Saturday, October 6, 2012

I Have Never Been Politically Correct

Anyone bringing up a Penn State Locker Room nowadays has to be either crazy or non-caring about political correctness.  To those around the world that think any of us PSU Track Alumni has anything to do with child abuse, I say "you're the one with the problem, not us."  

My Treadmill Room is finally nearing what I originally envisioned, somewhat reminiscent of our 1977 XC Locker Room.  It isn't a big room, it isn't a state-of-the-art room, but it is a really good oasis from the rough and tumble world that is 10 times more complicated than I ever thought it would be.  I use this room nearly every day; it is rare that I ever venture out for a run or travel for a run anymore.  The room is just big enough to house my professional grade treadmill (best investment I ever made!) and my cheap elliptical machine I utilize to supplement my jogging without incurring too much stress on my surgically scarred knees.  The floor is unadorned cement and the lighting is stark bare fluorescent.  I have a small flat-screen TV in there to provide an adequate distraction. An efficient PSU working-man type of room.  Three yards and a cloud of dust...

As a curmudgeon of the highest order (if they had a certification process I would qualify as a Leader!) I usually curse and moan at the site of a yard sale.  But this AM I saw the set of 5 lockers of steel-gray shining in the sun, and I had to stop.  I paid $100 for the set, even though I could only fit 2 of them in the space I had visualized them in.  Thanks to my wife's handiwork and sweat-equity, we successfully separated them without damage and they are now housed in my Treadmill Room!  These are the same lockers we had in the old Rec Hall Cross-Country Locker Room, next to the Wrestling Locker Room which smelled much worse than ours. The All-Steel Equipment Co. of Aurora, Illinois provides just the right aesthetic touch and utility for my daily recreation.

In 1977, my personal locker was used by Jerome Whitehead during a game between the highly ranked Marquette team and the nowhere-near-ranked Nittany Lions.  The game was exciting because PSU was ahead at the half with York's Jeff Miller draining many long range shots;.  If there was a 3 pt. line back then we would have prevailed.  After the game I went to my locker  to discover Jerome and his entourage AND my personal effects in a puddle in the corner of the room.  

 Jerome will never get anywhere near this locker, that's for sure.


  1. Jeff Miller was a great shooter. He was in one of my freshman English classes, and I can say without doubt he was the hardest working student I ever taught.
    Don't keep wet towels in your new lockers overnight.

  2. Schweeet!
    Are you talking about the small room with the window to outside?
    What happened to your lock?
    What are you going to do with the other three lockers?

  3. I have never used a lock on my locker since 11th grade. I have never had anything bad happen because of it, either Although now that I am announcing that, I may have to reconsider!

    In my senior year in high school, I put all of my books into my locker on day 1 and never opened it again. I suppose they may still be there now. (And at Dover, PA, there certainly wasn't an evolution book!)

    The other 3 are in my garage. $50 to anyone who wants them.

  4. And yes, that little room with the window is the one I'm talking about. One bench down the middle. I'm scouring the internet for a similar bench as I write this.

  5. That bench is probably highly varnished with tushy sweat and who knows what else.
    Hmmm $50.
    Oh,'ll give ME $50 to take away?

  6. $50 is my price. You could probably negotiate with Barb for a better price! (And its the "what else" that would worry me!)


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