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Sunday, August 1, 2010

10 Questions: Bill Malchano

What is your favorite Seinfeld episode?
   Master of My Domain
What was your favorite PSU class?
What was your best PSU Track or XC performance?
    Penn Relays Marathon - 2:40.52  (Freshman year) ; 2:41.02 (Sophomore year)
    Two completely different race strategies and times were only 12 seconds apart after 26 freak-in miles. 
What is your best Coach Groves memory?
    Whenever someone had a cold - Coach would always interject that you must have been  "*erkin off" with the window open  
What was your favorite haunt/watering hole in State College back in the day?
    Spin the Wheel Night at the DEN
What was your least favorite workout?
    I hated the "Timed" Bypass Loop run
Do you get back to State College at all?
    Attended the 2009 Golf outing. Attended all others before 2005. Debbie & I will be back in 2011
What is your most embarrassing moment while attending Penn State?
      Several events come to mind - PSU Hay Ride and a full bottle of Peppermint Schnapps. Not a proud moment
      An ill-timed use of a pair of Binoculars handed to me by Clark Haley.   
What exercising do you currently do?  
  Currently cross train - Run, Stationary Bike or Elliptical daily
Which body part failed first?
  None have failed completely but majority are not performing at full capacity. 

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