10:00PM (ET):

Archaeology at George Washington's Alexandria Property

George Washington owned a townhouse in Alexandria, Virginia. We visit the property, currently owned by Rick Garcia, to hear about his family’s connection to the Washingtons and the archaeology of two recently-discovered wells in their basement.
Airing Sunday, Apr 15 6:00pm EDT on C-Span 3

And second up is Megan McCloskey with a 2018 John Oswald Award!

Megan McCloskey, who is majoring in advertising and public relations in the Donald P. Bellisario College of Communications*, was one of 20 Penn State students selected in 2017 to the Parmi Nous honor and tradition society. Students are selected for exceptional involvement with the University.
She is team captain of the varsity track and field team where she was twice selected as academic All-American, Big Ten Scholar, Big Ten Conference Championship High Jump Medalist and NCAA Championship Qualifier.

As president and events coordinator for the Fit for Fritz fundraiser, McCloskey was responsible for planning, promoting and executing an event that raised more than $40,000 in four years. The event honors assistant coach Fritz Spence and assists people battling cancer.
McCloskey was a marketing intern in 2017 for SEI Investments Company and in 2016 for Chartwell Investment Partners.
Her leadership opportunities include:

● NCAA student-athlete voting representative for the Big Ten Conference

● President and special events and outreach chair for the Penn State Student Athlete Advisory Board

● President of Penn State Athletes Take Action, a group that works with middle school students to enforce the importance of positive communication at an early age
“Megan has the gift of communication, leadership and team-building, and she has chosen to share those gifts with Penn State and those around her,” a nominator said. “She is the person I think of when I hear people talk about Penn State’s inspired doers. Megan will surely go on to do great things in her career and life. And she will continue to be a fine representative of the very best of Penn State.”
Megan McCloskey also won the high jump yesterday at the Bison Invitational at Bucknell with her leap of 5' 10"!

* I have told the story before of meeting Donald P. Bellisario in my elective 400-level documentary film class in 1981.  I famouslyy asked him if he was embarrassed to be working in a medium that was interrupted every 7 minutes to sell products?  The class gasped, turned around to stare at the idiot they did not know (I was a biology major) who had asked such an insolent question of one of Penn State's largest benefactors.  Mr. Belliasario chuckled and replied immediately that he thinks 7 minutes with a break is all human beings are able to tolerate.  I smiled and sealed my "C" in the class, despite earning a "B".

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