20th Annual Penn State Track and Field/XC Reunion

And SAVE THE DATE! The Executive Committee meeting of the Officers of the Group convened and chose the dates for the 2022 Reunion and Coach Groves Golf Tournament. This will be the 20th anniversary of the formulation of this whole shebang, and you better SAVE THE DATE!! So set aside May 13th and 14th, 2022. (Each year will alternate between May and August) We will be going all out for this event and you won't want to miss it. Adult beverages, camaraderie with old and new friends, mediocre golf, AND LIVE MUSIC FROM PROFESSIONALS! Stay tuned...

Monday, June 29, 2009

Contest Continues, Prizes Announced. Win with PSU Track Alumni Golf

Contest entries have filtered in and photos from additional places "Around the World" are expected in the coming months. Others have entered by making our humble blog their Home Page. (Remember to email me and let me know!) Just send me a photo of our "Penn State Track Alumni/Harry's Boys" wrist band or group t-shirt anywhere even remotely recognizable to be entered. If you don't have a wrist band or t-shirt, just donate to our group to receive them!

  1. First Prize will be a 24 K Golf Ball! (With an included case, golden tee and engraved plaque.)
  2. Second and Third Prize will be a limited edition Polo Shirt of the 2010 Harry Groves Golf Tourney.

Penn State's Extended Family at Nationals

Bridget Franek qualified for the World Championships in Berlin with her third place finish in the 3000 M Steeplechase at the USATF Nationals. Her time of 9:36.74 is another PSU record. I hope to hear from her at the World Championships! She continues PSU's great steeplechse tradition.

Other PSU (and honorary alumi golfers!) notables in no particular order:
  • Rebecca Donaghue, 5th 5000 M, 15:36.09.
  • James Carney, 4th 10000 M, 28:13.37.
  • Shakeema Welsch, 1st, Triple Jump, 46' 11".
  • Anya Uzoh, 6th JuniorDecathlon, 6671 points.
  • Matt Lincoln, 4th 1500 M, 3:49.52 in glorious and free Canada.
Any other results I missed, please let me know. As Malmo would say, "I have my best men on it!"

Sunday, June 28, 2009

A Glorious Sesquicentennial!

Barb Black enters the contest fray with this entry from Harpers Ferry WV. That's John Brown's Fort behind the PSU Track Alumni wrist band. It's been 150 years since Brown and his band were confronted by J.E.B. Stuart and Robert E. Lee (fighting for the Union!). He was subsequently captured in the fort where two of his sons died. He was later convicted at the Court House in Charles Town. We celebrated the festivities by having Kung Pao across the street from the scene of the trial. All in all, a great weekend.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Physics Update: Running with Magnets

A generous donation was whisked to us from the Fermi Lab in Illinois today. Ron Moore, Director of the Tevatron Accelerator, sent us funds qualifying him for an official t-shirt and wrist band. I hope to see our "Around the World" Contest going Nuclear soon!

A discussion on LetsRun.com centered around the possibility of running laps in the ring of the accelerator. Let's hope they turn it off first. Or at least heat it up a little from Absolute Zero!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Contents of Champion's Golf Bag OK'ed

A dispute involving the materials in the clubs used by Gary Black in his triumphant return to the top of the heap of PSU Track Alumni Golfers has finally been settled. Involving representatives from the IAEA, FBI, FDA, TSA, NASA and The Rothman Institute, the accusations had a full airing at the HQ of our humble group. Their findings confirm the legitimacy of his second engraving on the Harry Groves Memorial Cup.

Following forensic analysis as well as spectral photography, the titanium and ceramic composites were found to be substantially within the rules set forth in the Rules of Golf for Idiots and the Coach Groves signed Queensbury Rules. Both Gary's hips and his clubs are allowed on golf courses and airplanes. This should put to rest any doubts as to the final decision from the idiot officers. Or do we need a "Supreme Leader" and "Assembly of Experts" as seems to work so well in Iran?*

*political references are indeed frowned on by blog officials.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Season Ending Honors For PSU

The PSU Men's Teams (Cross-country, Indoor Track and Outdoor Track) placed 14th in the John McDonnell Program of the Year standings, announced late last week by the United States Track and Field/Cross Country Coaches Association. Congrats to everyone involved.

Bridget Franek was also named to the ESPN The Magazine All-America Track and Field Team, announced by the College Sports Information Directors of America. She will be competing in the USATF Championships this week. The accolades keep piling up for Bridget. She will undoubtedly add more in her senior year!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Coaching Prowess Demonstrated by Past Champion!

1 Trevor Dunbar         09 Kodiak, AK          8:49.79O
2 Zachary Wills 11 Mason, OH 8:55.18F
3 Lukas Verzbicas 12 New Lenox, IL 8:55.58F
4 Graham Bazell 09 Columbia, MD 8:56.00F
5 Jeff Thode 09 Schaumburg, IL 8:57.36F
6 Wes Rickman 09 Falcon, CO 8:57.84F
7 Shane Moskowitz 10 Bremerton, WA 8:58.86F
8 Thomas Porter 09 Fredericksburg, VA 8:59.08F
Zachary Wills placed 2nd in the 2-Mile at the Nike HS Championhips this past weekend. Zachary runs for Mason High School in Ohio, coached by2003 PSU Track Alumni Golf Champion Tom Rapp. His excuse for not golfing with us this year has now been accepted by the Idiot Officers! Could Zachary possibly challenge Alan Scharsu's Ohio record? (8:41.0!) Alan was my Senior-year roommate. Only Alan's brother Doug Scharsu's name appears on The Cup!

*Hat-tip to (Tom's Freshman-year roommate), Larry Mangan.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

More Contest Entries!

Esteemed Group Officers have entered the fray of our "Around the World" contest and are entered for my Grand Prize at next year's outing. Remember, Hoboken counts just as much as Paris in my contest. Possible prizes include a golden putter or a golden golf ball. I still haven't decided. A slide show of entries will soon be posted.

Brian Boyer delivered another lecture in beautiful Vienna, Austria and gave us this great pic at the Fussgaengerzone (fussy pedestrian zone?), I'll ask the blog laureate about the translation later. And Harry Smith gave us this great pic from "The Jake" at the 20th anniversary celebration of the movie "Major League". "Juuuuussst a bit outside!"

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Horace Out and About!

Bob Gabel
fills us all in on Horace, the golden putter's exploits since being claimed at the golf outing!

  • Horace was present at the Doylestown Township annual golf outing (Just a guest visit, no putting involved). Picure taken in front of the car awarded to anyone hitting a hole in one on the 5th hole. The car was never in danger (except for my approach shot on the previous fairway which came close to putting a dent in the nice Beamer exterior. I would like to mention that my foursome was 5 under for the day, 7 strokes ahead of our sco re at the Harry Groves outing. Using scientific methodology hone at PSU, I attribute this to the others in my foursome who were obviously dragging me down that day. Just kidding Don, Clark and Rob, I think we only used 3 of my shots all day in Doylestown.
  • Horace taking a well earned vacation day at Sea Ilse city New Jersey. Pictured with my friend Dave Clarke (cheap plug for Clarke's Landscaping here) Horace soaked in the sun and got a nice golden tan. We saw Chicago and Earth Wind & Fire that night at the Borgata. I wasn't a real big fan before but I have to admit that they put on a great show, especially EWF. And to think, those guys are older than us!
Thanks, Bob. I'll get that golden tee to you soon. One of the many things I forgot at the Reunion. I promise I'll be calmer at next year's event.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Idiot Blogger Hits Milestone!

731 Days in a row with at least 3 miles! (And an additional 2 3/4 miles on the elliptical also!). That's two full years, including a leap-day. Praise and adulation will be accepted for this feat (as well as scorn and condemnation for the miserable results I have achieved with it. I still can't beat a double hip-replacement patient at a one-mile time trial.) Quite pitiful, I know. And it hasn't helped my golf game either.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Donations Coming In: Another Bleg

Donations have started to come in at PSU Track and Field Alumni Golf HQ! Michael Gross and Erinn Otterson will be receiving t-shirts and wrist bands as promised. ("I donated to the cause and all I got was this sinking t-shirt!") Anyone with compassion in their hearts is encouraged to send a little bit of cash our way. It will be used for many useful things, like bringing a smile to Coach's lips, or helping duffers like these find their tee shots! (Actually all monies received will be used for the good of the entire group and next year's tourney.) Our goal of having a Cadillac Escalade as a hole-in-one prize next year is within our grasp.

Coach Groves relates he has made a donation to the scholarship fund as we discussed at the Reunion evening. He had a tremendous time, and is busy recruiting new golfers for next year. In addition PSU Track Alumni Golf made a $600 donation to the PSU Track Team. Thank you to all of you who made that possible. We hope to build on this each year, making the whole weekend bigger and better. Your participation, of course, means more than anything else. Make sure to bring at least one new recruit with you next year!

Addendum: Another protests of the rules has filtered in, this time involving illegal equipment. We are involving the FDA, IAEA, and Homeland Security on this one, so it may take a while to respond. (Thank goodness no one counted the 21 clubs in my bag, including 4 different putters.)

Sunday, June 14, 2009

A Fine Season Indeed

The NCAA Outdoor Championships just concluded with a 14th place finish by the PSU Women. There were notable All-American performances by Penn State on both the Men's and Women's sides.

Fawn Dorr- 400 meter hurdles, 57.43, sixth place.
Gayle Hunter- Heptathlon, 5797 pts., fifth place.
Clarence Smith- Triple Jump, 52' 6", eighth place.
Bridget Franek- 3000 m Steeplechase, 9:48.57, fourth place.
Ryan Foster- 800 m, 1:47.91, eighth place, (previous 1:46.78 PR in semi-finals).
Women's 4 X 400 m Relay- (Aleesha Barber, Shavon Greaves, Gayle Hunter, Fawn Dorr), 3:30.34, fourth place.

Kudos to Head Coach Beth Alford-Sullivan, who was named the Indoor Big Ten's Women's Coach of the Year. And also a special thank-you for Middle Distance Coach John Gondak for bringing PSU back to being 800 U! Let's hope he promotes our one-of-a-kind PSU is 800 U t-shirts! And I can't wait to find out if any of the coaches can golf next year.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Major Change in Results Noted!

An informal protest of the rules has been received at Headquarters of Penn State Track and Field Alumni Golf. An infraction involving the dress code has been made by those who normally wear none! The Fierce People have pointed out that by wearing the Official Group's t-shirt in the tourney, Brian Boyer violated the rules of The Elks Club! Collars are normally necessary.

In an emergency meeting of the Rules Committee, along with a thorough reading of the Queensbury Rules, consensus was reached that the winning foursome will stand. However, the 9th place Yanomamo Group will now be awarded the 8th place in our tourney, just behind the two teams in 7th. In an effort to encourage continued participation by the tribe, additional wrist bands and possibly t-shirts will be awarded. ($24 worth of beads were considered.) We hope to dissuade a war at next year's tourney; a war we could not win. Mud Men are some of the fiercest and most relentless warriors the world has known, just look it up.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Miscellaneous Debris

And I don't mean the group! First lets get updated with two Physics stories I've been neglecting.

I didn't take it!

Too bad it wasn't the 18th hole!

Next, I'll point out that this was just the second or third wave of PSU Track Alumni Golfers at breakfast at the Hampton Inn on Sunday, following the tournament.* It really was quite a crowd from 6:30 to 10:30 AM before we scattered to all corners of this great country. Some said it was the best part of the weekend, but the majority agrees the tourney was great.

Next, I'll point out that the first Outreach Visit of the season will be to NYC in July. I'll attempt to spread the word in Manhattan with just $24 worth of beads (really wrist bands and t-shirts worth far less!). Anyone wishing to attend a small get together in Chinatown, send me an email.

And finally, I must point out that I'm currently working on the first draft of "The Bear Story". Maybe I'll do it as a short story or a narrative. I have no writing talent, so it ought to be quite good in a parody sort of way. Did you know that black bears have red eyes?

*photo courtesy of Jim Clelland despite the fact he is in it!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Contest Gets Off to a Good Start!

Our first entrries in the "Around the World Contest" came in with a familiar ring. Jeff Sanden sends us this tidbit from "Jolly Ole England" to start our contest in style. And also, one from the continent, Zurich to be exact. Unfortunately, the Alps don't show up well, but the effort gets an "A". He promises more to come. Remember, it doesn't take world travel to get in the running for my grand prize next year. A photo of you with your t-shirt or wristband, just your wristband or just your t-shirt anywhere around the world that is remotely recognizable will suffice to get you entered in the drawing. Also, merely making this blog your home page (and emailing me about it) will be an entry. You can even do both for double the chances. If you don't have a wrist band or t-shirt, donate to the cause on the right sidebar and you too could be in the running.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Prizes at the 2009 Tourney

  1. Longest Trip- Brian Boyer, Golf Wind Shirt.
  2. Longest Drive- Gary Black, Metal driver, "Mike" the silver divot tool and a silver tee.
  3. Longest Putt-Bob Gabel, set of 3 PSU Club Covers, "Horace" the golden putter and a golden tee.
  4. Closest to the pin- Mark Tygel, Hybrid club, "Barney" the golden divot tool and a golden tee.
  5. Ghostman Award (someone not seen by us in a long while)- Paul McLauglin, 6-pack golf cooler.
  6. Shot of the day- Kevin Kelly O'Brien, ball retriever (would have come in handy several times for both of us!)
  7. Rob Whiteside Brotherhood Award (for non-golfer going all-out and golfing with us!)- Brian Boyer (ON THE CUP IN HIS FIRST ATTEMPT), dozen golf balls.
  8. Numbnut Award (for any bone-headed maneuver)- Bob Hudson, a golf wind shirt.
  9. Perfect Attendance Award (8 years)- Steve Shisler, Clark Haley, Dave Baskwill, Harry Smith, Mike McCahill, golf towel.
  10. Best "B" golfer (should hve been an "A")- Gary Black, book "How to Cheat at Golf".
  11. Rookie of the Year- Nate Lovett, Popeye driver cover.
1st Place Team (-6)- Paul Mundy, Gary Black, Jim Clelland, Brian Boyer, ($50 Visa Card)
2nd Place Team(-4)- Steve Balkey, Nate Lovett, Hunter Backenstose, Chris Snyder, Seth Balkey (golf shirts)
3rd Place Team(-3)- Nick Kello, Steve Shisler, Mark Tygel, Beth Shisler (golf towels)
4th Place Team(-1)- Jeff Sanden, Doug Kent, Dave Baskwill, Kelly O'Brien (Ping golf hats)
5th Place Team(+1)- Harry Smith, Pete Bortolotti, Zeb Stewart, Ian Smith (Ping golf hats)
6th Place Team(+3- Brian Laird, Bill Whittaker, Mike McCahill, Todd Leggett (plush bears)
7th Place Team (tie)(+4)- Clark Haley, Don Ziter, Bob Gabel, Rob Whiteside (tee shirts)
7th Place Team (tie)(+4)- Bill Sheskey, John Sheskey, Bill Malchano, Debbie Malchano (tee shirts)
9th Place Team(+6)- Dave Spears, Tim Backenstose, Campbell Lovett, Bob Snyder (golf shot glasses and a copy of "Golf ForDummies")

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Results of 2009 Golf Tournament

The winning Foursome this year poses with all grins! Jim Clelland '80, Brian Boyer '80 (Official Physicist posing with our Official Shirt), Paul Mundy '85 (with "The Beast") and Gary Black '82 '84 '86 (with ceramic/titanium hips!). Their names are currently being engraved on The Harry Groves Memorial Cup!*

Longest Putt- Bob Gabel '80. (16' 5") Bob has received the services of "Horace" The Golden Putter for the next year. We will be seeing occasional updates from their travels. I still owe him a golden tee!

Closest to the Pin- Mark Tygel '71. (5' 6") Mark has retired to State College and Coach Groves has turned him into a Track and Field Buff in return for golf lessons. Mark has procured the use of "Barney" the Golden Divot Tool and a golden tee. We will also see periodic updates of Mark and Barney leading "the good life". (Why did Mark retire? Answer: Because he could!)

Longest Drive- Gary Black '82 '84 '86. In a remarkable upset, Gary bested both Shisler's for the honor this year. "Mike" the Silver Divot Tool and a silver tee will soon be galavanting around the world. Let's hope Gary takes pictures!

Best Shot- Kevin Kelly O'Brien '80. Kelly nearly decapitated Judy Lynn Weaver on the 18th tee with a shot that defies all laws of physics. Only Leon Woolford's 2006 shot rivals his.

The Numbnuts Award- Bob Hudson '84. Bob actually drove Coach around for 27 holes of golf. Psychological counseling for Bob may be coming out of our profits for this labor.

The Rob Whiteside Brotherhood Award- Brian Boyer.

The Longest Trip- Brian Boyer '80. Brian actually scheduled a lecture in New York so he could divert to play his first golf tournament with us. He came all the way from Los Alamos NM, one-time home of my idol Richard Feynman.

No one hit a hole-in-one this year, thus the $10,000 prize went unclaimed. Next year's prize may end up being a Cadillac Escalade (and I'm not making this up!). The odds of someone hitting one this year were 1:78. The odds will be markedly better next year, as attendance will surely double. Don't miss out on being the recipient of such a great prize and the ability to taunt the rest of us for years to come! Enter the event today, the web site form is up and running.

* Coach Groves is still very much alive and can still kick our *ss!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

A Note About Eligiblity to Our Group

There has been much confusion (imagine my blog confusing anyone!) as to just what is a Penn State Track and Field Alumni Golfer. I have even had correspondence with those out there who feel they didn't contribute enough to PSU Track to qualify. Nothing could be further from the truth.

The only qualifier needed for entry to our group is caring about Penn State Track/Cross-Country. You need not be a golfer. You need not be an alumni. Men and women are welcome. Kids are approved. Friends of other members are OK. Remember, its not about the golf.

Pictured above are 4 of our second generation members with Steve Balkey, none of which have run for PSU (yet!) and none who have taken a course at PSU (yet!). They are shown wearing their special shirts from Steve Balkey's Ameron Construction, a nice touch which I'm sure will now be duplicated!

So, if you are out there wondering whether "would anyone remember me?", "was I good enough to qualify?", "would Coach care if I came?", the answer is YES. No one has taken me up on my guarantee of having a good time. Sign up today for a great time next year!

Addendum: For you 800 meter guys out there! The PSU is 800 U t-shirts can now be ordered.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Golden Putter in Harleysville!

Horace the Golden Putter has a new home in surburban Philadelphia now that Bob Gabel '80 demonstrated his putting skills last weekend. Seth Balkey is seen measuring the longer than 16 foot putt drained by Bob actually using Horace himself.

This will give Bob a chance to travel outside Harleysville several times this year rather than the once or twice that is typical. Bob has always had a special place in my heart, as he arranged for my Independent Studies in a lab at PSU, leading to 3 A's! We both worked with the smallest member of the parasitic wasp species , although neither of us remember the name. My job was to observe the behavior of them with their caterpillar hosts for hours on end, documenting their normal behavior. As they were the size of fruit flies, it wasn't easy. Bob got to check for mutations, so he had to see the difference between red and black eyes under a microscope.

Bob will be checking in with us periodically letting us know how Horace is doing. Next year, you could be lucky enough to garner Horace for a full year!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Win Big With Us: Contests Just for Us

There are two ways to gain favor with me AND have the opportunity to be in a drawing next year for a grand prize! I haven't decided on a prize yet, but possibly a second golden putter TO KEEP.

  1. Make Penn State Track and Field Alumni Golf your internet Home Page (or at least one of only several buttons on your Home Page). It's easy and will keep you informed of all the big news to come. I have spies to verify also! Email me at dfbaskwill@cs.com after you set your home page and you are registered to win.
  2. Take a photo of yourself with your Official t-shirt or "Harry's Boys" wristband at a recognizable location anywhere in the world and email to me at dfbaskwill@cs.com. You can thus enter one of two ways, or register twice by doing both! Those with rotating prizes will also be entered when you email photos of Horace, Mike or Barney.

Yanomamo Nearly Take Over Tournament

When I relented and allowed a foursome to enter the tournament for the first time in the history of our event, I had no idea what forces I had unleashed. I first garnered the scorn of Founder and Keeper of the Beer, Clark Haley. My 2 yearly beers (one on Friday night and another after the first 9 holes of the tournament! Kelly O'Brien can verify) were placed in jeopardy. Only when the organizers realized how many extra entries it caused was my alcoholic allotment restored.

The Yanomamo foursome of Tim Backenstose, Campbell Lovett, Dave Spears and Bob Snyder ended up last in our tourney, but then golf isn't the best sporting outlet of The Fierce People. It is also their rainy season, making them underestimate the speed of the greens. Golfing with bows and arrows is also notoriously difficult.

It turns out that their were many more Yanomamo there than just this foursome. Three second generation tribesmen also joined us; Hunter Backenstose, Nate Lovett and Chris Snyder. I'm not positive about the status of Ian Smith or Seth Balkey, two other second generation participants. There is probably Yanomamo blood coursing in their veins too.

It also became apparent that I shared my foursome with 2 other Yanomamo adherents. Doug Kent and Kelly O'Brien have credentials that may even exceed the other foursome. Kelly was even there at the beginning of the Mifflin Mile (or what ever its called). There may even be a record of this with the campus police!

The Big Tent that is Penn State Track and Field Alumni Golf can easily accept any crazy group Penn State Track has ever accomadated, EVEN FROM THE NINETIES AND 00's!!

And I swear, Results will be coming some time soon! My day job isn't allowing me to blog according to my wishes. And Harry Smith needs to supply me with them, as my muddled intellect will mess them up, causing The Blog Laureate to berate me.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

A Number of Great Performances

There were many great performances over the past weekend and I will try to recognize some of them.

  1. Greg Fredericks '72 organized the Team Run at 8:30 AM (or so!). He also climbed Mt. Nittany as part of the non-golfing activities. He then came to the golf course and acted as our Course Marshall, Hole-In-One Observer and Golden PutterAattendant. He was aided and abetted in these tasks by Gary Gittings '74. His wife Anne then brought chocolate-chip cookies to the Shisler Shindig! Quite an undertaking for one day. (Greg, GOLFING WOULD BE EASIER!)
  2. Kevin Kelly O'Brien '80 won for "shot of the day" by hitting a shot exactly perpendicular to the intended line of flight. Not since Leon Woolford won for the directly backward shot has the laws of physics been bent so much at our tourney. This shot almost decapitated Judy Lynn Weaver's head, by the way.
  3. Gary Black '82 '84 '86 clawed his way back to the Champion's Foursome after unrelentingly complaining about the "picking of the foursomes". This came less than one year after having both hips replaced. Now he's thinking of having other body parts redone to stay "on the Cup" for years to come. I recommend replacing his medulla oblongata.
  4. Bob Hudson '84 drove Coach Groves around all day without golfing. This is a feat that boggles the mind. We may need to reimburse him for therapy.
  5. Five Runners from the top 18 finishers of the 1979 Penn Relays Marathon golfed in the tourney. (Tim Backenstose, Dave Spears, Doug Kent, Don Ziter, and Dave Baskwill)

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The Amish Tradition of Our Shirts

By now, most of you realize that all the shirts have a flaw on them somewhere. This corresponds to the Amish tradition of purposely placing an obvious error on every quilt so as to not tempt God with perfection! My ironing skills and lack of depth perfection combined to fulfill every Amish quilt-makers will, without even trying. Those I saw on others seemed to look alright though. Mine is one of the worst; you would swear I drank too much before breaking out the iron. I will wear it with pride.

The PSU is 800 U shirts were the envy of many of you. I only made a few so as to tempt you with things to come. We will arrange some way of purchasing one for those who desire them. Next years gift bags WILL rival the Academy Awards versions! We will even probably have the IRS on our backs to declare part of them as taxable income! We have attorneys and IRS negotiators in our ranks to counter these efforts. Suggestions for next year's bracelet slogan are now encouraged.

The idiot officers are shown above, conferring on how to divide up and donate our proceeds to Coach Groves and The Team. I'll have figures soon on our monies. Rest assured, all will be used to better our group and PSU Track in general. Anyone wishing to input anything on the matter can use the suggestion box on the right sidebar, it can be anonymous even. Anyone wishing to donate further to our cause, feel free to place a secure transaction via the Pay Pal button. We will soon have our own Bank Account, overseen by CFO and Director of Corporate Espionage, Gary Black.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Physicists are People Too! And Work is a 4-Letter Word

Brian Boyer always points out that he's a Nuclear Engineer, not a Physicist. But what the heck do the rest of us rabble know. He's a Physicist in my book. The Official Physicist of our group. And now immortalized on the Harry Groves Memorial* Cup, as he was on this years winning team. In an elegant twist, BRIAN HAS NEVER GOLFED BEFORE. He was even closer to the hole on the $10,000 prize hole than 2/3 of the experienced golfers. Keep that in mind for next year's outing. Ability and experience count for little with us. He also sported our 2009 Shirt in style on the links.

It may be awhile until I can blog the results and great stories of this year's outing, as somehow I have 50 patients to see today! (That's too many for those of you who don't know.) Work seems to be interfering more and more with my blogging. What to do?

*He is still very much alive and can still kick our ass.
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