Monday, April 15, 2019

This Is Refreshing To See

Like the days of yore, 1970s to 1980s, there were a whole lot of distance runners in a race this past weekend.  Times have changed, but back in the day, Coach Groves was willing to work with anyone with the desire.  He had very large numbers of distance runners at any one time.  Walk-ons vastly outnumbered the recruited ranks.  So,often in early season meets especially, there would be 10 or more PSU-clad runners in any race.  Often all the races had that many Lions participating.

With budget constraints, lawyerly constraints and Title IX constraints, many distance races nowadays have no Nittany Lions in them.

But not this past weekend!  There were 11 Lions in the 1500M at the Bucknell Meet.  With some rather good times, considering we have to call it an early season meet.  Six Lions finished with times the equivalent of 4:02 to 4:06Colin Abert led the pack with a second place finish in 3:44.72.

2 Abert, Colin Penn State 3:44.72I 4 
3 Maher, Drew Penn State 3:44.88I 4  
5 Abrahams, James Penn State 3:45.71I 4 
9 Wing, Owen Penn State 3:46.18I 4  
10 Hontz, Brandon Penn State 3:46.54I 4  
13 Claiborne, Isaiah Penn State 3:47.88I 3
34 McDevitt, Billy Penn State 3:52.49I 4
53 Claiborne, Elijah Penn State 3:56.65 2 
55 Barton, Ryan Penn State 3:57.07 3
-- Ashenfelter, William Penn State DNF 4  
-- Delisle, Hudson Penn State DNF 3 

And I made it to my Daughter the Younger's meet in upstate New York over the weekend.  She has dabbled in the Steeplechase so far and continues her PR in every race she has run this year!  Her hurdling was the very finest of all the competitors and the water jump hasn't flummoxed her yet. This was her worst effort of the 7!

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