Saturday, August 29, 2020

Interviews With A Big Man : Nobody Beats The Toad, Even Track And Field News!


First up, we must note the results of our previous poll/survey into which abbreviation is preferred by our Universe of Incredible Track and Field Members.

PR (Personal Record)       
PB (Personal Best)

As I suspected, PR (Personal Record) is overwhelmingly preferred by everyone.  Now we must ask ourselves why the governing bodies and Magazine of Record always use PB (Personal Best).  It couldn't be because of Puerto Rico, could it?  Does anyone know?  Does anyone care?

Now to the meat of our Post... 

The Toad is a rabbit.


Anyone paying attention knows how much I admire our Undersecretary of Fun, Billy Francis Cvecko. His infectious enthusiasm, optimism and wholesomeness makes me happy amidst the worst this world has to offer.  He makes surviving through 2020 worthwhile!

While the recent Track and Field News article on Joe Kovacs was great to see, The Toad's in-depth "run" (and throw) with Joe takes precedence over The Bible of the Sport.  Now realizing Joe takes golf seriously, let's all work on getting him to one of our Reunions/Golf Tourney in the future. 

2X World Champ Joe Kovacs Is A Human Cannon

And even more good stuff is coming from The Toad soon!  Love ya, Billy.


Tuesday, August 18, 2020

We Have Been Hopelessly Divided For Too Long

 Let's settle it once and for all.  

Which should be the preferred method of abbreviation for the fastest race for a Track Athlete at any given distance or event.  (and of the greatest distance in any Field Event for Field Athletes)?

I have always preferred PR.  One can have many records in differing events, but should have only 1 considered Best!

Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Bravery Amidst The Chaos


It takes bravery to continue forward when everyone else is pulling back.  And a fellow PSU Track Alum certainly is brave!

Rod Stahl has opened his recently expanded Axemann Brewery in Bellefonte.  With football season over before it starts, maybe we should all visit Happy Valley and visit his establishment instead.  Thanks to Greg Fredericks for the head's up on this.

Axemann Brewery


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