Friday, November 11, 2022

Robby Creese Extends His Remarkable Range And Answers Our Dreaded 10 Questions!

 Robby Creese won the recent Baltimore Marathon after deciding to enter it just one day before!

5 mile 00:28:03 05:36 min/mi
10 mile 00:56:06 05:36 min/mi
15 mile 01:22:37 05:30 min/mi
20 mile 01:49:54 05:29 min/mi
Elapsed 02:26:45
Pace 05:36 min/mile  

1.What were the circumstances that brought you to PSU? .

     I liked PSU and felt that it was a good fit after my visit with the team.

2. Outside of XC/Track, what was your favorite part of the State College experience?

     I liked my classes and the academic challenge in both under grad and grad school.

3. Did you have any favorite or least favorite workouts?

     My least favorite workout was the uphill, mountain tempo at Whipple's dam.  My favorite workout     was 300 repeats.

4. Outside of your major, what was your favorite class?

    Inart 110 was probably my favorite class outside of my major because we watched a lot of TV.

5. What was your post-graduate time like in State College?

     It was nice but really busy with classes, research, teaching, running, and volunteering with the team.

6. What performance are you most proud of?

     I'm most proud of the DMR at indoor nationals during my sophomore year.

7. What were your favorite training sites or running routes?

     I definitely liked tracks, Scotia, and workouts on the track.

8. Which, if any, class would you like another crack at?

    I took another crack at numerical analysis during grad school, but none now.

9. Are you self-coached now? And how do you juggle work and running? Yes,

    I'm self coached now. I stay pretty busy but make sure to run immediately after work during the week.

10. Will we see you at one of our Reunions or Golf-Tournaments soon? (Hint, hint 😃)

     Probably and I hope to make it to a few indoor meets too.

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