Wednesday, November 1, 2023

Who Was Faster? A Meaningless Poll

Neither Scott Fitzkee nor Gregg Garrity were on the PSU Track team back in the day. But as PIAA State sprint champions (I know Scott was, and have been told Greg was too. The Interns were unwilling to look it up for sure.), they would have been notable contributors to the team. Coach Paterno was never big on 2 sport stars, or helping Coach Groves in any way. There were exceptions.

But my poll question is unrelated to that. It was brought to me by a patient who ended up as a Penn long jumper when Coach said he had too many jumpers already to him while attending a PSU summer camp. 

Who was faster?  Scott Fitzkee or Gregg Garrity?

I know the real answer already, as I know both of the gentlemen. Scott was the biggest star in York County Track in the 70s and Gregg was on my Holmes Hall dorm floor in 1980-81.

Answer in the comments here or on the Facebook page. 


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