20th Annual Penn State Track and Field/XC Reunion

And SAVE THE DATE! The Executive Committee meeting of the Officers of the Group convened and chose the dates for the 2022 Reunion and Coach Groves Golf Tournament. This will be the 20th anniversary of the formulation of this whole shebang, and you better SAVE THE DATE!! So set aside May 13th and 14th, 2022. (Each year will alternate between May and August) We will be going all out for this event and you won't want to miss it. Adult beverages, camaraderie with old and new friends, mediocre golf, AND LIVE MUSIC FROM PROFESSIONALS! Stay tuned...

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Someone Convince Carl Wolter to Golf With Us Next Year!

I think Carl Wolter still has the record for the longest drive in the Championships of Distance Driving.  Now getting him to come back to State College for the Annual Harry Groves Golf Tourney is the task at hand.  I'd love to see his handicraft in action, as would many others.  But my money may still be on Beth Shisler to win the "Longest Drive" competition.* 

* She uses the ladies tees and the ball must make the fairway.

Shislers Cross the Line!

The Finish Line, of course!

Beth Shisler ran her first marathon recently in Philadelphia, which gives me another chance to acknowledge both her and Steve for all the help they have given the group for the past 10-plus years.  Steve finally got his name on the Harry Groves Memorial Cup last year and Beth has won the longest drive competition several times. (Carl Wolter, take note!)  They have also hosted our rag tag bunch for the awards ceremony until there local zoning laws wouldn't allow us back. (Just kidding)

Steve Shisler ran 13 of the miles with her, which is way more than I could do for my wife at her upcoming Disney Goofy Challenge.  And that ain't half bad for a half-miler, Steve! (hee hee hee)  This also gives me the opportunity to tell Steve I still have his 1985 Penn Relay Photos.  I will bring them to an indoor meet soon.

Congrats, Beth.  You look happy in the photo, which is way more than I can say for my first marathon, which was the Harrisburg Marathon in 1977, the day after the High School Cross Country Championships.  I was dumb that way...  a twenty mile run and a 6 mile torture.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The FASTEST Track Alumni Group in the World!

When Ryan Foster volunteered to spearhead the orders for a new round of the Alumni Singlet, I was so delighted that I made him an Officer of the Group.  I am especially happy to see that the enthusiasm of recent grads is rivaling that of some of us old-timers.

By making him an Officer, I then realized that we now have 3 sub-4 milers participating significantly with us.  My 4:18 mile best doesn't add much to the equation, but I will add that I only ran the mile once while at PSU, which is the PR I'm talking about.  So I figure our 4-man relay team would be competitive even with me slogging the second leg!  (I think Clark Haley's PR would be a great 4th man, possibly 4:02??)  But then again, I may have to add Steve Balkey to the group as Beverage Procurement Specialist and Practice Facilitator Any other suggestions?

Either way, Ryan is taking orders for the singlets, which we continue until 12/31/11, and then the order will be placed.  There are already several orders in, so be patient everyone, and they will materialize in the new year. I have one and it is really cool.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Are We Ready? When The Bell Tolls For Thee

Andrew Valmon, second from left, who partly owes his Olympic Gold Medal to Coach Groves, got a conditional reprieve the other day.  His Maryland Terrapins Men's Team can avoid the cutting of their program by simply coming up with 8 years of revenue to continue the entire indoor and outdoor, as well as the cross country teams.  That's where the problems start.  Absolutely no one expects them to raise that amount of cash in just a few months.

Despite the far-fetched notion that this could happen at PSU, are we ready for the same thing?  Without football revenue, PSU would face many of the problems nagging our neighbor to the south.  There are even  serious voices among the deciders calling for "the death penalty" for PSU football.  In any unlikely scenario of a substantial loss of revenue at any university, combined with Title IX, the men's track and cross country teams are always among the first teams to be placed on the block. It's all money and number of athletes. It has nothing to do with academics!

Would we be ready?

The goal of our group isn't primarily money.  It's probably way down on the list, but it needs to be there.  We desire companionship more than anything, followed by honoring Coach Groves and the past history of PSU Track.  Next would be the current team and the future team, both of which require revenue.  If the normal source of revenue were interrupted, would we be able to keep it going?  If Maryland requires $9,000,000.00 for 8 years, that would be $6,000 per living PSU Track Alum! What would Penn State require?  My guess would be much more. We need to be ready for any eventuality, no matter how remote.  

Let's start the ball rolling by making this year's Reunion and Coach Harry Groves Golf Tournament the biggest one yet.  Although only a small step along the course to fiscal independence, it would represent the biggest show of force to the new athletic administration we could make.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

New Official Apparel Supplier Volunteers! Alumni Singlet Orders Being Taken

When Dennis Pollow became one of the 53% of us who has to send scads of money to the United States Treasury he had to move away from State College, and we lost our connection to the Alumni Singlet manufacturer. (Remember, the politics here are oblique, and we will not have an argument over whether Dennis is in the 1% or the 99%, just the 53% and the 47%)  With much whining and "hint-giving"from me, I have finally found a replacement in Ryan Foster, who is excited to volunteer to assist those desiring a singlet to spread the word of the pride we all have in being Penn State Track and Field (and XC) Alumni (Golfers).  Ryan will be our youngest Officer of the Group and will have the moniker of Official Apparel Facilitator.  I thank him profusely and look forward to getting together at an indoor meet this year.

Order your very own alumni singlet to help spread the word of the largest and most active track alumni group in the world by filling out this form today.  Wearing one of these beauties is the easiest way to appear in a picture on the world's number one track alumni/Physics blog!

Friday, November 25, 2011

Ashenfelter 8K Turkey Trot

Turkey Day is also the yearly day to remember Olympic Gold.  The Ashenfelter 8K Classic is annually held in Glen Ridge NJ, this year totaling 2,500 runners!  Anyone know any PSU Alumni at the event other than Horace Ashenfelter III? 

Bird is the Word (and Alumni Singlets)

There were 3,600 in downtown York for the Turkey Trot this year.  That's quite incredible, as that many people weren't in downtown York during the entire span of time from 1970 to 2000.  I used to run a Turkey Trot 10-Miler in Millersville that attracted a couple of hundred runners, but the organizers of the York event realized that a 5K would bring the crowds.

They also had a Turkey Trot in New Cumberland which attracted quite a few PSU Track Alumni Golfers. Remember guys, the golf is optional but highly recommended.  Here's Ryan Foster and Brian Fuller sporting their alumni singlets in style as they tie for the win!  There were a couple more Fuller Bros,.  right behind, with Jeff and Mary Sanden placing first and second in their age groups.  Kara Millhouse watched the whole affair with amusement I am told.

Each time the alumni singlets are presented to the world, I am besieged by requests for orders.  We need to get a volunteer in State College who will spearhead the effort for another order.  Help from afar will be available, but we need an" insider" to actually make the arrangements. Don't make me come up there!

1. Ryan Foster 15:01.87
2. Brian Fuller 15:02.67
3. Mark Fuller 15:59.56
4. Kevin Fuller 16:36.78

Thursday, November 24, 2011

A Cherpumple and a Wrist Band

Happy Thanksgiving.  I'm particularly thankful for the possibility of a good 12:30 game this year, and of course, another wrist band submission from our very own traveling physicist, Brian Boyer.  Here he channels my hero, Richard Feynman at a Rio Beach. That's Richard juggling at the Copacabana Beach in the 50's. 

Sorry Brian, I will attempt to rotate the picture back to normal, I'm not sure why it won't display as originally oriented.  Just turn your head everyone and quit complaining!

And here's this year's version of the turducken, this time for dessert.  I present the Cherpumple, a cherry pie, an apple pie and a pumpkin pie all baked into individual cakes and then put together into one huge 21-pound decadent lump. Hell, skip the turkey, this might require a little room.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Old School "Ballmer" Goodness

An anonymous response to the previous post on streaking yielded this little token of yesteryear.  It brings back many memories for a few of us.  This must be the finishers jacket from the 1979 Maryland Marathon showing the greatest silhouette emblem of Bill Rodgers, Ron Hill and possibly Tom Fleming (?) at the 1977 race.  I never got the jacket, so I assume its from the '79 race.  I ran the '77 and '78 races, I believe, and dragged 3 or 4 other PSU athletes along in '78.  I think Ralph Hoffmann (PSU '79 Forestry major) ran a 2:31 or so on the most difficult Marathon course I have ever run.  It was an out-and-back course from Memorial Stadium to Loch Raven Reservoir north of the city.  A large hill named Satyr loomed at about the 20 mile mark and took many a victim, including me both years.

The jacket looks nice, but I especially remember the greatest backpack bag that we got in '77 or '78.  A single drawstring bag made of plain canvas with plain lettering lasted nearly 30 years of hard use by me, my wife and two kids.  I'll have to go look for it again. The t-shirts with the same emblem were great too.  Here's Don Ziter sporting his while breaking Coach Groves' rule against competing in outside races in 1980!

The short, shorts always bring a smile to my lips.  Do you remember those great New Zealand Splits?

Addendum:  Our Benevolent IT Czar Jeff Sanden dug into his attic to come up with another gem, the actual bag from the 1977 Maryland Marathon, the single best gift I have ever received.

Happy Thanksgiving

I could not find video of a turkey on a treadmill, so a Rhode Island Red will have to do.  Just squint your eyes a little bit and you can pretend its a turkey.

But I did find video of a turkey visiting the 19th Hole at Disney World!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

I'm Back Into the Top Echelon of American Runners!

Not really.  But kinda, sorta.  When I realized I could no longer run fast and my knees wouldn't allow me to run far, I had to come up with something to keep me going.  Streaking became my "thing".  I would follow the example of Ron Hill, veteran marathoner and streaker-extraordinaire.  Ron even ran just before midnight following knee surgery that very same day.  I think his streak is still going and has been through many more significant things than just knee surgery.  Traffic accidents with leg fractures, illness, family deaths and even more has not ended his quest for "just one more day". Then I found that like-minded, crazy men had already started a group in 2000 that catered to fools like me.  I started my streak 6 days after the last of my 3 knee surgeries and haven't looked back.

I turned my lowly streak into the United States Running Streak Association this week. If the application is accepted and certified, I will be #191 on the Active List.  I haven't been in the top 200 runners in any category since my 24-Hour Relay (17-year-old )world record of 4:53/mile for 27 miles  in 1977, (which was eclipsed 6 days later by future Nittany Lion roommate Alan Scharsu!). And that was the hardest single running event I ever participated in.  I recommend it to no one.

So onward I slog (10 or 11 minutes/mile!), step by step, inch by inch, not having any clue where it will take me....  


Monday, November 21, 2011

A Fine Race Indeed

The Penn State Women's Team performed well above their recent ranking and grabbed 13th place at the NCAA Cross Country Championships, with Caitlin Lane leading the way in 16th overall position!  Way to go, all involved.

Now that I have single-handedly deemed that the old football motto of "Success with Honor" will now be in the sole possession of Penn State Track and Field Alumni Golfers everywhere, (I think we have more of a claim to it than the football squad anyway!), let's just say that this performance is the opening volley in the rehab for "Dear Ole State".  Thanks to the entire squad!

13.   368  Penn State                                   

  1     10   481 Caitlin Lane         SR  9:53   20:04

  2     39   482 Kara Millhouse       SR 10:04   20:43

  3     85   478 Natalie Bower        JR 10:17   21:09

  4     93   483 Brooklyne Ridder     JR 10:19   21:13

  5    141   479 Emily Giannotti      SO 10:30   21:39

  6   (167)  477 Abbie Benson         FR 10:39   21:55

  7   (173)  480 Lindsey Graybill     JR 10:41   21:58

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Very Fast Baby Steps: NCAA XC Championships

Each and every one of us gets to participate in the rehabilitation of the Penn State Tradition, otherwise known as Success With Honor.  Each little step we take puts us just a bit closer to the redemption of what all of us have tried to live up to since our day of matriculation. Just because some individuals did or did not live up to our ideals, doesn't negate the fact that the quest for that ideal is noble.

My steps happen to be pitifully slow, but consistent (1618 days in a row! I will enter The Streak at runeveryday.com this week, which will probably jinx me right away.)   The Women's Cross Country Team along wth Kyle Dawson and Vince McNally will also take some of those steps for us, and a lot faster than I possibly can!  Good luck everyone.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Updates in a Tumultuous Time

I'm not talking about the PSU travails, God knows enough people are talking about that.  The more I hear, the more I realize that a mob mentality has taken over.  Don't trust anyone who projects a morally superior demeanor.  It is more than likely that they are no more morally sound than any of us, especially the sports  talking heads that have multiplied exponentially in recent years.. Just realize that making yourself incrementally better every day is the surest way to "cure" the current situation our Alma Mater finds itself in.  Living by example is the best way of doing that.

I have failed in this myself, in that I have always felt PSU was superior to Ohio State because Ohio State holds on every offensive play in football.  They still hold on every offensive play, but now I realize that it doesn't make anyone better than anyone else.  Live and learn!  (But check it out by watching only the offensive line of OSU in today's game; I'll bet you'll find that I'm right!)

The updates affecting Track and Field are disturbing enough.  Reactions are hot in the University of Maryland cessation of Men's Track, both indoor and outdoor, and cross country.  I've tried to check, and I have not come across any examples of any program "discussing" dropping of a track program and then changing their minds.  Sad days indeed.

Maybe even more disturbing to me, is that someone I have run several races against is sleeping on a dirt floor in a South African prison.  Former US citizen Sydney Maree still has some friends from Villanova and let's hope something can be done.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

A Wee Bit of Mirth: Better Than a Snow Day!

Just a brief link to bring a smile to all of us who would love a day off of work.  Remember how great it was when the weather forecast likely meant a day off from school on the day the Science Project was due? This is waaaayyy better.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Optimism and Pride

I'll dispense with the Pride part first.  My daughter's Cross Country team had their banquet last night and she received an award as the girl's team Most Improved Runner, which entails much more than just improving in times during the year.  In her first year of running cross country, she went from a shy, quiet girl in the second pack to a happy,  out-going girl running with the Big Dogs.  I couldn't be more proud, which is to say I have tempted someone upstairs with one of the seven deadly sins. I've also had gluttony covered for quite some time too!  I promise I will be good from here on out.

Optimism is what Coach Groves is extolling in the wake of the worst scandal in the history of sports in America, and I'm really happy to hear of it.  Director of Youth Development Artie Gilkes brings us this quote from Coach Groves:
"The thing that I love about Penn State and what kept me there all those years was something I saw right away in 1968...That is that at Penn state more than anywhere else, even in spite of some people hijacking it, the good always overcomes the bad...It may not be right away but it does and Penn State will heal."
Artie will be spearheading some new initiatives at the behest of Founder Clark Haley and Keeper of the Cup Harry Smith for the coming Reunion in May 2012.  You won't want to miss it.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Crazy Like a Fox

A year ago at an indoor meet I had a conversation with 2 1980 Olympians about several topics, including the future of college track and field.  When I stated that we must do all we can ourselves to fortify ourselves against the discontinuation of major programs across the country, one of the Olympians said I was "crazy" and that "it would never happen".  Luckily, one of the Olympians was Greg Fredericks, and he can verify the substance of the talk.  Two of the programs I highlighted were Villanova and Maryland.  After dismissing me as a credible source of knowledge, the Olympian moved on to other topics. And, oh yeah, I really made him mad when I told him that in our only race together, I beat him.  New contest:  who was he and which race was it?

Well, I was right (and here!), although I won't deny that I am crazy for other reasons.   And I am sorry that I made him mad by telling him about the race. I really am.

We must do all we can to avoid the same things happening.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Double the Mirth and More Streaking!

I'm getting back on track after a rough week. (and I mean mine not PSU's)!  With my commitment to the future of Penn State Track questioned, criticized and impugned by some I know and anonymous miscreants besides, I had a lot of time to think.  I had no computer at home and at work due to the "storm of the century" at Halloween.  I may never recover some of my stuff, but what the heck, starting over has its benefits.  (That's a reference to my situation and PSU's for those not keeping up!)  Now that I have digital access again, I have decided to double my efforts, as I know they are meaningful and more important than ever.  Those who have left the fold over issues none of us had anything to do with are welcome back at any time.  Now is the time to start contributing to our mission, with words or funds or any way you can.

My streak continues, against many odds.  This weekend I felt like the lonely deer in Valley Forge  Park.  Last year I had 1,500 friends and now only 150 to 250.  But I still managed to shuffle a 3 1/2 mile loop under 11:00 minutes/mile past the deerless monuments, asbestos dump and future casino.  I'm debating whether to turn in my streak to the American Running Streak Association or not.  Vote in the poll to help me make my decision.  It would make me a novice, and no where near the accomplishment of this guy!

Friday, November 11, 2011

Limited Posting

Work has me attending boring lectures and such, and I have no computer (here or at home) right now.  My options are limited on things people submitted and comments about PSU's travails.  I will get back to them when I can.

Good luck to both XC squads at the Regionals at Maryland's Eastern Shore.  Luckily, they get to escapr the maelstrom that is State College, at least for a short while.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

The Lightest of Touches

My editorial powers at the blog are with the lightest of touches.  Comments, of course, are always encouraged, but the past has demonstrated that a modicum of restraint is sometimes needed.

First off, advertising and spam are not permitted.  Those who have never done this would be amazed how much spam from nefarious places floods into even a humble blog like this.  I wish I had saved some of it to demonstrate.  Needless to say, I have apparently 178 Ethiopian relatives who wish to give me money, and I have won lotteries in 34 different nations.

Second, offensive material and links to offensive material (as deemed by your benevolent dictator) are not permitted.  This also apparently disqualifies 1/3 of the internet, but so be it.

And last, profanity is not permitted.  I have included many comments in the past excluding the profanity with the author's (if known) permission.

The light touch I use has been noted by some I trust, to be a confirmation of my spirit of freedom of speech.  This means I have included many off-topic comments and plenty of gibberish also.  Either way, I'm proud of what we have accomplished with our blog. Comment away!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

PSU is 800U: The Comeback*

*  I changed the title.  I don't want to offend anyone, and this gets the point across better anyway.  Thanks for the feedback, whoever you are...

When I assumed the role of Herder of Cats for our 11-man Penn State Track and Field Alumni Golfers group in 2008, I had no idea what I was in for.  More than 800 posts later, I'm still surprised at what our little band of brothers have achieved with our experiment in motivation .  Nothing pleases me more than bringing a Lion back into the fold.

It was a delight to see Penn Relays Watch Winner and former Pennsylvania State High School Mile Champion Mike Cook at last year's reunion.  It was his first visit to State College since graduation! He's planning on coming again this year, and will even hack and thrash at the greenery on one of Happy Valley's glorious golf courses with us this year! (I don't think we have decided which one yet.)
But when Mike told me that he even recently ran a 10K, I had to refresh my computer monitor (the one at work, since I still don't have a replacement for the exploded one at home) and check again.  I don't think Mike ever ran a 10K when we were really running 10Ks back in the day.  He had decided after high school that the mile was a bit too far and switched to the 800M instead.  But now, with a slight nudge from our humble little cadre of has-beens and never-was's, Mike is truly a distance runner!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

A Somewhat Inept Attempt at Cheering Everyone Up

Scandal and unease has taken over State College and will only be getting worse.  Such is the way things work in a world where information can be disseminated instantaneously to everyone who wants it, and even to those who don't.  My heart goes out to everyone involved, especially families of the victims.

But, I take heart knowing what I would have done in such a situation.  Doing the right thing in this case would have meant extreme personal sacrifice, but I would have done it anyway.  Loss of job, friends, and more would have certainly followed, but I would have done what was right.

I know this primarily because of what my parents taught me, but also partly due to what I was taught by Coach Groves while at PSU.  I have witnessed what Coach Sullivan is teaching athletes at PSU today, and it gives me much encouragement that all is well with PSU Track and Field (and Cross Country!)  Honor, integrity and "doing what's right" doesn't guarantee success as an athlete, but it is one heck of a good accompaniment!  We can all hold our heads up high as Penn State Track and Field Alumni (Golfers, remember, the golf is optional, but highly recommended!)  I know I'm not the only one who learned quite a bit about how to deal with people and situations from Coach Groves. The athletes today have the same from the current Coaching Staff.  So let's all redouble our efforts to support the Program and each other as we suffer the slings and arrows from afar. Keep fighting the good fight and we'll become stronger than ever.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

PSU Track Alumni at PIAA Championships

Several PSU Track Alumni Golfers were in the crowd in Hershey at the Pennsylvania Cross Country Championships. It was a nice day after last week's fiasco of a weekend and times were fast.

  • My daughter's team, York Suburban, placed 16th in the AA Girl's Competition.  My neighbor, Sami Gehly was the team's second finisher.
  • Larry Mangan's son Michael helped his Lower Moreland squad to a 10th place finish in the Boy's AA meet.  His daughter's former team, St. Basil Academy, powered to the win in the AA Girl's division.
  • Also in the AA Girl's group was John Zeigler's daughter Heather, who was second for her Meadville squad.  Meadville is near the home of Harmonsburg's very own Rob Whiteside and also close to the cheerleading home of Hollywood's Sharon Stone.  I'm not sure which High Schools John, Rob and Sharon attended, but it sure must have been a hotbed of some sort back in the 70's!

    • Rebecca Donaghue coached her Little Lady Lions from State College to a 9th place finish in the Girl's AAA race.
    Anyone aware of any others, I missed?  I'm sure there are plenty.

    Addendum from a little birdy:  Also in attendance were perennial spectators and Harrisburg area residents Mark Haywood and Jeff Sanden (who is still waiting for the Golden Putter!)  Coach John Gondak was also there scouting for more talent (PSU is 800U!).  Even our very own Founder Clark Haley may have been spotted!

    Thursday, November 3, 2011

    20 Things I Learned in More Than 50 Years (Yea, I'm Slow!)

    1. In my opinion, morning runs are the most important element in a good runner's training regimen.  They are unfortunately the least fun also.  I maintain that any modicum of success I achieved in the sport is directly tied to the decision to start two-a-days in high school.  My favorite morning runs in college were the ones where I ran by Rec Hall and tapped on Coach Groves' window to be exempt from his Fitness and Games Gym Class, Twice!
    2. Women will invariably answer "It depends." to the question "What is your shoe size?"  Men will answer quite specifically "9 1/2 C" or something similar.
    3. Post-operative swelling always lasts much longer than the patient wants (which is measured in hours!).
    4. Dogs can eat the same thing every day and remain much happier than most people.  And yet my obsession with Kung Pao Chicken once weekly is viewed as "insane" by some.
    5. Women will take at least 3 bags to work; a purse, a bag of a prepared lunch and another bag for anything else, which usually includes a change of shoes.  Men will often forget to take even their wallet and will have no bags unless it contains work tools. 
    6. Both men and women under 40 will always have their cell phone in their hand.  Those over 60 have one at home but won't know how to use it.
    7. People who give waitresses and waiters a hard time should be avoided at all cost.  Anyone who ever tips less than 10% at a meal should be sent to San Quentin.
    8. Most people don't know that 400 meters is shorter than 440 yards.
    9. Fleas are much more aggressive and proliferate when camped on a cat.
    10. The size of the TV is proportional to how quickly it fails after the warranty expires.
    11. Computers were put on this earth by God to test human endurance.  At least Microsoft PCs anyway.  Maybe Apples are different. I had an Apple II many years ago but I don't think that counts. And Steve Jobs never consulted God anyway.
    12. The Steeplechase is another of God's tests.  I'm not sure I passed that one.  I look forward to St. Peter's review of my record on that one.
    13. Hammer throwers are a fun group to hang out with. Without their hammers, that is.
    14. Fast Food will be the death of all of us, but it sure is tasty sometimes.
    15. Physics is incomprehensible.  If it isn't, you just haven't studied it enough.
    16. In only two months time, Cross Country goes from being too hot to do to being too cold to continue.
    17. I can vacation anywhere and a perfect vacation for me would be a Cruise where the ship never is untied from the dock.
    18. The Chinese have 5 times as much Capitalism than do the Americans.
    19. Hill repeats are another test God gave coaches to torment and test athletes. I'm hoping it's not uphill to Heaven.
    20. Practically no one reads my blog, but many people tell me they do.

    Wednesday, November 2, 2011

    Billy Mills, Billy Mills, BILLY MILLS

    Billy Mills gave a talk yesterday prior to the Marine Corps Marathon that was really inspiring.  When America wants to promote its heroes for the rest of the world to see, Billy would be a great choice.  Check out the story in the Washington Post for a little pick-me-up in the Motivation Department.  (And he golfs too!)

    The last person Billy passed at the 1964 Olympic 10,000 M Final was Mohammed Gammoudi.  I've had the pleasure of hearing from both men via Facebook after they were featured on our humble little blog.  I'll send this post along to them also.  Both are cordially invited to golf with us anytime!  Our very own Olympic Order Historian, Coach John Lucas called this race the best Olympic moment he witnessed in his over 50 year Olympic obsession.  That's some powerful stuff.  As is Mr. Mills.  (Mohammed got his Olympic Gold 4 years later!)

    Gone To Texas

    The renamed novel on which the movie screenplay for The Outlaw Josey Wales was based was called Gone to Texas.  Originally, the novel was called The Rebel Outlaw: Josey Wales.  Either way, can you imagine anyone else playing the part other than Clint Eastwood?

    Group friend and future Track Alumni Golfer (we will entice you to come, I guarantee!) Howard Triebold sends us another great Wrist Band Photo from the Alamo in San Antonio, Texas.  Thanks for thinking of us, and get those sticks out for some practice!

    And here's a little bit of Josey to keep your day lively.  When I was Student Council President in High School (yea, my one and only foray into politics, trust me!) I got to introduce the guy that did all of the close up gun play in his movies at an assembly.  He's also in a lot of Clint's movies, often killed by the same guns he is shown using. I'll try to look up his name when I get the chance.

    Tuesday, November 1, 2011

    "Oh, the Humanity", Blog Central Goes Down

    Electricity is back!  Unfortunately, the photo represents how my computer took the whole ordeal.*  I have (hopefully) only temporarily lost a lot of material, including submissions from my vast tens of readers for new blog content.  Unlike the Hindenburg disaster, the catastrophe at my desk only took the lives of two African Dwarf Frogs, Manny and MoeJack survives in his own cubicle upstairs, which must have maintained a slightly higher temperature during the 60 hour power outage. Manny and Moe survived to the ripe old age of nearly 5, which isn't too bad for a animal the size of a penny, give or take a gangly leg or two.  RIP boys**, you will be missed.

    * Blog post courtesy of a balky work computer, also staggered by the "storm of the century".

    ** Determining the actual sex of African Dwarf Frogs is extremely difficult.
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