Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Sad, Sad News


Penn State track prospect shot dead in Philadelphia

An 18-year-old man who died Tuesday after having been shot in the head the night before in Philadelphia’s West Oak Lane section has been identified as a former high school track star who was to report to Pennsylvania State University this week to begin his freshman year.

RIP Kristian Marche.  Update:  I received word from Leon Woolford that Diamond Woolford coached Kristian this past season.  They visited with the family last night.  I asked Leon to relate my condolences to the family and friends on behalf of our entire group.  I already considered Kristian as one of us even though he didn't make it to University Park.  My heart is broken and my prayers are with the family and friends, as well as the Woolfords.

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

I Stole Another Picture From The Interwebs

"When I wore a younger man’s clothes" (or track spikes). A friend and teammate sent me this picture from an indoor meet 50 years ago when I established a new Penn State indoor record for the 400 – on a tight unbanked track. Record is long gone!

Ken Brinker still looks like he could set some records.  He may need the cushy newfangled, banked indoor track PSU has now, but my money is still on him.  But if you ever find yourself entered in our Alumni Reunion golf tourney, pray Clark assigns you to his team and not mine!

Saturday, August 11, 2018

My Movie Producer Career Is Gaining Steam

The third movie that I have helped to produce is coming soon.  And it has a big Penn State Track and Field Alumni (Golf) connection.

To be honest, for the last two films, I have only participated in the crowdsourcing to get them made.  In the Bannister: Everest On The Track film, I helped fund the musical score for the film.  In an indirect group link to the movie, Nick K. worked with Roger's son in London.

But I was a full-fledged Associate Producer for the 2015 remake of the worst movie ever made, Plan 9 From Outer Space, from Ed Wood, who was played by Johnny Depp in the movie about him.

You can see my IMDb entry here.  And I am committed to the possible sequel to this science fiction/zombie movie.  In a link to our group, Steve Black appeared in the original trailer for the movie. Plan 9: 2015

Now, the latest of "my film projects" will be coming to the screen.  It stars our group's Hanna Humphreys' father, Joe Humphreys.  We are excited to release the official trailer for Live the Stream: The Story of Joe Humphreys - currently an official selection of Breckenridge Film Festival 2018 and Chagrin Documentary Film Festival 2018.

Live The Stream: The Story of Joe Humphreys - Official Trailer from Nomadic Studio on Vimeo.

Thursday, August 9, 2018

Still More About That 1968 Olympic Trials Marathon

Our newest member, Joe Head, got to relive the thrill of his amazing achievement of running in the first US Olympic Marathon Trials 50 years ago.  This time, he was an honored guest at the Reunion.  He was even roasted by one of the two Directors of the race, Coach Joe Vigil, who had tried to thwart his efforts the first time.  Now they have mended their differences!

The only way Joe made it into the race (other than his nagging persistence and inability to say "no"!) was to meet up with the other Director of the race on the morning of the event.  That was the great American marathoner, Buddy Edelen.  He was thrilled to allow the undertrained novice marathoner into the race!

I have called Buddy Edelen the John the Baptist of American Marathoning.  His achievements and training are incredible in a time before the "running boom" began after Frank Shorter's 1972 Olympic victory.  Frank was just an unknown wannabe from Yale in that 1968 race, which he did not finish.   Get Buddy Edelen's story "A Cold Clear Day" on Amazon Here.

One of the people at Joe's table at the Reunion was Buddy's son Brent.  Full circle of life.

Brent Edelen and Joe





Joe with Pikes Peak Marathon winner, 1966-1971, Steve Gachupin.
Joe Vigil roasts Joe Head.

Sunday, August 5, 2018

American Lions in Österreich Essen ein türkisches Mittagessen.

Gary und Myrna Schwartz halten während ihrer Rhein-Donau-Kreuzfahrt bei Wien zum Mittagessen. Schöne Zeit - es war schön, meinen ehemaligen PSU-Assistenztrainer zu sehen.

Türkisches Restaurant am Donaukanal. Wie ich allen in Amerika auf meinem Urlaub gesagt habe ... immer froh, Gastgeber zu sein. Willkommen in Wien.   -Offizieller Physiker Brian Boyer.

Friday, August 3, 2018

A Full Member Of Our Group

Our previous post on the 50th anniversary of the very first Olympic Trials Marathon got a tremendous response from all over.  The post centered on Joe Head, a Nittany Lion who managed to find his way into the field.  It took great courage and persistence, and even the help of one of my running idols, Buddy Edelen, to make it happen.

Joe ran that race with minimal preparation, but great enthusiasm.  The kind of attributes that our very own Coach Groves would have admired.  This was just as Coach began his tenure at PSU.  Joe was surprised at how easily the Officers of Our Group accepted him into our fold.  At first Joe thought he was just a token member of our Facebook Group, but I corrected him that he is a full member of the Penn State Track and Field Alumni (Golf) Group.  This is in keeping with the tradition that Coach Groves himself  brought to Penn State.  Anyone with Joe's fortitude would have been afforded full team membership by Coach.  All of us can attest to that.  Coach had the patience of a Saint for anyone willing to put in the work to become better.  He even gave liberally of his time for walk-ons.  I can attest to that with a personal breakfast meeting each of my years at PSU.  One of them allowed me to have breakfast with Arthur Lydiard and Coach!

In turn, all of Coach Groves' athletes became better people (look at the excellence of everyone in our group!).  Eventually, all of us live up to Coach's quote at the 2009 Alumni Reunion, "Athletics is for education and recreation, nothing else. Winning is important only in that you learn more."  Turns out that Coach Groves was one of Penn State's greatest educators in its history.

So welcome, Joe Head, into full acceptance into the (soon to be, with everyone's help) largest and most active Track and Field Alumni group in the world.  And come golf with us in May, 2019!

Joe may have some further info on the 50th Anniversary celebration upcoming.  But it must be pointed out that he improved over those 50 years, and finished in the middle of the pack in the 50th Anniversary 8K!  Ahead of Frank Shorter!


Place No.   Name                    Age   Time      
===== ===== ================= === === ========== 
    1    56 Rich Hadley              62   35:16  
    2    36 Benji Durden             66   36:15  
    3    81 Bruce Kirschner          64   37:12  
    4   209 Michael Sandrock         60   39:02  
    5   192 Art Kitze                61   39:17  
    6   153 Pablo Vigil              66   39:41  
    7    73 Jim Johnson              61   41:07  
    8    11 Greg Birk                62   43:32  
    9   191 Chris Trunk              63   44:09  
   10   141 Kevin St.Croix           62   44:23  
   11    28 Robert Davis             61   44:57  
   12   108 Scott McMillen           61   44:57  
   13   196 Jan Frisby               74   46:01  
   14   195 Amby Burfoot             71   46:32  
   15   200 Gary Muhrcke             77   46:41  
   16   143 Darrell Sterns           67   46:44  
   17   199 Rick Moisio              63   46:49  
   18   208 Steve Jones              62   47:04 
   19   180 Joe Lowrey               61   48:11  
   20   185 Doug Ouren               62   48:40 
   21   213 Bob Deines               70   49:04  
   22   142 Will Steinberg           64   54:38  
   23    60 Joe Head                 70   55:10  
   24   207 Tom Heinonen             73   55:10 
   25    72 Alan Johnson             70   55:13  
   26   206 Tim Cronin               68   55:52 
   27    93 Frederick Maas           73   57:11 
   28   138 Ron Shepherd             65   57:54
   30   214 Frank Shorter            72   1:01:42  
   31     4 Dana Anstey              70   1:10:41  
   32    83 Kirk Kritner             64   1:12:50 
   33   202 Bill Clark               74   1:19:31 

Joe, finishing the first Olympic Trials Marathon, 1968.
Joe and Pablo Vigil being photobombed by Frank Shorter.

Sunday, July 29, 2018

A Nittany Lion In The Very First Olympic Trials Marathon! 50th Anniversary

Amby Burfoot has written a remembrance of the event which has received a fair amount of acclaim, despite misreporting that Gatorade was invented at Florida State University!

Alamosa 1968: The Historic First U.S. Olympic Marathon Trials

The great blog Once upon a Time In the Vest has some of the participants commenting about the article and other things.

But our very own Joe Head actually ran in that marathon after having startied running at Penn State with Coach John Lucas as an inspiration.  His story is riveting, and probably unbelievable to anyone younger than we are!

Joe Head, left,  before the start.
1--George Young, 2:30:48, Casa Grande AZ
2--Kenny Moore, 2:31:47, Eugene OR
3--Ron Daws, 2:33:09, Minneapolis
4--Bob Deines, 2:34:13 (note: originally 2:33:14, almost surely wrong per athlete) Pasadena CA
5--Steve Matthews, 2:34:17 (note: originally 2:33:17), Denver
6. Ed Winrow, 2:34:51, NYAC
7. Nick Kitt, 2:35:09, Los Angeles
8. Doug Wiebe, 2:35:31, Pacific Coast Club
9. Bill Clark, 2:36:14, Quantico Marines
10. Jeffrey Reneau, 2:38:46, Laconia NH
11. Tom Hoffman, 2:41:54, Fort Atkinson WS
12. Ed Cadena, 2:42:25, Bakersfield CA
13. Bob Scharf, 2:42:49, Washington DC Sports Club
14. Tom Heinonen, 2:43:30, Minneapolis
15. Steve Gachupin, 2:43:54, Jemez Pueblo, NM
16. Gary Muhrcke, 2:44:56, Freeport NY
17. Wayne Van Dellen, 2:45:26, Woodlake CA
18. Art Coolidge, 2:45:44, Scotia NY
19. Don Lakin, 2:46:03, Pacific Coast Club
20. Jim McDonagh, 2:46:30, Bronx NY
21. Floyd Godwin, 2:49:21, Denver
22. Gar Williams, 2:49:56, Washington DC Sports Club
23. Darryl Beardall, 2:50:05, Santa Rosa CA
24. Jim Van Manen, 2:50:21, Ventura CA
25. Jose E. Dones, 2:52:43, Santa Barbara CA
26. William Blewitt, 2:53:46, Lawton OK
27. Gabe Petroni, 2:53:55, Santa Barbara CA
28. Jose Barela, 2:54:47, Barstow CA
29. Byron Lawry, 2:54:54, Lancaster CA
30. Charles Comefort, 2:55:24, Dunes TC IN
31: Kenneth Katzer, 2:56:31, Lincoln NE
32. Bill Gookin, 2:57:11, San Diego CA
33. Gerald Smith, 2:57:20, Minneapolis
34. Norbert Sander, 2:57:39, Millrose AA NY
35. Gary Pierson, 2:59:37, Denver
36. Richard Vafeades, 3:01:40, Denver
37. Ed Dodd, 3:02:30, Drexel Hill PA
38. Jim Mathews, 3:02:57, Denver
39. Ed Walkwitz, 3:04:23, Hadley MA
40. Tom Snyder, 3:04:37, Lincoln NE
41. Evan Smith, 3:06:02, Marysville WA
42. John Pagliano, 3:06:30, Pasadena CA
43. J. Peterson, 3:07:43, Lockport IL
44. Bruce Guthrie, 3:07:48, Alamosa CO
45. Peter Hanson, 3:09:22, Colfax CA
46. Robert Lowe, 3:11:25, Denver
47. George Husuark, 3:11:52, Montebello CA
48. Bill Anderson, 3:15:00, Santa Barbara CA
49. John Suarez, 3:16:26, Bisbee AZ
50. Russell Holt, 3:20:13, Springfield MA
51. Tom Findley, 3:21:11, Columbus OH
52. William Peck, 3:22:38, Wasco CA
53. Darwyn Batway, 3:32:34, Spokane WA
54. Bruce LaBudde, 3:37:49, Atlanta
55. Larry Boies, 3:38:22, Minneapolis
56. Jerry Laird, 3:41:54, Houston
57. Albert Sewell, 3:46:36, Fisk Univ, Nashville TN
58. Rick Vasquez, 3:49:18, Pico Rivera CA
59. Pete Mundle, 3:50:56, Santa Monica CA
60. Etwin Gookin, 3:52:05, San Diego CA
61. William Lamb, 3:55:29, Sepulveda CA
62. Alan Bass, 3:57:55, San Marino CA
63. E. Kirkpatrick, 3:58:54, UColo, Boulder CO
Joe Head, 4:40 , University Park PA 

Joe Head with Coach Joe Vigil at the 50th Celebration.
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