20th Annual Penn State Track and Field/XC Reunion

And SAVE THE DATE! The Executive Committee meeting of the Officers of the Group convened and chose the dates for the 2022 Reunion and Coach Groves Golf Tournament. This will be the 20th anniversary of the formulation of this whole shebang, and you better SAVE THE DATE!! So set aside May 13th and 14th, 2022. (Each year will alternate between May and August) We will be going all out for this event and you won't want to miss it. Adult beverages, camaraderie with old and new friends, mediocre golf, AND LIVE MUSIC FROM PROFESSIONALS! Stay tuned...

Saturday, March 31, 2012

String Theory and Streaking

Still the number one post all-time on this blog had to do with my opinion on the future of String Theory, (known mostly as M-Theory by the smart set).  Physicists from around the world have hit on my post and realized that I don't really have much useful knowledge on the subject, despite my supreme curiosity.  Many still come back to download the photo on the post and spread the news to still other people much smarter than I. It's more popular than any post on even Coach Groves, on a site dedicated primarily to him! (You can change that by clicking on the interview I did with him at last year's Reunion or the Happy Birthday post with a great Big Mac birthday cake.)

Although I'm not in the league of the heavyweights (or even the lightweights!) of the field, I'll bet I'm right about the whole topic.  The whole field represents an intellectual exercise of the highest order for brains you and I cannot keep up with.  But it will probably never lead to anything practical that you and I will benefit from.  Which is okay, I suppose, as very smart people need to exercise their brains just as much as some of us need to exercise our diminishing athletic capacities.

Here's an article by someone who can articulate the problems with the field better than I.

And Penn State is in the mix of the discussion on Colleges with the best tradition of Naked Runs.  Those were the days of glory before political correctness took away the first glimpse of a naked member of the opposite sex for the nerds among us!  The Mifflin Mile probably still goes on in some capacity.  Maybe someone can let us know?

Friday, March 30, 2012

Membership Categories Created** (I'm Joking)

The opportunity to attend PSU Track and Field Alumni Idiot Officer's annual shepard's pie dinner, at the RV parking area next to the cow field after the season's first football game.  One guest post, custom-written by us on a topic of your choice to appear on the blog.  A Group Store coffee mug, along with a free gift basket of high quality cheeses from the Berkey Creamery.
Unlimited commenting privileges (with minimal editing).  A night out with the Idiot Officers, at The Lion's Den on Friday night before the Alumni Reunion.  An engraved Group Store license plate.
REC HALL MEMBERSHIP: $250 per year.
A free thirty minute telephone consultation on the podiatric matter of your choice (valid in Pennsylvania only).  A Group Store Golf Shirt, and a Group Store tote bag.
A selection of State Colege-themed snacks  chosen by Idiot Officers while really, really hungry, and a custom fit  "PSU is 800 U" t-shirt.

Higher contributions are allowed, and bring greater rewards.  For more information on how to obtain the coveted Super Colossal Diamond Membership Status, please contact any Idiot Officer at home between 1:00 AM and 3:00 AM.  And thank you for your support.

**  As always, membership here costs nothing at all.  But do think about coming to the Annual Alumni Reunion and participating in the Coach Groves Golf Tournament.  All monies go directly to the future of PSU Track and Field.

Outdoor Track Season Begins!

 Outdoor Track Season is finally here!  Since I don't have any photos of PSU athletes in action yet, I have substituted photos of my daughter Martha in action in two meets.  That's her in the lead in both photos in the 800 M run in two meets. She has already brought her best time down by 8 seconds. In the second one she's just ahead of one of my best friend's daughter from high school, running for my old high school, Dover.  I'm told I still have the 2-Mile/3200 M record after 35 years!  (The Mighty have fallen...)

YSHS is 800 HS doesn't quite have the same ring, does it?  I'll post any updates of other alum's sons and daughters track and field exploits.  Photos, videos, text, audio!  We'll post (almost) anything.  We're all about families here.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Wilt the Stilt Could Do It All

Before the Man became the Myth, he dabbled in just about every sport there is.  He was good at all of them.  Like a 49.0 440 yard dash and under 2:00 for 880 yards.  Like 6' 7" high jump. Like third in his High School League Cross Country Meet.  Like 22 feet in the Long Jump.( He won the 1957 Drake Relays College High Jump at 6' 6".)

He then went on to a fairly good basketball career.  My favorite part of that was when reporters started badgering him about his lack of passing ability.  The next year he led the league in assists. The only big man to ever do that. Following basketball, he played pro volleyball for ten more years.  And all that while sports were what he was second best at!  We all miss you, Wilt.

Watch Wilt high jump in this video celebrating his leaping ability.

The Short Story Needs a Plot Twist!

I've neglected the story for a while and it fell off the bottom of the page.  I bring it back so some of you can add to it and possibly spice it up some.  A plot twist or a colorful character may be necessary.  I know I can depend on my dozens of readers to come up with something!

Here's the story so far.  Just add a sentence of two in the comments, and if it's suitable I'll add it to the mix.

It was a dark and stormy night.  He had his entry form for the 11th Annual Coach Harry Groves Golf Tournament filled out and ready to send.  As he sat, intently honing his pitching wedge to a fine edge, his email alert sounded.   When he realized his hands had begun to tremble violently, then bizarrely in step to a favorite song from back in the day.  Somewhere nearby, a dog barked, a door slammed.  Undaunted by the slamming door, he focused on his choice between a medium shirt and an extra-medium.  Extra medium isn't going to work, he thought, I might need a large.  Checking off the space between "extra medium" and "large", he turned his thoughts to who else might be coming to the greatest golf tournament he has ever entered?  As the anxiety of the shirt selection abated, his next chore was to sort through the inventory in his golf bag - where could he get newer range balls in time for the big event?  Ignoring the elements, he decided to break out his pitching wedge and chip a few balls in the back yard. That's when he noticed Skwilli's 3 extra putters in his bag. They were right next to Paul Mundy's oversized driver carved out of illegal whale bone. After numerous fruitless whacks the only loft he gained was from clumps of lawn flying into the neighbor's yard; a neighbor who claims he "played" track at Pitt. but our hero knew that one of those putters was in the loooooooooong process of being delivered to its rightful caretaker who lived just minutes away.  Meanwhile, at headquarters, dozens of blog operatives were getting ready for the photo of last year's Golden Putter Winner, this year's Golden Putter Winner and Horace Ashenfelter III, the putter's namesake. But first, the police had to sort out the damage caused to the neighbor's house from all the night chipping and determine who was wildly chanting something having to do with rusty boots.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Physicists Are People Too

(Kinda, Sorta)  And get your entries in for the Reunion. You've been warned!

The made-up TV world of Sheldon and Leonard may not be too far from the truth, if you go by this article about the arrest of a University of North Carolina Physicist in Argentina on drug charges.  It turns out he claims he was targeted by criminals because he's a nerd (I believe him!).  Many swirlies, wedgies and noogies are had by unsuspecting brainiacs, after all!

His superiors at the college aren't helping him as much as they could, possibly because the Provost is also a Physicist who feels he was overshadowed for career advancement by the poor schmuck in jail in South America. Quantum grudges are a bitch.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Celebrating PSU Track and Cross Country on the 40th Anniversary of Our Course Marshall's Senior Season!

Morale Officer Larry Mangan brings us this post, and I concur whole-heartedly!  And don't forget to get your entry and fees in for our Reunion and Golf Tourney!

Dave – This is the 40th anniversary of Greg Frederick’s legendary senior outdoor season when he set the still standing 5k and 10k (former AR) records – Bob Snyder got within 2.3 seconds and Charlie Maguire only 21.4 seconds since that time).  When he left PSU, Greg held every record from 1 mile to 10K and a slew of indoor records and relay records (indoor and out) to boot!! 

I’m pretty sure he the indoor and outdoor mile, indoor 2 and 3 miles, outdoor 5 and 10, 4xmile (in and out), DMR (in and out) and possibly the Sprint medley and 4x800 outdoors.  He was a multiple All-America, IC4A champ and had, arguably, the best range from 400 meters to 10K of any runner of his era – including Pre and Liquori.

His megawatt athletic accomplishments aside, I defy someone to find a nicer person (ok, Mr. Rogers does not count)!! (Check out Coach Groves' opinion of Greg in this old post!)  (Addendum:  One of Mr. Roger's sons was on my dorm floor at PSU.)

Best, Larry

Monday, March 26, 2012

Don't Try This At Home

Don't forget to get your entry in for the 2012 PSU Track Alumni Reunion and the 11th Annual Coach Harry Groves Golf Tournament!!  

With the several recent posts on treadmill running, including the fastest one ever, proper warnings must be given.  They are dangerous, dangerous things, particularly to the very stupidest among us.  Enjoy these attempts at the Darwin Awards, even from a few of our four-legged friends.

Final Four Standings, With PSU Track Alum Golfers in the Mix

From Ken Cooper:

Great weekend of hoops.  we have 3 long-standing hoops powerhouses and Ohio State headed to the Final 4.  Nearly every game since Thursday has seen some solid basketball.  Good stuff.  One more weekend to go!

  • Congrats to my bro Kyle who is takes over first place with 3 of 4 in the Final 4.  As many of you know, he is very familiar with the Top 10 due to the strong corrrelation of his picks to Uhaff Noballs.    
  • 4 people picked 3/4 in Final 4 - Kyle Cooper, Chris Garrison, Larry Mangan and Bob Hamer.  Bob Freaking Hammer?
  • 8 scenarios could take place - 8 people could be champs - Gavin Rupe, G Duya, Kyle Wood, Kyle Cooper, Larry Mangan, Andy Tate, Crash, and Darryl Jones
  • Larry Mangan with 3 and Darryl Jones with 2 are in the drivers seats with those being the number of scenarios they win.
  • Can we all wish Mark Anderson a hearty congratulations for officially taking the DFL title for 2012.
  • Can you believe there has only been one game that went to OT so far?
  • Want to see if you will be in Top 3 - check out the "Scenarios" tab to see if you will fall in the Top 3 under any scenario.
  • Tom Bisko - please reply to this email so we know you are OK after the Tarheel loss.  Its OK, dude.
  • I cant believe OBama is still in the Top 5   
  • The average number right of 1.46 is highest since 2008 and the 5th best in history.   

Current Total
Place Move Name Points
1 12 Cooper, Kyle 87
2 (1) Obama, Barack 86
3 24 Garrison, Chris LTF 85
4 (2) Licari, Danielle 84
5 (2) Will, Sean 84
6 0 Bisko, Tom 81
7 0 O'Reilly Aidan 80
8 2 Venne, Lisa 79
9 2 Roth, Andy 79
10 57 Mangan, Larry 2 78
11 5 Hall, Ricardo 78
12 57 Hamer, Bob 78
13 5 Bilas, Jay 78
14 5 Moskowitz, Spott 77
15 5 Rupe, Gavin 77
16 5 Dickey, Alex 77
17 6 Hansen, Steve PSU 77
18 6 Weaver, JudyLynn 77
19 6 Dubya, G 77
20 6 Sabel, Douglas 77
21 7 Wood, Kyle 77
22 8 Pruitt, Christopher 76
23 8 Caldwell, Ryan 76
24 8 Oliver, Steve 76
25 8 Angelo, Peter 76
26 (22) Morse, Karen 76
27 7 Smith, Harry 75
28 8 Smith, Harry SYR 75
29 8 Oliver, Owen 75
30 8 Hutz 75
31 8 Hansen, Steve LTM 75
32 8 Clelland, Jim 75
33 9 Cooper, Kathleen 74
34 12 SNAKE 74
35 13 Miller, Kristin 1 74
36 (31) Wimmer, Mark 74
37 20 Jones, Darryl 73
38 20 Tate, Andy 73
39 20 CRASH 73
40 20 Sports Illustrated 73
41 20 Dickey, Brandt 72
42 21 Gifford, Bob 72
43 21 Hardyk, Drew 72
44 (36) Noballs, Uhaff 72
45 (36)  Fat Ass 71
46 19 Whittaker, Whit 71
47 (35) Kletter, Ekaterina 71
48 18 Novak, Jay 71
49 (34) Verhoeven, Nick 70
50 (33) Berseth, Kyle 70
51 (29) Caldwell, Sean 69
52 (23) McCarthy, Dennis 68
53 22 Cannon, Marshall  2 68
54 22 James, LeBron 68
55 (20) Caldwell, R.B. 67
56 (15) Mangan, Larry 66
57 22 Clinton, Joe 66
58 (14) Bisko, Matthew 66
59 (14) Lincoln, Matt 66
60 (13) Brownie 66
61 (12) Wintersteen, Kyle 65
62 (12) Bettis, Lena 65
63 (12) Adkins, Jeff 65
64 (12) McCandless, Tyler 65
65 (12) Cole, Jason 65
66 (12) Buenting, Mike 65
67 (12) Kletter, Todd 65
68 (12) Bettis, Lena 2 65
69 (7) Smith, Holden 64
70 17 Boyer, Brian SYR 64
71 (57) Walter, Doug 62
72 (4) Ancharski, Frank 62
73 16 Garrison, Chris PSU 62
74 (4) O'Brien, Kevin Kelly 62
75 (4) Riter, Tony 62
76 (3) Heitzmann, Colin 60
77 (3) Hamer, Allison 60
78 (1) Moore, Ron 59
79 (1) Morse, Mike 59
80 (37) Caldwell, Kevin 58
81 (1) Oppenheimer, Hank 58
82 (1) Murphy, Patrick 58
83 (1) Cooper, Kevin 57
84 (1) Jackson,Jayson 57
85 (1) Venne, Lisa 2 56
86 (1) Munro, Scott 56
87 (1) Bisko, Tommy III 56
88 0 Carney, James 54
89 (17) Bodine, James 53
90 1 Strandberg, David 53
91 1 Vitale, Dick 53
92 2 Cannon, Marshall 52
93 2 McCann, Ian 51
94 3 Radzwich, Bob 50
95 (5) Radzwich, Maddi 45
96 (3) Rupe, Mark 44
97 (1) Cooper, Ken 43
98 0 Anderson, Mark 37  
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