Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Forecast and Travel Warnings For Reunion and Golf Tourney

It looks like we are in the clear for another good weekend of fun and camaraderie this  weekend.  Hope you can join us.  The more the merrier.

The weather forecast from the Weather Underground shows some storms earlier on Friday but ending by the time of the Meet and Greet and Pub Crawl for the hardiest among us.

Saturday morning should be cloudy but without rain for the festivities at the Track.  And all clear but cloudy for the golf tourney. That means we should be able to finish the 19th tourney in a row.

Scattered Thunderstorms

73° | 53°
0.06 in
71° | 55°
There will be continued construction on 322 at the Seven Mountain Area with significant delays on Friday.  That should end by 3:00PM on Friday.  Rest assured that final construction should be finished for the 2056 football season.

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