Friday, November 18, 2022

Coaches Influenced By Coach Groves Have Good Memories

My recent foray into a 1977 XC meet
was met with agreement and embellishment from two other participants that day. No corrections of facts presented and further elucidation of the particulars came from both of them.

Mason, OH State Champion XC Coach Tom Rapp remembers that the meet was mostly a dual meet against powerful Georgetown held on neutral turf in Williamsburg, VA.  He also remembers that our first man had to break up the threatened 1-2-3 finish of Georgetown studs for us to have a chance at the meet and a trip to the NCAA Championships!  This was before the current system of Prelim meets and such.

Then John Ziegler chimed in with the fact that he was in fact the first man battling it out against all 3 of them.  John remembers the games and tactics they used, which weren't always legal.  But John overcame the odds and finished 2nd, allowing our remaining corps of harriers to seal the victory from the favored Hoyas.  Tom also verified my seemingly made up assertion that we ran 18 miles that day.

I forgot to ask both of them if they remember KKOB's GI issues during the whole trip.  But Ziggy does remember singing Earth, Wind and Fire tunes much to the dismay of Mike Wyatt and Coach Groves.


Friday, November 11, 2022

Robby Creese Extends His Remarkable Range And Answers Our Dreaded 10 Questions!

 Robby Creese won the recent Baltimore Marathon after deciding to enter it just one day before!

5 mile 00:28:03 05:36 min/mi
10 mile 00:56:06 05:36 min/mi
15 mile 01:22:37 05:30 min/mi
20 mile 01:49:54 05:29 min/mi
Elapsed 02:26:45
Pace 05:36 min/mile  

1.What were the circumstances that brought you to PSU? .

     I liked PSU and felt that it was a good fit after my visit with the team.

2. Outside of XC/Track, what was your favorite part of the State College experience?

     I liked my classes and the academic challenge in both under grad and grad school.

3. Did you have any favorite or least favorite workouts?

     My least favorite workout was the uphill, mountain tempo at Whipple's dam.  My favorite workout     was 300 repeats.

4. Outside of your major, what was your favorite class?

    Inart 110 was probably my favorite class outside of my major because we watched a lot of TV.

5. What was your post-graduate time like in State College?

     It was nice but really busy with classes, research, teaching, running, and volunteering with the team.

6. What performance are you most proud of?

     I'm most proud of the DMR at indoor nationals during my sophomore year.

7. What were your favorite training sites or running routes?

     I definitely liked tracks, Scotia, and workouts on the track.

8. Which, if any, class would you like another crack at?

    I took another crack at numerical analysis during grad school, but none now.

9. Are you self-coached now? And how do you juggle work and running? Yes,

    I'm self coached now. I stay pretty busy but make sure to run immediately after work during the week.

10. Will we see you at one of our Reunions or Golf-Tournaments soon? (Hint, hint 😃)

     Probably and I hope to make it to a few indoor meets too.

Sunday, October 30, 2022

A Group Officer* Was There! 2022 B1G Ten XC Championships in Ann Arbor

 The Women placed 6th (of 14) at the event and the Men placed 9th (of 12).



 Kileigh Kane led the race past 1 mile and eventually finished 20th as the #1 Lady Lion.


And apparently, the Big Ten and Michigan authorities are OK with drones.  As opposed to how I was treated by the various authorities at PSU .  My criminal acts captured the only drone video of a Penn State XC meet a few years ago when Syracuse ruled the Blue/White course.

*All photos by Harry Smith.

2016 Spiked Shoe Invitational

Wednesday, October 26, 2022

I Barely Escaped


It was the middle of October, 1977.  It had snowed in State College the week before.  Lynyrd Skynyrd lost 1/2 their band in a plane crash on Friday, and Saturday morning dawned with 12 skinny geeks getting ready to face William and Mary and Georgetown on the grounds of the Eastern State Hospital in Williamsburg, VA.

We jogged the entire course before the meet as those close to Coach Groves heard the tale of the escaped lunatic he helped capture back in the day.  A creepy tale while out in the forests of Virginia with the notorious mental facility popping up after every turn in the course.

The meet went well for PSU and we were jubilant as we started off on our warm-down.  Then I realized that we were doing the entire course as the warm-down on these grounds where lunatics dwelled, more than 18 miles of running on race day!   I fell behind and slumped against a tree momentarily, dizzy from a pretty good effort in the race.  Coming to quickly, I had to summon more effort to catch back up to the group than I had during the race, lest I become another victim of a serial killer.

I was reminded of these circumstances because of this news report yesterday!


Maybe another generation of runners can live my experience anew!

Tuesday, September 20, 2022

The Good Doctor Has Excellent Range


Robby Creese continues to win races wearing his Alumni Singlet.   This time it was the Charm City 20-Miler.  Last we checked it was the Frederick Mile.  That's excellent range.

Tuesday, September 13, 2022

A Jerry Rigged Solution Of Sorts?


Next year's Boston Marathon will feature a choice for non-binary runners for the first time.  Qualification standards will use the Female category times.  Runners will have their own Non-Binary Division results compiled.

The just completed Frederick Mile used similar standards and allowed non-binary runners the choice of running in the Male races or the Female races with results not scored in those categories, but all being scored in the Non-Binary category.

This seems as ideal a situation as can be currently attained.  The NCAA will probably not use this standard and will continue to inflame everyone, simply because they can.  Pending legislation to include non-binary standards in Title IX could change all of this as well.

Future Philadelphia Distance Run races will even offer prize money that is equal in Male, Female and Non-Binary categories, which will probably enhance the numbers of non-binary runners in their races.

Jury-rigged v. Jerry-rigged.

Sunday, September 11, 2022

Creese Lightning Still Delivering The Thunder

Representing our glorious Alumni Singlets with distinction, Robby Creese won yesterday's Market Street Mile in Frederick, Maryland.  Or I should say, Dr. Creese. Excuse me.  Nice job, Robby!

Saturday, September 3, 2022

A New Cross Country Season And An Old One Too

 The Dolan Duels were held on Friday. These celebrate Coach Dolan of Lock Haven, who coached PSU and recruited Greg Fredericks to Happy Valley.  Photos by Greg himself!

But just a few years ago, the State College High team with quite a few future (and former!) Nittany Lions had their photo taken.  Photo from future Track Alumni (Golfer) Bill Kvashay.  Included are former PSU Captain Jackson Horner, Carl Bechdel, Howard Triebold, and Bill Kvashay himself.  It is my hope we see Bill and a very special guest when he comes to the 2023 Reunion in August!

Tuesday, August 23, 2022

Let's Let Another Internet Meme Introduce The Cross Country Season


For those who are as afraid of the real world as I am, here's a Lego rendition...


Have a happy Cross Country season, everyone!

Sunday, July 31, 2022

More Alumni Action Post World Championships

There are alums in action even following the World Championships. 

Joe Kovacs will continue his season in Europe, joined by Darrell Hill.  They placed first and third at the recent American Track League meet.


Brannon Kidder (4th) and Isaiah Harris (8th) also mixed it up at the same meet in the 800M.  The Womens 800M had Danae Rivers placing 8th.

And Doreen McCoubrie was the 5000M USATF (60-64yo) National Champion at the Masters Nationals in Kentucky.

Thursday, July 21, 2022

Fullers And An Aussie Lion-To-Be Dominate Harrisburg Mile

 The Fullers arrived and kicked butt at the Harrisburg Mile yesterday.  Brian Fuller led the Elite Mile, while brothers Kevin Fuller and Mark Fuller placed 3rd and 14th.  In addition Katie Fuller won the Open Womens Division.

 Incoming PSU Freshman and Australian sensation Hayley Kitching won the Elite Womens Mile!  Welcome to Central PA, Hayley.

In a glaring failure on the part of the Interns, I failed to notice that Wendy Nelson Barrett won the Womens 50-54 age group! 


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