20th Annual Penn State Track and Field/XC Reunion

And SAVE THE DATE! The Executive Committee meeting of the Officers of the Group convened and chose the dates for the 2022 Reunion and Coach Groves Golf Tournament. This will be the 20th anniversary of the formulation of this whole shebang, and you better SAVE THE DATE!! So set aside May 13th and 14th, 2022. (Each year will alternate between May and August) We will be going all out for this event and you won't want to miss it. Adult beverages, camaraderie with old and new friends, mediocre golf, AND LIVE MUSIC FROM PROFESSIONALS! Stay tuned...

Sunday, January 31, 2016

A Very Good Day At The Penn State National

I had the pleasure to spend a long amount of time with some of my favorite people yesterday at the Penn State National Indoor Meet.  Having to be dropped off nearly an hour early for the meet so the girls could attend the PSU Student Housing  Expo at the HUB, I was pleased to see that Greg Fredericks brought Coach Groves early too!

I had the pleasure to speak with Coach and Greg for an extended time.  It is wonderful to see that Coach is happy in his new residence, relates the food as "good" and only occasionally gets into trouble.  About exactly as any of us would figure.

Greg also delivered the raw materials that will become the ultimate PSU Track Alum Annual Award at our Reunion and Coach Groves Golf Tourney weekend.  Coach Bill Whittaker is commended for donating the item for our cause.  You all will enjoy the item's unveiling at the next Awards Dinner.

I also got to talk to Steve Shisler. whose son Alex Shisler finished 3rd in the 400M Invitational!  Beth Shisler could not be there, as she had traveled "for work".  That same excuse becomes mine next week when I miss the Sykes and Sabock Challenge and Coaches Reception.  I will be at the meeting of the Association of Miserable Curmudgeons while the rest of you enjoy yourselves.

Tim Backenstose made a surprise appearance and got to see a very fine 800M with Brannon Kidder and 3 other top NCAA finalists duke it out on the Ashenfelter Oval.  Brannon topped them all with a 1:47.01 time, near the top of this year's qualifying marks.  We both also witnessed a school record 1-Mile by Tori Gerlach with a 4:37.83, eclipsing Bridget Franek's previous record.

But my favorite part of the day was convincing the energetic dynamo Billy Francis Cvecko to become a contributor to the blog!  With his criss-crossing of the Continent and his millions of friends, he can't help but be a boon to our efforts. He isn't our Undersecretary of Fun for nothing!

I always thought there was a chance that Billy WAS the Lion until I finally saw them both in the same room.

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Coach Groves Is Early For The Penn State National

Coach Groves and I showed up early for today's big indoor festivities.  He was thrilled with yesterday's PSU victory in the Mens DMR. It was the 4th fastest in NCAA history.

Friday, January 29, 2016

Let's Help Hanna Humphreys' Dad's Movie

Well, the movie about his passion anyway! 
Joe Humphreys.

My father always told me about his greatest PSU Phys Ed. Class while at PSU.  I never took the course because I took Coach Groves' Fitness and Games twice, but I know a lot of you had Fly Fishing as a 1 credit gym class.

They're making a movie about Joe Humphreys, father of State College Native and PSU Track Alum Hanna Humphreys.  You can help in the production of this worthy cause at Indiegogo I already have.

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Feel the Bern Part Deux

Remember Jimmie Carter keeling over during a run?  Remember Bill Clinton finishing his runs at McDonalds?  Remember George W. Bush running 5Ks in under 7:00/mile?

Maybe President Bernie Sanders could out-do them all?

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Celebrity Runners Are Everywhere!

Including 6 feet under, sadly...

First up, I'll bet none of you knew that Abe Vigoda was an avid workout nut and jogging was his main cardiovascular exercise.  The first time he was prematurely called dead in the news was in 1988 1982 while Barney Miller was still in production.

"An exercise enthusiast, Vigoda had just returned from a five-mile jog when his agent called and told him to report immediately to the office of Danny Arnold, who was producing a pilot for a police station comedy."

Next, Presidential candidate Barney Miller, er... Bernie Sanders was also a high school runner.  He even braved the hills and dales of Van Cortlandt Park.

Last, but not least is Ludivine, a female bloodhound who was simply let outside on the farm to pee.  But being a bloodhound causes a certain wanderlust it seems, so a Half Marathon later and Ludivine is a bona fide running star.  1:32:56 isn't bad considering a stop to sniff a dead rabbit and other such distractions. She was 7th overall and the first female runner. This will end up benefiting a worthy high school cross country team, so I'll not criticize this "viral" meme.

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

A Day For Blogging, And A Little Podiatry Thrown In

With the monumental snow still snarling most of York, I am here at "work" mostly twiddling my thumbs and waiting for the occasional patient.  This gives me time for what I really enjoy... Blogging about Track and Field and motivating other alums into attending our Reunion and Golf Tourney.

Efforts are already underway to expand upon the 800U meme that has acquainted us with Olympic Silver Medalist Yevgeni ArzhanovPhil Passen's embrace of "the beautiful sport" led him to Yevgeni and Phil is efforting to expand upon his brief reply to our questions previously posted!

And the string of Phil to Yevgeni has extended further, with Once Upon a Time In the Vest's George Brose getting me in touch with Sid Sink, All-American Steeplechaser and roommate of Dave Wottle at Bowling Green University.  I am about to message Dave in hopes he will also accept an honorary membership in our Alumni Group with Sid, as Bowling Green no longer even has a team!  This could lead to some great discussion on training and its changes over the years and hopefully more.  Keep your fingers crossed!

It turns out that Sid Sink was the coach of both of Bridget Franek's parents (Tom & Rosalie Franek) at Bowling Green.  It is no wonder that he describes her parents as "very good distance runners". Here's a couple of articles about Sid (and Dave Wottle), our latest Honorary Member!

Retired coach was world-class runner at BGSU

The Age of Innocence 

Murph Byrne, Bob McComber, Sid Sink, Rick Schnittker, Dave Wottle & Steve Danforth  

Chief Laundry and Morale Officer Larry Mangan also is quite pleased with our latest couple of posts.  He relates that news of Yevgeni completes a weird trifecta involving him and each of the 1972 Olympic 800M medalists.  He was recruited by Dave Wottle at Walsh College and had the pleasure of occasional distance runs with Mike Boit while in Eugene, Oregon. 

I am literally astounded how almost every one of us is linked to each other in this glorious world of Track and Field, despite many miles and even time itself!

Monday, January 25, 2016

There Is No Snow In Miami

Following the record snowfall in Central PA (I actually ended up with 30 inches here in York!) I have a coveted day off work.  I would normally just sit around and take phone calls from confused, little old ladies cancelling their appointments for the next 3 months anyway.

So I am running a two-a-day workout like the days of old.  Well.... ummm, kinda.  A 3 mile run slowly on my treadmill followed by a 2 mile run slowly on my treadmill later after I recover a bit.  But hey, it counts!

Doesn't it?

Here's a few other people who are doing much more than I am:

  • 800U's Chris Mills ran the Miami Half-Marathon with his State College boyhood friend Darryl Washington.

  • Group Friend and Honorary Member Dane Rauschenberg lectured at the Miami Running Expo AND ran the Marathon.  The next day he found his way to the South Beach launching point for The Raven's daily run.  (Every day at 4:00PM, 5:00PM in summer, for 40 straight years, regardless of anything!)    (Raven Run)

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Yevgeni Arzhanov Gracefully Accepts Our Invitation And Gives A Brief Interview

Yevgeni Arzhanov (Евгений Аржанов)

The snows came and kept coming, and for the first time in a long time outpaced anything the meteorologists had predicted.  Apparently with Tyler McCandless getting engaged and preparing for the Olympics Trials Marathon, he wasn't able to correct his colleagues.  So I'm stuck here in under more than 2 feet of snow.  (25.5 inches here.  Anyone have more than that out there?)  My honeydew list includes actually digging my car out of the white stuff so that I can go to work and get the phone calls for appointment cancellations on Monday.  Other than that, I plan on resting comfortably on my lounge chair today.

Spott Moskowitz pondering his next meal.

The Matterhorn ate my car.
And our newest honorary member of the Group (and 800U) Евгений Аржанов, Yevgeni Arzhanov, gracefully responded to a few questions we sent his way.  

Blog Central (skwilli): What are your memories of the 800M Finals in Munich, 1972?

Thanks, David (skwilli), thanks Philip (Passen) for my membering in 800U. In final 800 m 1972 Olympics Munich I was make two mistakes. First - I was begin my finish spurt very early. Second- I was begin spurt very fast. Dave Wottle no forgiven my such mistakes.

Blog Central (skwilli):  Tell us about your career following retirement from running?

After finish sport career I working as coach in Ukraine. Later 15 years worked as coach of the national teams of the USSR and Ukraine. After worked as coach in South Korea, China, Tunisia, another countries. Now wait any propositions for job as coach.

Blog Central (Phil Passen):  Do you support Dynamo Kiev in Football (Soccer for us noobs)?


Twice I worked in Dynamo Kiev as coach for physical preparation. I have many friends, former players Dynamo. But......I"m fan Liverpool! Today L-pool vs. Norvich -5:4!!!

Thank you Yevgeni!  When we are able to contact Dave Wottle, we will let you know.  I'm sure Dave will also accept our invitation to 800U because his college actually dropped Track and Field (Athletics) as a sport some time ago.  Then the two of you can actually be teammates!

Saturday, January 23, 2016

We Welcome The 1972 Mens Olympic 800M Silver Medalist From Afar As An Honorary Member of 800U

Phil Passen somehow found Yevgeni Arzhanov ( Евгений Аржанов) of the Ukraine (USSR back then) on this vast and wonderful internet.  He sent me a link and wondered if we should add him to our Group as an honorary member of our "800U".

Since I have nothing to do and am stuck inside with more than 2 feet of snow outside, I figured it was a very good idea.  Yevgheni was the leader of what I consider the world's most exciting race of all-time. He led until at least the last 1/2 inch!

We have featured that race on the blog before.  I have watched it maybe 100 times over the years.  And I still think that the next time I watch it, Yevgeni will finally win it.  Let's watch it together and see if Dave Wottle can pass him this time...

I'm hoping I can get some comments and memories from Yevgeni in the near future.

Friday, January 22, 2016

Another Coach Of The Year And More 800 Goodness

Last year, friend and classmate Tom Rapp made the list of Coaches of the Year on the USTFCCCA list for Ohio.  This year, Matt Lincoln made the list for Arizona!  The number of great coaches that have come out of PSU's Program is astounding. It's hard to keep track of all of them.  Congrats Matt.  I really wish I had the time and opportunity to coach too.

Both of Penn State's 4 x 800 relay teams have the early season World Lead in the event!  

Julie Kocjancic, Victoria Crawford, Elizabeth Chikotas, and Tori Gerlach combined to post a world leading time of 8:45.85 on January 9, 2016 during the Penn State Relays.

Jordan Makins, Bobby Hill, Isaiah Harris, and Brannon Kidder recorded their world leading time at the same meet in a time of 7:25.28. 

Thursday, January 21, 2016

A Meet, Greet And Eat That Can't Be Beat!

There is a Meet the Coaches Reception at Rotelli's in State College on Saturday February 6th from 6:00PM to 8:00PM.  I can't stress enough how recommended this is.  The food is great, the atmosphere fabulous and you will be surrounded by the best people on Earth.

Alas, I will be attending the American Association of Curmudgeons Meeting in Philadelphia that week, but Blog representatives will be there.


Wednesday, January 20, 2016

A Lazy Man's Post: 31 Years' Knowledge As Almost A Doctor Summed Up In 10 Items*

  1. The flip-flops that women wear are always the "good" kind.
  2. Cutting a V in your toenail will give you an infection in the middle AND an ingrown toenail on the sides.
  3. All bleeding eventually stops.  (I will pause to let that sink in.)
  4. Minor Surgery is surgery on that other guy.
  5. Orthotics don't cure everything, just a bunch of them.
  6. Alternative medicine cures the provider's financial woes.
  7. The art of good medicine is doing the least amount of anything that helps.  Sometimes nothing is the cure.
  8. Never utter a woman's age, even if she does so first.  Also weight, for that matter.
  9. The longer a patient desires off work is inversely proportional to the true extent of injury.
  10. If in doubt, think of gout.
Thanks to KKOB for the image.
*Loosely inspired by the Laws of The House of God, the finest medical book ever written. Even better than M*A*S*H.

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

PSU Is Shot Put U

We all have been thrilled with the exploits of Rachel Fatherly, Joe Kovacs, Ryan Whiting and Darrell Hill lately.  PSU sure has been making a case to be Shot Put U.

And now, our Group's Alums are jumping back into "The Ring"!

Phil Caraher.

Masters Thrower Phil Caraher mixed it up with his younger college brethren this past weekend and topped 50 feet with his heave of 50' 1" to place 5th.  That ranks him highly in the US All-Time Master's Category even after a long lay-off from the sport.

Here's an old Collegian Article on Phil filling the shoes of CJ Hunter, a mighty fine role to have. Phil now runs Triangle Sports Performance Center in Durham NC.

Way to go Phil!

Monday, January 18, 2016

Performance Of The Year Landslide For Joe Kovacs

Everyone knew it was coming, but we had a very good turn-out for all of the Semi-Finals and the Finals anyway. Several of the other choices could easily win in another year!

World Champion Joe Kovacs.

Joe Kovacs adds to his haul of Awards for 2015 with a victory in the Penn State Track and Field Alumni (Golf) Performance of the Year with 20 votes.  His victory at the IAAF World Championships Shot Put meant that his USATF National Championship garnered NO VOTES!

Casimir Loxsom's American Record in the 600M came in second place overall with 8 votes.  That's how good a year it was for all of us.

And this year promises to give last year a run for its money...

Sunday, January 17, 2016

It's Going To Be A Super Stupendous Year!

The Track Season has really gotten off to a tremendous start for the Penn State Family.  And it promises to be even better in the coming months.

Here's just some of the evidence:
  • Robby Creese bettered his PR and American Collegiate Record (2012-2014)  in the 1000M at the Nittany Lion Challenge and placed second to Brannon Kidder!  Brannon's new PR is 2:18.26 (his first ever dabble in the event!) and is the overall Collegiate (NCAA) Record.  Robby, running unattached this Indoor Season, ran 2:21.89.
Incidentally, there are now 6 active NCAA athletes, including Brannon, with 800M times under 1:46.00!  Donavan Brazier, Texas A&M Freshman, ran 1:45.93 in his first ever collegiate 800M.  "Watson, the 800 game is afoot."

  • Rachel Fatherly continues PSU's Shot Put tradition by winning the event by more than 3 feet with a heave of 56' 0.50".
  • PSU Men have a very good sprinter in Xavier Smith, 6.69 School Record for 60M!
  • The Pole Vault is well represented by both the Men and Women.
  • Tori Gerlach warmed the crowd up for Brannon's effort with her own School Record in the 1000M in 2:43.15.
  • Transfer Timothy McGowan (welcome BTW!) won the 3000M in 8:08.24 with Alum Owen Dawson placing second in 8:16.39 and FR Colin Abert in third, 8:19.00.
  • Down Under's Jordan Makins won the Mile in 4:06.86 after rabbiting Brannon to his historic 1000M.
  • Alex Shisler, progeny of PSU Greats Beth and Steve Shisler, continues his incredible career, dropping down from his usual 400M to place second in the 200M with 21:45.
Remember, there are plenty of opportunities to meet and interact with the PSU Team this year. Show your support for the program and help us make Oregon jealous!  There will be a Dinner at Rotelli's this Winter with the coaches (highly recommended!), an Alumni Reception at the Penn Relays, and our Alumni Reunion and Coach Groves Golf Tourney in May (20-21).  Be sure to stay tuned for all of these great events.  Our Alumni Efforts really do make a difference.  If you can't participate, there are numerous ways to give financial help to the Program, even by donating right here on the Right Sidebar.

Also, don't forget to click on the ads on our site occasionally (or often!) to help defray the increasing costs of blogging in this dangerous world. Some costs for photo storage, form security and procurement of Awards are becoming higher and higher. This lowly blogger is finding it harder and harder to afford the quality of Interns you are used to.  "Sharing" and reposting all of our content really helps also. My blog adheres to the International Creative Commons Non-commercial 4.0 Standard. That makes it really easy to repost, share and even add to my content to spread the word far-and-wide. 

Friday, January 15, 2016

Last Chance To Vote For Performance Of The Year 2015!

Time is running out to vote for the 2015 Performance of the Year.  Will it belong to Casimir Loxsom, Brannon Kidder, Joe Kovacs or Robby Creese?

The Finals of the Performance of the Year are here.  2015 was one heck of a year. You know the drill. You can vote for your top 2 on the Left Sidebar!
  1. Casimir Loxsom American Record in the 600M, 1:15.58.
  2. Double Indoor Big Ten Championships for Robby Creese, 3000M, Mile.
  3. Brannon Kidder's Second Place 800M NCAA.
  4. Joe Kovacs World Champion IAAF Shot Put.
  5. Casimir Loxsom World Championship in 4 x 800M Relay.
  6. Joe Kovacs USATF National Championship Shot Put. 
  7. Casimir Loxsom makes 800M World Championship team. 

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Disney Gains A Nittany Lion

Having just returned from "Trapped Like A Rat 2016" at Disney's premier facility Disney World, this news comes as a pleasant surprise.

What possible changes can we expect from his influence?

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Finally, A Physics Post With Some Excitement! Thinking Caps On

The entire Physics world is abuzz with the possible confirmation of gravitational waves postulated by Albert Einstein's century-old General Theory of Relativity.  It's the first really big news since the Higgs Particle was finally seen in the CERN facility several years ago.

This article seems to explain things pretty well.  Remember though, Physicists need a lot of confirmation before they stick their heads out of the burrow.

Scientists struggle to stay grounded after possible gravitational wave signal

Correct again?


Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Three Dope(y)s For Sure

Barb Black and Gary Black both finished their third Dopey Challenge on Sunday.  That's the 4 day, four races at Disney World, 5K, 10K, Half Marathon and Marathon.  The hardest part may be waking up at 2:00AM or so to get ready for each race!

Added to participants I know this year was Hal Darr, York's greatest promoter for Running.  Hal didn't finish his third Dopey.  Although he has 50 Marathons under his belt, he hasn't run 2 in any State in the Nation.  That's right, he saved the Disney Marathon for last on his 50 Marathons in 50 States he started in 1978.  And he made it extra hard by doing The Dopey to boot.

When we met Hal at the Running Expo before the event, he had just started his nasty cold many of us have had this season.  He got really sick, but managed to endeavor to perservere for the entire 48.6 milesCongrats, Hal!

And don't forget to vote in the Performance of the Year 2015 poll!

Monday, January 11, 2016

Back With A Bang!

The Finals of the Performance of the Year are here.  2015 was one heck of a year. You know the drill. You can vote for your top 2 on the Left Sidebar!
  1. Casimir Loxsom American Record in the 600M, 1:15.58.
  2. Double Indoor Big Ten Championships for Robby Creese, 3000M, Mile.
  3. Brannon Kidder's Second Place 800M NCAA.
  4. Joe Kovacs World Champion IAAF Shot Put.
  5. Casimir Loxsom World Championship in 4 x 800M Relay.
  6. Joe Kovacs USATF National Championship Shot Put. 
  7. Casimir Loxsom makes 800M World Championship team.

Sunday, January 10, 2016

700 Miles* Of Rain and Pain

Two non-content posts in a row!  I'm likely to lose a few readers, but can't muster the effort to get a real post up.  I have too much to do trying to get the zoo back up and running (5 dogs, 5 cats, 3 fish, 2 mice all survived the week and were reaaallllly happy to see us.)

Lost my 25 year old orange tree in the week after its greatest production year ever.  Sad, but it could have been worse.  My two 35 year old houseplants made it unscathed.

The troops are in transit at the Marathon at Disney, hopefully completing their Dopey Quest (5K, 10K, Half Marathon, Marathon in successive days).  Daughters the Elder and Younger survived their initial Half Marathon yesterday.

I managed the 15 hour, 50 minute drive from Orlando to York with only 20 milligrams of caffeine and 3 brief stops.  The problem was the torrential rains from the Georgia/South Carolina border. It really made the driving difficult and I feel like crap today.  I'll get back on the horse to bring the usual low standard of drivel soon.  I have updates from several people to present, including an update from our European Laiason.

*From the Math Intern: Total 960 miles door-to-door = average 60.64mph, counting breaks.

1991-2016, RIP.

Saturday, January 9, 2016

This Post Is Merely Filler

Today is a travel day,  as I endeavour to drive my kids home for the beginning of the Spring Semester. That means 15 to 16 hours of monotony punctuated by two stops for South of the Border and Bojangles roasted bites!  Wish me luck.

Here's the finest Selfie ever taken to make up for the lack of actual content.  And don't forget, the PSU Relays are live on FloTrack today.

Friday, January 8, 2016

Coach Groves Thanks Everyone For the Christmas Cheer

Greg Fredericks sends us this update from Coach Groves, who posted all the Christmas cards sent to him.

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Porcelain Shoulders Rauschenberg: A Guest Post From A Real Runner

Dane got special permission from Coach Groves to wear an official Singlet!
I asked fellow Penn Stater and Running Guru Dane Rauschenberg to write a guest post for our blog, and he gracefully accepted.  I befriended Dane some time ago with this wonderful internet and made him an honorary member of our group several years ago.

I admire Dane for his lust for life and his willingness to spread the word on what he finds worthwhile in life.  We have much in common.  We even both lived in Holmes Hall on campus, although I'm afraid he inherited a somewhat worse-for-wear building from me and my dorm-mates. 

Porcelain Shoulders Rauschenberg. -by Dane Rauschenberg.

That’s the nickname I have given myself. From the nipples down, I am virtually indestructible. The rest of me,however, is a virtual mess. I have broken both collarbones (twice.) I have torn four tendons in my elbow while dislocating it at the same time. Fractured my jaw. Staples and large cut in my skull. Destroyed my coracoid process in my shoulder (This last one was one of those “Hey, other doctor! Come look what this guy did to himself!” moments.) 

But all of the things which are supposed to happen to me, since I run quite often and rather long, never have. No foot problems, no knee injuries and virtually nothing other than some niggling aches and pains here and there. This is not what one expects from a guy who has run 52 Marathons in one year among other things, at least if you listen to every non-runner tell me how bad running is for me, that is. 

That’s the issue. We worry about or are at least told to worry about so many things which never come to fruition. In speeches I give, I do not sugarcoat things. You can’t do everything you put your mind to. That’s just an undeniable fact. Some of us simply aren’t made to do certain things. But you can ignore what you are not supposed to be able to do. Or at the very least be blissfully ignorant about it. Because the only way to find out what you can’t do is to continue to attempt to do it. I played rugby at Ole State for two years. I was, at best, B squad. As a fullback (which is sort of like a kick returner who has no blockers) I didn’t get my hands on the ball very much in a scoring position. However, the very first time I ever touched a ball in a game, I scored. This score happened while I was on the annual Spring Break tour with the guys in 1997. I was playing mostly because the rest of the team was pretty sore from taking on Life College in Atlanta a few days prior. My playing time was predicated on the fact that I was a warm body who wasn’t yet hurting. Early in this game, an opportunity had us close to the 22 meter line. I have no idea how we ended up there so quickly before I even fielded a kick. I also have no idea why I was so close to the action as I should have been much further back. But as it so happens, I was out of position, the ball squirted out, I took it across the try line and presto! Instant stud. 

I promptly went on to never score another try again in the remaining games I played at Penn State. Didn’t even come close. So much for groupies and fame through Rugby. I graduated, took a year off and then went to Dickinson Law School. We had a team there and in one of my first few games, on the opening kick, I got taken to the ground awkwardly. I bent my elbow in the direction elbows are not supposed to go. I never played rugby again. 

Running as a means of exercise soon followed as I needed a way to stay fit. Then running transformed into a hobby. After that, taking a complete detour from everything I had been planning in my life for 30 years, it turned into a career. Meanwhile, I stayed running injury free. However, twice in the next three years, while doing cross training on the bike, I was in a nasty crash (see collarbone injuries above. One for each crash.) I healed fast and was back running. The day after Christmas a few weeks ago, I was out for a run. For essentially 15 years I had run without an injury. I have run across deserts. I have run up volcanoes. Snow. Ice. Rooted trails in pitch black. The terrains I have traversed know no end. So of course I should trip over a tiny branch on the sidewalk, catch my fingers in a railing and get a spiral fracture in my hand. Voila! My first running injury. Now the hand is obviously below the nipples but I still think it counts as part of my porcelain upper. I landed on my hip as well but it was only mildly abraded. So, now I am healing. I am missing running. But I am still getting out there because, well, the doctor said I could. Never one to be macho and ignore sound medical advice I listened to my health care provider. Also, I realized that the two days I took off were pretty miserable. Not because it was just two days but because I didn’t know how many days off it was going to be. Somehow, the thing I despised back in rugby, running laps, is the thing I need now about five times a week in order to be even remotely palatable to be around. Dane back in college would have thought that was impossible. It’s nice that almost 40 year old Dane ignores that thought. And this Dane is in better shape and is far hotter.

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Trapped Like A Rat 2016 : Volume 2

Scooter rentals should be banned.
Strollers should never have more cup holders than a minivan.

There are thousands of things about Disney that I love to hate.  Among them are:

1. Scooters rentals driven by people in better shape than I.
2. Strollers more intricate than the Lunar Module.
3. The mugs everyone carry around.
4. The lines.
5. The wristbands that track your every move.
6. It's a small world.
7. The predictability of the crowd.
8. Standing room only buses.
9. People happier than anyone should be.
10. The roads are ever confusing and ever changing.

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Trapped Like A Rat 2016 Volume 1

Idiots always pose for pics like this.

Things I hate to love about everything Disney.

1.The shampoo.  The best in the world. Smells good and lathers well.  I don't know about the conditioner, I am not a wuss.
2. Manicured lawns.  Sometimes magically appearing.
3. Buses,  trains and boats are almost European in their promptness.
4. Even hungover workers smile for you at 5:00AM.
5. A 5:00AM "run"  is bucolic and relaxing.  (Really 8:00AM,  who do you think I am.?)
6. All the food is pretty much tolerable.
7. They can't make you stand in line if you don't want to ride.
8. The wristbands that track your every move are very convenient.
9. The sun is almost always shining.
10. English is almost the predominant language.

Monday, January 4, 2016

This Makes At Least Three In The Olympic Marathon Trials

In a jammed finish, Kyle Dawson finished his Half Marathon in 1:04:35 to qualify for the upcoming Olympic Trials.  Congrats Kyle!  Tyler McCandless will also be there.  Are there any others?

Kyle got in touch and points out that Matt Fischer will also be lacing up his racers for the Olympic Trials!

Kyle Dawson, in green.

Sunday, January 3, 2016

Trapped Like A Rat 2016!

He loses points for forgetting his Alumni Singlet.
But before I get to some Florida  content,  here's a tidbit from Down Under.

Apparently,  Southern Hemisphere Outreach Specialist Ryan Foster has been doing some training!  He won a heat of the 800M on a golf green in Tasmania.

Saturday, January 2, 2016

Threeish In The Garden Of Good And Evil

As I venture forth for "Trapped Like A Rat 2016" (Disney Vacation) I took a break from trying to drive the whole way, and stopped for a spell in Savannah, GA. 

Most of you know I rarely make it to Midnight, so we arrived in town at around 3:00PM.  I then went for a run of around three miles, give or take a tenth.

My next report will be from the place I love to hate and hate to love, Walt Disney World.  Both Barb and Gary will be running the Dopey again, and Daughters the Elder and Younger will tackle their first Half Marathon before I try to drive them back for PSU's opening day of the Spring Semester.

I could use some help on some topics of interest and filling for the blog in the upcoming days.  I really don't like disappointing my dozens of readers!

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