20th Annual Penn State Track and Field/XC Reunion

And SAVE THE DATE! The Executive Committee meeting of the Officers of the Group convened and chose the dates for the 2022 Reunion and Coach Groves Golf Tournament. This will be the 20th anniversary of the formulation of this whole shebang, and you better SAVE THE DATE!! So set aside May 13th and 14th, 2022. (Each year will alternate between May and August) We will be going all out for this event and you won't want to miss it. Adult beverages, camaraderie with old and new friends, mediocre golf, AND LIVE MUSIC FROM PROFESSIONALS! Stay tuned...

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

We Are Oficially Official or Something.

Or Group is now a recognized Club in USATF!  We are registered for all parts of USATF, including Track, Field, XC, Ultra, Trail and Race-walking.  Now our job is to get the organization organized.  I would love to have some volunteers or some nominations for the positions of President, Vice-President and Secretary for our fledgling endeavor.

And in keeping with the traditions of our group, I screwed up and should have waited until January to apply.  There are no prorated rates, so the November/December bill is the equivalent of a full year.  There are no rebates and no quarter given to Idiots like me who only kinda sorta read the rules before diving in to the shark-infested waters.

I need help with this, and know the good folks out there will come to my rescue.  Thanks to Doreen Startare McCoubrie for her help as Head of the Sanctioning Committee of the Mid-Atlantic USATF.

There is apparently a 90 day waiting period for those who ran for another club at the recent races.

Mark Hawkins and Stephen Shisler at the Masters USATF Championships. Photo stolen from Mark Hawkins.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum Memberships Available!

In keeping with the current trend in web sites and memberships, I have unilaterally created four levels of  memberships in our group.  The pricing structure is as follows:

The "Bronze" Plan:  Ability to lurk on the web site and mutter to oneself about content and the stupidity of the people in charge.       Annual Dues:  $0*

The "Silver" Plan:  All of the bronze plan goodies AND the ability to occasionally comment anonymously about the content and stupidity of the people in charge.   Annual Dues:   $0*

The "Gold" Plan:  All the goodness that is the silver plan PLUS frequent commenting using ones initials about the content and stupidity of the people in charge.    Annual Dues:   $0*

The "Platinum" Plan:  The entire gold plan and the ability to create posts, thus becoming one of the stupid people in charge.     Annual Dues:   $0*

*As always, membership in our group is entirely free, no matter how much you wish to participate.  Our goals are honoring PSU Track and Field/XC past, present and future and Coach Harry Groves.  Anyone wishing to donate to the cause is encouraged to donate on the right sidebar.  This will defray some of the costs associated with the web site (Google Blogger hosting is free, but there are costs for some incidentals which add up) and our new USATF Club coming in March 2014!

Monday, October 28, 2013

Speedgolf World Championship

Maybe we will incorporate this into this years golf outing.

"Bernard Lagat, of Tucson, Ariz., won the 2007 world championship in the 1,500 and 5,000 meters. On this day he combined is love for running and golf to compete in the Speedgolf World Championship. An elite field of 55 speed golfers from six different countries compete for the 2013 title at Bandon Dunes Golf Resort, Sun, Oct 27, 2013, in Bandon, Oregon.  The format of Speedgolf is simple: Total strokes plus the total minutes and seconds it takes the player to complete his or her round."

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Mark Horton is Ironman.

A whole different world of pain from a straight up foot race. The Ironman Miami 70.3 Triathlon featuring  Mark Horton took place this morning. The event known as the Half Ironman consist of a 1.2-mile swim, a 56-mile bike ride, and a 13.1-mile (half marathon) run. It begs the question would someone who has completed a full Ironman tell somone who has only completed the half, "you're only half the Ironman I am"? Mark is certainly more of an Ironman than most of us as he completed the course in 5 hours 39 minutes and 17 seconds and was the 948th finisher. Now someone get that man something to eat!

Rocking the Alumni Singlet!

This One Actually Is a Cup!

Unlike the Coach Harry Groves Memorial Cup (yeah, he's still alive and can still kick your a**!), the Mayor's Cup XC Award is really a CupOwen and Kyle Dawson and their Bryn Mawr Racing Team snagged it from Beantown's BAA hierarchy.  Nice job boys, even without the Alumni Singlets on display!

Kyle Dawson, far left and Owen Dawson, center.
Kyle Dawson drinking Kool-Aid from The Cup.
Addendum:  I wonder how This figured in the whole thing?

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Our Application Is In!

UPDATE: It looks like we are in!!!!!

After our Group's teams at the Penn State National XC Meet and USATF Masters XC Championships had to enter as members of the Nittany Valley Track Club instead of Penn State Track/XC Alumni. I decided it was about time to become officially entered as a USATF Club.  (Nothing against the very fine Nittany Valley Track Club for which most of us competed with at one time or another.)

So I actually registered as a USATF athlete (ha!) and coach (ha ha!) in order to put in an application for a Club titled Penn State Track/XC Alumni.  I figured we already have a web site to refer to! I listed myself as temporary President until a real election can be held to dethrone me!  I also funded the venture for 2 years, pending approval.  I'm not sure if using the name Penn State will derail things or if another organization with a similar name has already been registered.   I guess we'll find out. Hope the Golf thing doesn't confuse them too much.

My hope is that all of us, both young and old, can use the Club as a way of representing our Group with even more pride than the Alumni Singlets already bring out.  I am frequently alerted by people who have seen the singlets in action all over the place.  And I hope that it continues to spread like a beneficial virus. 

A new Alumni Singlet and Workout t-shirt will be promoted soon!

Friday, October 25, 2013

A Remarkable Bunch

Mark Hawkins, Nick K., Stephen Shisler, John Ziegler and Gary Black
The recent Penn State Track and Field Alumni team for the 2013 USATF 5K Masters XC Championships.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Another Mish Mash of PSU Track Alumni News (And More)

Well, now that the warm downs are over for the spectacular efforts by our Group's XC runners in Happy Valley and New Jersey, let's turn our gaze on the rest of us scattered across our lands.

Coach Van Houwe and his York Suburban team.

First, I'll toot my daughter's horn.  Her team won the recent PA District III AA team title and are headed to States with bigger goals in mind.  Although Martha wasn't in the top 7, she came into her own at the JV County Championships and took 1 1/2 minutes off her previous 5K time.  This was in a torrential downpour and quite muddy conditions.  I told her to put the longest spikes she could find in her shoes (1/2 inch beauties!) and go have fun.  This was exactly my experience in my first ever race for PSU in Pittsburgh's Schenley Park in 1977.  I was happy to see the similar results both of us had, with our best ever XC race in otherwise difficult conditions.  She hopes to wear the PSU uniform in XC at Penn State Mont Alto next Fall.  Nothing could make me prouder.

Next, Mark Haywood deserves some accolades for bringing the first ever team title to Camp Hill at the same District III meet.  He helped coach the team to the victory in the Class A team competition.  Way to go Mark!

Now here's a photo from yesteryear with two three PSU Track Alumni (Golfers) in it.  Can you name both all three! running on the boards?

Photo from Ted Rupe.

And here's another one pictured with 2 males sharing 1/2 and 1/4 of his genetic make-up.  Who is he?

Keep the submissions coming!

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Alumni Cross Country Lives Here...

With the "old" alums 8th place finish USATF Masters 5K XC Championships and the "young" alums vicotry at the Penn State National. I am one proud Penn State Track Alumnus right now. One step closer to world domination. Much belated results from Friday.


1 P S U Alum               19    1    2    3    5    8   33   35    26:24    1:00
2 Lock Haven               52    4    9   11   12   16   17   18    27:23    1:23
3 Detroit Mercy            64    6    7   13   15   23   24   25    27:26    1:20
4 St. Francis (Pa )       113   14   20   21   28   30   36         28:14    1:06
5 Robert Morris           114   10   22   26   27   29   31   32    28:14    1:09
6 Bloomsburg              167   19   34   37   38   39   40   41    29:32    2:12

1. P S U Alum
    1  Kyle Dawson                25:53    4:59
    2  Owen Dawson                26:03    5:00
    3  Sam Masters                26:26    5:05
    5  Vince McNally              26:43    5:08
    8  Brian Fuller               26:53    5:10
   33  Matt Groves                29:32    5:41
   35  Kevin Fuller               29:45    5:43
Total Time = 2:11:58     Total Places = 19


Psychologists Get Hammered by a Physicist With an Assist From an IT Specialist

This is why I am a big fan and wannabe "hard scientist".  I've always had disdain for those "soft scientists" that go beyond ordinary measures to cement their unworthy place among real academics. Finally someone called them out on it.

This is a somewhat long read and involves at least some interest in mathematics and physics to get through, but it's a wonderful example of always keeping a skeptical mind toward junk science. At this time, we are inundated by a myriad of examples of junk science enriching charlatans and politicians and degrading the lifestyles of us ordinary types immensely.

Monday, October 21, 2013

The Results Are Finally In!

The Penn State Track Alumni* team entered the USATF Masters 5K XC Championships with 5 runners over the age of 50.  They all ran quite well and placed 8th in the over 50 team competition.  Blog Muse Rob Whiteside was the team manager for the competition. There really are some incredible over 50 runners in this nation!

     24.John Ziegler      18:12   
     30.Mark Hawkins      18:47   
     32.Stephen Shisler   18:52   
     35.Nicholas K.       19:04   
   75.Gary Black        23:56  
 *Entered as Nittany Valley Running Club because you had to have a team registered already in USATF.  We'll have to remedy that in the near future.  Seems time has come to unleash the Penn State Alumni team!

Many photos will be available soon.


Sunday, October 20, 2013

A Juvenile Diversion as We Patiently Wait For the "Old Men" to Finish the USATF XC Championships

The 5K USATF Masters XC Championships are being held today in Flemington NJ.  The PSU Track Alumni Golfers will be there fielding a team in the 50 and over division. (For Larry, "I think they all are over 50!")  It seems that Steve Shisler actually qualified just TODAY for that dubious honor!  Welcome to the back side of the hill Stephen! At least it's "downhill" from here.

Birthday Boy and his beautiful wife.

Others in the event may include Mark Hawkins, Nick K., and Gary Black.  I'm not entirely sure about any of this, but why start caring about accuracy in media now?  Good luck, don't break a hip, and in the case of Gary, don't break another!  Addendum:  The 5th member of the team is John Ziegler and they are in the 50 and over division.

So to pass the time before the results are in, here's the original "Mahna, Mahna"  skit from the Muppets from Sesame Street in 1969. It'll come back to you after the first utterance and stay with you far longer than any of you wish!

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Penn State Track Alumni Golfers Rule the World

Well, the Penn State National Invitational, at least.  Slowly but surely, the world will be ours! (And don't call me Shirley...)

I'll let Matt fill us in with more details later, but I had to mention the victory by "the young alums". The "old alums" are next in New Jersey!...

Kevin Fuller, Sam Masters, Brian Fuller, Matt Groves, Owen Dawson, Kyle Dawson and Vince McNally.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Penn State National Preview

Here are your Penn State Alumni runners who will be towing the line tomorrow on the Blue/White Golf Course at the Penn State National.

Sam Masters - Says he if he "holds 5 minute pace it will be a really really good day." On October 5 he won the Nittany Lion Invitational hosted by the Club XC team in 25:29.79. Which is 5:08 pace.
Kyle Dawson - Recently mixing it up in the Downingtown road running scene with a 2nd place finish at Teri's Run 5K (14:26) on September 6 and a victory the following day at the Quad X Invitational open 5K (15:40).
Owen Dawson - Back to back 3rd place finishes at Teri's Run in 14:28 and 15:57 at Quad X in early September. 
Vince McNally - Finally back in shape after a long layoff with a 3rd place showing at the City of Pittsburgh Great Race 10K in 30:29 on September 29. Also came in 5th behind Kyle and Owen at Teri's Run with a time of 14:34. Despite that defeat McNally is confident the longer distance and terrain will be in his favor. "I'll beat Owen on Friday," said Vince "I should be slightly fitter than I was (on September 6) and 5.2 (miles) should wear down the sub-four minute miler."
Brain Fuller - The older of the Fuller brothers claimed first place on the runways at Washington-Dulles International Airport with a 15:16 at the Dulles Day 5K on September 14. Two weeks later he posted a 30:52 at Penns Woods Trail 10K.
Kevin Fuller - Better known for his middle-distance prowess and rabbiting world class times. The younger Fuller took 7th at the Dulles Day 5K in 16:59.
Matt Groves - Ran 1:16:25 at the ultra fast Rock n Roll Philadelphia Half-Marathon on September 25.

Unfortunately Chris Cipro will not be able to race. Despite being recovered from his marathon last weekend he cannot get out of teaching duties for the day.

In other news it is great to see current varsity team member Matt Fischer keeping the "Rusty Boots" tradition alive. We wish Fsicher and his teammates well as they will be competing at the Pre-National Invitational in Terre-Haute, IN this weekend.

Penn State Track Alumni Take to the XC Course!

It's a big weekend for the PSU Track Alumni XC Universe.  There are two fronts in the war against getting old and slow.

First up is the Penn State National on Friday, which will field a team of alums bedecked in their Alumni Singlets.  They will be the ones in the very last starting position somewhere near the Paterno homestead.  I think they will field a very good team this year and all the action will be brought to you by our very own co-blooger Matt Groves.  He'll provide some valuable insights, photos and a play-by-play unparalleled on our blog!

The other front will be in Flemington NJ, the sight of the Masters XC USATF Championships where a field of alums will compete in the Masters team competition.  Steve Shisler has arranged a very good team with Mark "The Orange Hawk" Hawkins and others which could compete admirably for our Group. I'm not sure about the Alumni Singlets in this one, but I think they'll all have them.  Photos and updates will be disseminated when available. Good luck.  And don't break a hip...

Monday, October 14, 2013

Alums In Action

Former NCAA qualifier Chris Cipro took a stab at the marathon over the weekend placing 12th in the Baltimore Running Festival Marathon. His debut at the distance was clocked in 2:53:57 which is very impressive considering he spends more time teaching 3rd graders and coaching high schoolers in Bellefonte than training these days. It will be a quick turnaround for Cipro as he is expected to race with the Alumni Team this friday at the Penn State National (more to come on that later). Also earning a 12th place finish on Saturday was former Penn Stater Stephanie Pezzullo with a 2:38:04 in the prestigious Bank of America Chicago Marathon. Hell of a run for the girl known as "Pezz". Results here for Chicago,

Looks like it was a painful final 8 miles
As Chris and Stephanie were running the streets of B'more and Chi-Town other PSU Track Alums reunited for a great homecoming tailgate and football game. Steve and Beth Shisler stopped by to stick it to the young guns in a game of stump. Concerns about the weather were unfounded as the day turned out to be gorgeous and good times were had by all. 

Friday, October 11, 2013

Half of Running is 90% Mental

Well, somebody finally tried to quantify it.  And came up with the figure of 14% She says 14% of running is mental.  Great!  That leaves me with just 86% to start.  With a body that's half what it once was, at best, that leaves me with being 43% of a real runner.  Maybe he's on to something? That feels about right.

But to get serious for once, I was directed to this article about one of our very own Stephanie Pezullo will be lacing up her shoes in her second marathon this weekend, the Chicago Marathon, and has already won.  I say that after reading the article.  And you should read it all too.

For those who don't know, Pezz was once a star on the Nittany Lion Soccer team.  When her eligibility ran out she contacted the track coaches and walked onto the distance team.  She had a good year with the Nits and her career has steadily gotten better since.

I knew just a little bit of the things detailed in the extensive article, and I already considered her a role model for overcoming adversity.  Knowing more humbles me beyond words.  Now she is near the pinnacle of my PSU Track Alumni Role Models. Her road is never really going to be downhill, but I hope the prayers and thoughts of the rest of us rabble in "The Group" always puts a little wind behind her back.  And I officially invite her to a future Coach Groves Golf Tourney/Reunion.  I'm sure Coach Groves would be pleased.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

It's Homecoming. Alumni Unite!

In an effort to unite alumni young and old (wise). We are hosting an alumni tailgate for the Homecoming matchup with Michigan this Saturday.  By we I mean fellow PSU Track Alums John Mahoney, Tim Johnson, Scott Sherwood, Jay Ifert, Kevin Fuller, Brian Fuller, Kyle Dawson, Owen Dawson, and myself. The excact location is being worked out but we will be in a yellow lot. Which if you look at this map could be anywhere between the IM Fields and Altoona. We plan to start early and will have plenty of food, beverages, and tailgate games. Anyone coming for the game drop me an email at Groves10287@gmail.com so I can give you our location once we have a parking spot. Happy Homecoming!

* If it is anything like the golf outing. You know it will be a good time.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

PSU Track Alums In the News

At the pinnacle of their chosen fields...

First up, Ryan McGarry is appearing in an award winning documentary Code Black, a reference to a completely full Emergency Room.  Heavy stuff.  And he says some PSU Track and Field footage is in the film.  4 Thumbs up!

Code Black Official Trailer from Linda Knowlton on Vimeo.

Next up, Carl Wolter's attempt to win the RE/MAX Long Drive Championship for the third time.  PSU Track and golf in one sweet package!  It doesn't get better than that!

Masters Exploits Astound

Well, they astound me anyway.  My 3 miles daily on the treadmill at about 10:00/mile* is about all I'm up for anymore.  That's OK, though.  Before my third knee surgery I told the doc to get me to the point where I could run 3 daily.  I'm sort of afraid to go for more, and when I do I usually break it into 2 parts.  Pitiful, I know, but at least I still have that.

Word from the Blog Muse came my way that Don Ziter ran a very nice 19:17 for a 5K over the weekend in his native Pittsburgh.  (At least there is one victory of sorts in that town!)  Ahead of him was our very own le Faucon d'Orange Mark Hawkins in 18 and change.  I salute my teammates on the splendid effort and for "bringing it" with PSU Track Alumni Singlets on display.  I'm trying to get more specifics and possible photos.

Before their heads expand too much I must point out the exploits of Zola Budd.  Yeah, that Zola Budd.  She lives in North Carolina and wears shoes now, much to the chagrin of the crazy bare-footers and their entrepreneurial cousins, the "minimalists".

She ran a rather spirited 5K in 17:47 at a college meet.   Beat the number 2 runner, 25 years her junior, by 50 seconds.  Zola is 47 years old and quite obviously still Bringing It.

*And even that is a bit of a lie.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Public Property. Keep Out!

Stay off my lawn kids!

 "Government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth." - Abraham Lincoln
Apparently the people have been forgotten. If running in cemeteries is offensive don't even think about running in our national parks and monuments during the federal government shutdown. A man was fined $100 for the heinous act of running in Valley Forge National Historical Park on Sunday by two rangers in flashing cruisers.

I have done a few runs at the park and it is quite a lovely place especially this time of year but hey maybe this fine can go towards balancing the budget.

*Despite the government hiatus the debut of Pegula Ice Arena will go on as scheduled.

*Update 11:00 pm: The $90 million shrine to hockey may be christened in a match against Canisius College. Looks like the Army athletic department jumped the jumped the gun on their commitment. Regardless the games must go on.

They're Dying To Get In

I have always loved to run in cemeteries.  Never even thought about what others thought about it, even the people under ground!  It never crossed my mind that anyone would object to it.  But I was wrong.  People get offended all the time about just about everything.

I especially remember a great warm-up loop in Syracuse prior to the indoor meets at Manley Field House.  There was a very large cemetery right across the street with seemingly endless empty roads to run on.  Combine that with the greatest of all indoor tracks*, and it made for a great combo.

Turns out the cemetery is actually two cemeteries, Morningside Cemetery and Oakwood Cemetery. And not a single person there objected to my warm-up.

*The track had straights which were about 10M long and turns that were wider than an outdoor track.  The building was round so the track had to be squeezed to fit. The sides of the building were all the bleachers which made it like a wood-paneled den.  Quite a homey feel.

Round track, paneled walls! And that's the strightaway on the right!

Monday, October 7, 2013

First Ever Blog "Eye of the Tiger" Award

In the lead at 10.
Goes to Tyler McCandless for his "going for it" in the US Marathon Championships in Minnesota yesterday.  Tyler led the race for a lot of the first 20 miles (1:41:38) before fading in the last 10K.  He finished with a PR 2:16:46. And he mini-golfed at the Mall of America afterward with the winner.  This makes him overqualified for a future Coach Harry Groves Golf Tournament!  And by the way, Coach Groves would give him a growl for his efforts.  One of running's highest honors.

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Unseasonable Heat in Bethlehem's Saucon Valley

"XC is hard."
-Brannon Kidder.

Saw this tweet on that Social Internettie Thingie yeasterday and it got me to thinking.

The Paul Short Invitational at Lehigh's XC course yesterday was held in some unseasonably warm conditions, making an already difficult sport more so.  The temps approached 90 degrees and 27 college athletes were hauled off the the Lehigh Valley Hospital before the decision was made to scrap the entire high school slate of races.  The PSU Women ended up in 9th place and the Men finished 10th.

I remember XC races in snow, temps below 20 degrees, rain, downpours but never any with heat as the main impediment to good times.  Anybody have any good and tough XC race stories?

Saturday, October 5, 2013

The Bestest* List of PSU Track Alumni Outdoor Records

*It's the best of the lists that have been prepared by blog minions using ancient sources, voodoo, chicken entrails and expletives galore.

Send us any changes that are necessary via friendly or caustic comments, emails or rabid carrier pigeon.

Penn State Alumni Outdoor Records
Event Mark Individual Year
100 m 10.1 Barney Ewell '42 1948
200 m 20.50 Mike Sands '75 1976
400 m 46.01 Mike Sands '75 1976
600 m 1:14.84 Casimir Loxsom '13 2013
1000 m 2:19.72 Randy Moore ' 85 1986
800 m 1:45.75 Casimir Loxsom '13 2013
1500 m
Larry Mangan '81
Matt Lincoln '06
One mile 3:56.90 Larry Mangan '81 1983
3000 m 7:50.40 Alan Scharsu '82 1985
5000 m 13:31.61 James Carney '01 2008
10,000 m 27:34.64 James Carney '01 2007
3000 m SC 8:21.72          '77 1978 (AR)
110 m HH 13.80 Mike Shine '76 1979
400 m IH 49.30 Mike Shine '76 1979
High Jump 7' 3/4"  Dave Kriz '96 1996
Long Jump 25' 10 3/4" George Adu '99 1999
Triple Jump 53' 7 3/4" Ricardo Hall 1995
Pole Vault 16' 8 3/4"  Dave Masgay '87 1987
Hammer 211' 11"  Alvin Jackson "77 1979
Shot Put 71' 9" C.J. Hunter '90 2000
Discus 228' 5" Knut Hjeltnes "75 1985
Javelin (old) 272' 0" Jim Stevenson '66 1964
Javelin (new) 235' 9 1/4" Dave Masgay '87 2000
Decathlon 8188 pts Lennart Hedmark '66 1973

Friday, October 4, 2013

I'm Pretty Sure Time Travel Isn't Possible

Stephen Hawking was our Official Group Physicist in the early days of the blog. That's only because Richard Feynman was dead. When Brian Boyer* made it to the Links for the Coach Groves Golf Tournament in 2009 and promptly got his named engraved on the Coach Harry Groves Memorial Cup, he became our exalted Grand Physicist. Anyone reading this can also poke Ron Moore to let him know that he will become co-Official Group Physicist when he attends the next event.

When Stephen Hawking put his mind to concocting an experiment to determine whether Time Travel is possible, he didn't use Science in any way.  He used common sense and a nice Ballroom back in 2009.

He held a grand party with only time travelers as the invited guests.  That's because he told no one about it and only promoted it after it had already occurred. The elegant invitations look like this:

The really hard part of the experiment is making sure that the invitation will be around long enough to be seen by someone in the position to travel back in time to attend. I have done my little part by putting this post on the blog. 

 If you try to get your mind around this whole time travel thing, you end up with a headache.  Or worse. 

*Yes, I do know that Brian is a Nuclear Engineer.  Stop nagging.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

The Slightly More Authoriatative* List of Indoor PSU Alumni Records

Yeah, these probably aren't right either.  You know the drill.  We'll get them right just in time for someone to break them.  Thanks to Matt Groves and the wonders of Excel, Adobe ExportPDF and that internetty thingie. (@Matt, I eliminated the 2-mile mark of Bob Snyder on the advice of someone that it was as an undergrad.)  Anyone can chime in on it with correction, scorn or adulation in the comments.

Addendum: Changed the 800 M mark to the correct Cas Loxsom post-PSU time.  And I can't wait to change it many more times... 
Ooops. I posted this in the wrong spreadsheet!  My bad.  Re-corrections coming.

Penn State Mens Alumni Indoor Records
Event Mark Individual Year
55 meters 6.1 Barney Ewell '42 1947 (WR))
55 meters 6.1 Mike Sands '75 1980
60 meters 6.77 Mike Shine '76 1978
200 meters 21.25 Ryan Olkowski '02 2003
300 meters 34.5 Mike Sands '75 1976
400 meters 47.5 Mike Sands '75 1976
500 meters 1:03.9 Mike Sands '75 1976
800 meters 1:50.87 Owen Dawson '12 2013
1000 meters 2:22.66 Randy Moore ' 85 1986
1500 meters 3:42.3 Larry Managn '81 1982
One mile 3:59.39 Matt Lincoln '06 2007
3000 meters 8:08.7 Greg Fredericks '72 1979
Two mile 8:35.0 '77 1979
5000 meters 13:39.27 James Carney '01 2005
60 meter HH 7.70 Mike Shine '76 1978
Distance MR 9:48.59 Owen Dawson '12, Kevin Fuller ' 10, 2012
Ryan Foster ' 11, Brian Fuller ' 09 "
High Jump 7' 2 1/4"  Dave Kriz '96 1999
Long Jump 25' 3 1/4"  Rob Boulware '87 1988
Triple Jump 53' 2 3/4"  Ricardo Hall '?? 1995
Pole Vault 17' 2"  Rick Kleban '85 1988
35 lb weight 65' 0"  Alvin Jackson '77 1980
Shot Put 70' 4 1/4"  C.J. Hunter '90 1999
Pentathlon 3909 pts Jamie Cook ' 97 2002
Heptathlon 5827 pts Ryan Olkowski '02 2005
Web Statistics