Monday, May 23, 2016

The Store Is Only Open For Ten More Days!

Our first window of the Kelly's Team Sports Group Store is only open for 10 more days.  It is time to check out the Official Alumni Jacket and Back Pack now on sale.  Each is of high quality from Nike (former PSU trackster Mark Parker's very own company).  The costs are very good with $50 for the jacket and $39 for the back pack.  Those of you who attended the Reunion and Golf Tourney saw the samples I provided.  Now you need one of your own to spread the word of our Program and Alumni Group throughout the land.

Go to, click on the Shop Your Team Store button, and type in the password PSUTFA.

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Alumni "Run": PSU IS 800U Even For Alumni!

The morning Alumni "Run"  was another success this year despite the drizzle. The Alumni were led this year by 800U stalwarts Brannon Kidder and Isaiah Harris along with the rest of the team headed to the NCAA Prelims next week. Coach Groves was there to start them off and watch the first crash of Airship 800U! (That bird is one tough bugger!)

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Big Crowd, Open Bar

Coach Gondak and Greg Fredericks.

We had a big and diverse crowd at the reception at Inferno last night. And if the gods are willing, I'll bring you some pics from the Alumni "Run"  today.

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Airship 800U Christened

This is always my "one day off" every year.  I take the day off and make it up to State College to chill before the Reunion and Golf Tourney. 

I figured I better take the drone out and get it ready for the Alumni "Run" at the track because I had the time.  That will allow me to calibrate the compass and GPS systems.  And if the forecasts are correct, I may not be able to fly on Saturday anyway!

And lo and behold, who do I see at the track when I arrive but two of our Alumni Group working out on their own in their quest for post-college glory!  Steve Waithe was raking his own pit and Owen Dawson was clicking off a few intervals.

I took a few pics of the surroundings and flew the bird to the limit of 400 feet to look around.  All systems are go!

Steve Waithe.

Nittany Mountain will be conquered by my dog Pooky on Saturday.

Steeple pit is empty!

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

This Will Be Fun To Watch

"Check out these flip-flops."

As a paid subscriber to Flo Track (so I could watch the Penn Relays!), it is great to know that their newest hire is Billy Francis Cvecko, our very own Undersecretary of Fun!

I hope they realize what a gift that they gave themselves by hiring him.  I really look forward to what is to come.  Maybe he will even get them to do a feature on our group someday???   (Hint, hint!)

"Billy, Billy, Billy..."
And there are plenty of latecomers letting me know they are coming to the Reunion.  Some of them are golfing too.  Come Join Us!!! 

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

At 42 Cents For Each, It Still May Be Too High A Cost

 "Aw, rat farts!"
-Bishop Fred Pickering.

I finally checked to see if my golf clubs were still in the garage (they are!).  And whether or not it was infested by stink bugs (it isn't!).  And that it isn't being used as a varmint nest (it isn't!).  Sofar, so good.

But it still is behind a bunch of other stuff and I will probably barely remember to get them into my car for the ride to State College for the Reunion and Coach Groves Golf Tourney.

Since I routinely lose more than a half dozen balls on the course, I would rather not use the same balls as real golfers do at about $3 or $4 each.  I usually buy "refurbished" golf balls for the event, but this year I went all out and bought 2 dozen NEW ones at Walmart!  $10 for 2 dozen is still stinging to my wallet, as I might as well open the bag and dump half of them into a Mountain View CC lake and then just drive around in a golf cart making fun of everyone else instead of actually trying to hit that damn little white ball with a crooked stick!

Wilson "Extra-Distance" - The White Castle of Golf Balls.

And did I mention that we could use a few more golfers for the tourney?  

With the weather looking dicey for Saturday, all you golfers need to act like a boy scout and BE PREPARED.  And if the weather closes the course, the Idiot Officers Group will be convening for the first time ever to find an alternative activity.  Post season Womens Lacrosse?  A conquering of Mount Nittany by all of us?  A decathlon in the Indoor Complex?  Who knows what the mind of Clark Haley can come up with?

Monday, May 16, 2016

Three Individual Big Ten Champions

The Penn State Men added 3 more Big Ten individual champions to the roster at the Championships in Lincoln, NE yesterday. 

Brian Leap made good on his top ranking in the Triple Jump with a fine leap of 53' 5.5"!

Brian Leap, center.
Brannon Kidder won his 9th individual Big Ten title with his 3:44.67 in the 1500M to go with last year's title in the 800M.  Colin Apert and Robby Creese were 4th and 5th in the event.

And Isaiah Harris made it 6 of the last 7 800M titles for PSU at the Championships with his splendid 1:46.21, just 0.10 seconds away from Casimir Loxsom's Big Ten Championship record!


Friday, May 13, 2016

The Store Is Open!

Our first store sale of Penn State Track and Field Alumni Jackets and Back Packs is now live!  Orders will be taken until the firm cut-off date of June 2.  At that point all of the items will be embroidered and readied for shipping by the end of the month (6/30).  So your orders should be in-hand by the first week of July.  Brochures and samples of the items will be available for those attending the Reunion!

Password is PSUTFA 

We will start with just the two items and gradually add other for bi-annual or quarterly sales.  Only the highest quality items will be selected from a wide range of choices. Let me know what other kinds of items you would like to see.

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Amazing Photo (And Man!)

Jayson Jackson just shared a great photo of Horace Ashenfelter III that will be part of an upcoming Penn Stater spread on the Olympian. Thanks Jayson!

That's him lacing up for his every other day run of 2 to 3 miles (at least as of 2014).  And that's his Olympic singlet he's wearing!  

It's Big Ten Time!

The team arrived early to Nebraska for this weekend's Big Ten Outdoor Track and Field Championships.

And the Idiot Officer Corps will be convening via digital means tomorrow to finalize all the details of next week's Reunion and Golf Tourney.  There's still time to arrange your attendance!

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

More Alums Bolster Large's Chances On The Trail

With the giddiness of the night on an actual mattress in Harpers Ferry well behind him, Rob Whiteside (trail name "Large") trudges on through the shale shards of Pennsylvania toward his goal of Katahdin Mountain in Maine. So two more PSU Track Alums met him as he was about to cross the Susquehanna River at Duncannon.  Another "Town" meal for him and Phoebe (trail name "White Rabbit")  should bolster them for the hike toward the Delaware Water Gap and his home state of New Jersey.

Jeff Sanden, Large and Mark Haywood.

Now everyone must go the the poll on the left sidebar on the full website to vote for whom Rob now looks the most like.

Ernest Hemingway.

Jeremiah Johnson.

Santa Claus.
David Letterman.
Ben Bernanke.

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

A Middle Distance Star Before 800U

We previously heard from Gerald Karver in the discussions of the best PSU XC runners of all-time.  But our new Blog Laureate unearthed this little gem today and I thought I should pass it on.

Gerald "Jerry" Karver.

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