Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Penn's Track Upgrade Is Complete, To The Shrugs Of Current Penn Athletes

The new upgrade is now complete at the Franklin Field home of the Penn Relays.  I actually talked to a few athletes on the Penn Club XC team 2 weeks ago that had actually practiced on it.  None of them knew anything about the old track and its history!  Or the Lane 4 "inside lane". And yes, the steeple pit is moved near "the clock".

One "upgrade" we won't see is the return to old Mens restroom facilities us old-timers knew and loved. The politically correct and Green among us would never allow such things today.  Here's just a hint of the vast vintage restroom facilities at Franklin Field that George McWilliams brings us from Bennett's Bar in Edinburgh Scotland.

Monday, October 5, 2015

The Women Look Strong

Penn State competed in the Greater Louisville Open last weekend with the Women's Team placing a very nice 3rd among 6 top-25 ranked teams.  The Men faltered a bit with the loss of Glen Burkhardt in mid race.
Maybe Gary Black can spur them on to even better performances as a spectator in his new home turf of Northern Wisconsin/Upper Peninsula Michigan at the Wisconsin Adidas Invite on October 16th.

Greater Louisville Open Complete Penn State Results
28. Conner Quinn -- 24:35.07
29. Wade Endress -- 24:35.42
47. Robby Creese -- 24:45.13
56. Ean DiSilvio -- 24:50.32
75. Colin Abert -- 25:05.31
81. Austin Pondel -- 25:07.85
99. Bobby Hill -- 25:21.95
102. John Dugan -- 25:23.58
160. Jack Miller -- 26:08.37
163. Will Cather -- 26:11.21
171. Conrad Lippert - 26:19.63
182. Jordan Makins -- 26:34.06
6. Elizabeth Chikotas -- 17:08.28
11. Jillian Hunsberger -- 17:13.73
24. Tori Gerlach -- 17:23.33
37. Tessa Barrett -- 17:34.60
42. Stephanie Aldrich -- 17:37.02
82. Greta Lindsley -- 17:59.68
89. Julie Kocjancic -- 18:02.33
154. Victoria Crawford -- 18:33.08
158. Cara Ulizio -- 18:35.81
199. Megan Hellman -- 18:59.99

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Weekend Training Advice From An 11:00/Mile Slogger: And The Ultimate Couch Workout!

Even though I only run at a pace less than half of "the good ole days", I really do have good advice for those of you still in "the game".  Twice as slow and twice as big sorta kinda means the two of me are running just like I did in 1977!

These ideas were formulated from age 15 and while running at a near-top level, hanging around the best sports-doctors of our time, studying and practicing podiatric medicine for 30 years and reading a whole lot of crap from all over.  You don't need to listen to me, but I'm pretty sure I'm right.

1.   Stretching is a mostly a waste of time, and may very well be counter-productive.  If any of you remember me from actually running with me, you'll remember I didn't stretch much unless Coach Groves was there to berate me.  Now, because my performances as a PSU athlete were near the lower end of the scale of all Nittany Lions, you may disregard me out of hand.  But that would be wrong.  I'm pretty sure that I came very close to my ultimate top-level of performance in running.  Did you?

2.   Warm up should consist of low impact muscular activity with dynamic stretching only as a by-product.  I have often joked that a marathon is a 20 mile run with a 3 mile warm up and a 3 mile cool down.  (Actually an idea from one of my teammates. I wish I could remember who.)  Probably the best warm up of all is simply to jog slowly for a while or add in a few jumping jacks like the oldest among us remember.  The main goal is the slowly increase the temperature of the muscles and increase the heart rate.  Just putting on my running clothes nowadays seems to do enough of that! 

Saturday, October 3, 2015

I Am An Idiot, Part 9,528

"Be prepared."   I was never a boy scout,  so I never learned.

I went to a XC Meet yesterday amid a stalled Noreaster because of a Hurricane I can't spell.  And yet I only took a small umbrella and got thoroughly soaked for an hour and a half.  And couldn't take many pictures because of the chilling gloom and frozen fingers.

I  managed this one of Daughter the Elder finishing strong to lead PSU branch campus runners, even the Division 3 Harrisburg contingent.

She even had dry clothes to change into immediately after the race. 

I'm still wet this morning!

Addendum:  Next week I will bring poorly arranged and inferior pictures of Fairmount Park's Belmont Plateau and the Jack Saint Clair Invitational!

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Friday, October 2, 2015

Another Chance To Help The Fight Against Cancer

When Bob Radzwich took notice that Ron Moore was running 100 Miles and fighting Cancer at the same time, he decided to go even further!  100 miles further.  This time on a bike.

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Throwback Thursday IN COLOR!!!

My kids used to say that I was born before color was invented, and maybe they are right.  But our great friend and Oregon Duck alum Dan Martinez dug up more pictures of Greg Fredericks from his archive even he didn't know he had.  And they happen to contain an Oregon Duck a few of you might know!

Rather than being dismayed at Pre pulling away from Greg at the finish, I would rather note how no one else is even in the pictures!

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

It's Hard To Get Practice Time At The Nursing Home

That seems to explain the no-height in the pole vault for 100 year-old Don Pellman, who then exclaimed, "I thought I was in better shape than that."

Don lives in an assisted living retirement home with his wife, noting that they don't have a track. Maybe our PSU Track Old Folks Home will be called Tranquil Ovals and come with a 360M track with measuring devices having 90cm = 1 M?

100 M - 26.99
Long Jump - 1.78M
High Jump - 0.90M
Shot Put - 6.56M
Discus - 14.86M
Pole Vault - No height

And yesterday was the biggest day for the blog in a long time with the 1974 AAU XC Meet photos!  Thanks to all my faithful readers out there.  And welcome to a few new ones from far afield.  You're always welcome here, even if you ran, jumped or threw for Oregon or even Michigan and Ohio State!  And you're welcome to golf with us in May of each year.  It's never really about the golf...

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

My Readers Are The Best: And I'll Never Doubt Our New Blog Laureate Again

The 1974 AAU XC Championship listing from Mike Fanelli's vast archives was a big hit.  The only way to top it would be photographs from that meet.  And Dan Martinez, our best Oregon Duck connection, has come through for us again!  Both Mike and Dan have always been invited to our Reunion and Golf Outing.  It would be a pleasure to have a Duck and a native Philadelphian amongst our ranks.  Please chime in with who is who among the runners pictured. (Hint: There seems to be 2 Nittany Lions lurking in the photos somewhere?)

And it turns out that Larry Mangan was 100% correct and both the previous Blog Laureate and I were 100% wrong.  Larry will now be tasked with his newest Group title as Blog Laureate, a position that has been unfilled for far too long.

The Coach Groves Spiked Shoe Meet was known as the Coaches Conference Meet in its early manifestation.  I'm not sure who did the legwork on this but I am impressed.  The telltale article was found in the Reading Eagle of all places.

  1. Larry Mangan   24:40   5.2 mile  (Course Record)
  2. Alan Scharsu     24:56
  3. John Zeigler
  4. Tom Rapp
  5. Jeff Adkins
  6. Ricky Garcia
  7. Jim Clelland
I cannot thank my readers enough for making this site almost factually accurate! hee hee hee All errors in fact are usually my responsibility.  But most times, my readers rescue me.

Monday, September 28, 2015

An Oldie And A Goodie At A Different Belmont

This is brought to us from the garage museum of our great friend Mike Fanelli.  One of these days Mike will come golf with us and bring his Nittany Lion wife with him!  If the Olympic History was preserved by Coach Lucas, Mike has pretty much taken up everything else.  There seems to be no end to his vast archives!

As Larry Mangan points out, there are 3 Nittany Lions in the top 27 here:
  •  Greg Fredericks, 4th
  • Charles Maguire, 17th
  • Paul Stemmer, 27th 
The rest of the names are a Who's Who listing of the golden era of Cross Country.  Be sure to peruse the listing for a few smiles.

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Belmont Plateau Is Still In The News!

The rejuvenation of Fairmount Park's Belmont Plateau Cross Country Trails has generated lots of buzz in the running community. We previously discussed this in 2 other posts.

Here's still another treatise on the changes.

Philadelphia story: the regeneration of FairmountPark’s running trails

I will get a first-hand look at the site in 2 weeks at the Jack Saint Clair Memorial Championship.

Friday, September 25, 2015

Big Day For High School Cross Country

Saturday has 2 really big meets on the slate in the High School ranks, not too far apart. 

Hershey will be hosting races in 3 divisions (Blue, Red and Gold) on the PIAA and District 3 course on the old golf course near the Giant Center, Chocolate World and Amusement Park.  Teams from all over vie for a view of the course before Championship season arrives.

And Carlisle hosts one of the biggest and best run high school races in all the nation on the high school course right in town.  Teams from as far west as Ohio, as far east as New Jersey, as far north as Connecticut and as far south as Virginia will be there.  Again, many division including Freshman races and JV races!

I'll be in Wilkes Barre for another PSUAC meet.  Weather is supposed to be absolutely great for all three races!

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

It Ain't Over Til It's Over

And it's not really over then, BTW!   RIP Yogi Berra, you've been an inspiration to millions and a true American hero.  (WWII machine-gunner assistant on Omaha Beach followed by 10 World Series rings!)

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