Tuesday, August 20, 2019

A Rate Cut That Is Targeted At Our Group!

For once, here's a rate cut that all of us can benefit from.  Not the shifting from one pocket to the other, but a real cut in the cost of your very own Alumni Singlet or T-Shirt.

Ever hard-working Mark Hawkins was able to obtain diferent suppliers to bring the cost of an Alumni Singlet or T-Shirt to $55 for this time-limited sale.  That includes a reduction for those who have already ordered.  And only $50 for additional items in the same order.  Also $50 for recent grads and those who can have theirs hand-delivered by Owen Dawson in State College

So, you have until kick-off of the Pitt/Penn State Football game to get your order in.

Finally, the time has arrived.  We are having our biggest ever Alumni Singlet and T-Shirt Sale.  I know many of you have been waiting for this for a long time.  In order for this to reach everyone, I am asking that everyone "Like", and "Forward" this post on every available medium.  You have more friends than I do and our reach can exponentially grow if we include yours (and theirs!).

The hard work of this project is being done by Mark Hawkins ('81).  And even though he is a bit shy about it, he deserves thanks and accolades from all of us.  This stuff isn't easy and it would be quite easy to forego any of it except for the love of our program shared by Mark, me and all the rest of our wonderful Group.  We aren't there yet, but I am striving to have us be the largest and most active Track and Field Alumni Group in the world.

I will let Mark's words about ordering stand as the final word on this Super Duper Sale of the Century!

Fill out the form below to order a Penn State Track & Field (and XC) Alumni Singlet or T-Shirt.  Based on a throwback design, they are a great way to celebrate our organization of Penn State proud alumni athletes and coaches.  The shirts were introduced in 2009 and are being worn coast2coast and internationally by more than 250 of your brothers and sisters - spanning teams from 1968 to 2019!

The main design on the front of the shirt reads PENN STATE between two solid bars.  The lower bar includes the ALUMNI designation.  In addition to the front design, the varsity block S is also incorporated into the back or sleeve of each t-shirt or singlet.  You also have the option (preferred) of including your year of graduation or competition (ie '81) positioned on the right chest above the main design.

Mark Hawkins ('81) is handling the orders again this year.  Mark will be contacting you to acknowledge and finalize your order.  We order the stock as needed and each shirt is custom printed by Collegiate Pride in State College. Please note that Mark orders the stock and supplies it to the printer, so please communicate with Mark.  Due to the inclusion of the graduation year, it is not trivial to make changes or substitutions.  If you have not seen the shirts, Mark will be happy to send pics.

The singlets and T-shirts will again be the Nike "Miler" style.  There are Men's and Women's versions available for both of these dry-fit shirts.  For this printing, our primary color scheme is Blue printing on white shirts.  We have printed white on blue for the women's shirts as an option in the past - if you are interested in this color scheme or other shirt styles, please contact Mark.

Costs of the shirts have increased, and we now pay a royalty charge to PSU via the printer.  This year both singlets and T-shirts will cost $55 (including shipping).  For personal hand delivery or for additional shirts shipping to the same address, you may deduct $5 each.

Look for an announcement of the closing date for orders. Closing date for orders is the kickoff of the Pitt/Penn State Football game.  Thank you!

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