Get your entries in to Harry Smith for the Alumni Reunion and Coach Harry Groves Golf Tournament! May 16, 17.
No entry form needed. Just send a note and check to Harry Smith at the above linked post address!
Golf and all activities $150
Friday Reception at Damon's only, $25
Alumni "Run" Saturday morning $0
Awards Dinner at Damon's only, $50

Recent Grads (5 years) $100 for Golf and all activities
Those flying in $125 for everything

Friday, April 18, 2014

Reconnect At The Relays

Remember the team is hosting the first ever Reconnect at the Relays Friday, April 25, 8 - 10 PM at the Sheraton Hotel in University City. They are hoping to get an accurate headcount so please RSVP to Ryan Foster ( no later than Monday, April 21. The event cost $25 at the door and includes food and an open bar. That is one heck of a deal for food and drink in Philadelphia. If my weather report yesterday didn't convince you, hopefully this will. Consider it a prequel to the Alumni Reunion in May.

Mentioning Steve Prefontaine, Bruce Jenner and Greg Fredericks Guarantees a Surge in Readership

With a slump in readership this close to Penn Relays and our Reunion and Golf Tourney, I thought I better bring out the big guns.  Who (other than me!) knew that a repeat of The Bear Story wouldn't garner even an average number of hits?

Well, for the tough readership out there, here's a story including Steve Prefontaine and Greg Fredericks at the 1972 NCAA 5,000M Finals.

The info below was derived from articles and stats in the Eugene Register Guard, June 2 and 4, 1972, the Spokane Spokesman-Review, 4 June, 1972, and Track & Field News, II June 1972.

Pre ran a 5000m heat on June 1st, winning with a time of 14:01.4. He won the final on June 3 with a time of 13:31.4, in front of a hometown crowd of 14,500 raving Pre fans—the distance-happy Oregon fans ate it up.

Pre finished an astounding 26 seconds under Gerry Lindgren’s 1968 5000m meet record of 13:57.2—all the top six finishers clocked under the 1968 meet record. Pre’s finishing time of 13:31.4 was just 1.6 seconds under his own 5000m American record of 13:29.8, set April 29th of the same year.

Pre ran the first mile in 4:21.8, the second in 4:25.6 (8:47.4), and the third in 4:16.9. The last mile before finishing the 5000m distance was run in 4:14.4. The final three-quarter mile timed 3:08.9, and half mile at 2:03.8. The final lap was run in 61.4.

The fans stood and cheered as Pre broke away from Greg Fredericks to take the race to the finish, then cheered him again as he took five and a half victory laps—a victory mile! [you don’t see that anymore!]

“I haven’t felt mentally or physically right all week,” Pre said later. “With a few laps to go I waved Greg [Fredericks] by but he wouldn’t go, so I just picked up the pace. I didn’t want to sprint because I wanted to save myself for the Olympic trials [a month away]. So I ran a 63, then a 62, and on the last lap 60. I was just happy to win it.
Happy enough, in fact, for the five and a half victory laps, several of them with Fredericks.

Fredericks remarked: “I really felt like I had a good chance to win . . . you’d have to ask Steve why he waved for me to pass him. It’s a lot easier running behind someone than set the pace and I guess he wanted me to take over for a while. I was hoping I could catch him sleeping.”

Fredericks was second to Pre for the second time in a row in the NCAA 5000m/3-mile championship. Still, his time of 13:34 made him the 4th fastest American ever, behind Pre, George Young, and Gerry Lindgren.

The 5000m was only run in an Olympic year up to 1976--other years the three mile was run (all events were metric except for the mile). Because the NCAA wouldn't measure or record the 3-mile times during a 5000m event, Track and Field News did so unofficially. Pre and Fredericks timed at 13:04.4 and 13:06.8 respectively. These unofficial 3-mile times represent an improvement of the 1971 3-mile Pre-Fredericks times by 16 and 22 seconds respectively.

This NCAA Championship meet was his third consecutive annual victory in the same event NCAA Championship event, the 3 mile. He won the 3 mile in both 1970 (13:22.0), and 1971 (13:20.2). At the 1973 NCAA Championship meet Pre set a record with his fourth victory title, the 3 mile race again, with a time of 13:05.3. Pre's best time in the four meet series, 13:04.3, was 17.7 seconds faster than his slowest time of 13:22.0.

5000m final finishing times:

1. Pre 13:31.4 (meet record over Gerry Lindgren's 1968 5000m meet record of 13:57.2)
2. Greg Fredericks (Penn St) 13:33.9
3. John Hartnett (Villanova) 13:44.4
4. Glenn Herold (Wisconsin) 13:45.8
5. Michael Keogh (Manhattan Col) 13:48.3
6. Rick Hitchcock (Kansas St) 13:49.5
7. Dave Tocheri (Northern Arizona) 14:03.0
8. Phil Burkwist (Washington St) 14:04.4
9. Paul Geis (Rice) 14:07.8
10. Joel Majors (Georgia Tech) 14:13.6
11. Paul Baldwin (Kentucky) 14:22.4
12. Del Ramers (Florida St) 14:39.2
 And here's Bruce Jenner talking about his Olympic roommate Steve Prefontaine: (From NBC OlympicTalk)
He was one of my roommates at the Games in 1972. We also spent a month in Oslo, Norway, training before going to Munich, getting acclimated with the time change. So I got to know him pretty well. I was 22 years old. I had never needed a passport before. I never expected to make it on the Olympic Team in the first place. I came out of nowhere at the trials, wasn’t even ranked in the top 10 and made it on the team in the last event [the 1500m, earning third place overall].
So I didn’t know any of these guys. I had heard of them and saw Prefontaine run, but I didn’t know the guy beforehand.
So we go to Norway, and let me tell you, those guys knew how to have a good time. I was going to bed early, and these guys were out partying. One night Pre had a little bit too much, and we like poured him into bed that night. The next morning, he got up and did the hardest workout I think I’ve ever seen in my life. I was shocked.
Him and Frank Shorter, and all these people, were having such a great time. My thinking was oh my God, they’re so happy they made it on the Olympic Team and they’re not worried enough about what’s going to happen once they get to Munich.
But then Shorter wins the marathon, and Pre had a great 5000m race even though he wound up fourth.
When I woke up on the morning of the terrorist attack, Pre was the guy who had just gone out for a morning run and told me something’s going on out there. He heard somebody got shot. He said you won’t believe what’s happened outside. He was the one that broke the news to me.

Some Honors

From the Annual SAAB (Student Athlete Advisory Board) Awards Banquet:

Congratulations to Emily Giannotti on receiving the 2014 Big Ten Medal of Honor!
— PennStateTFXC(@PennStateTFXC) April 16, 2014

Also receiving an award tonight is Dan Jordan as the recipient of the SAAB Above and Beyond Award!
— PennStateTFXC(@PennStateTFXC) April 16, 2014

And that's not all. Congrats to Steve Waithe and Mahagony Jones for earning Big Ten Athlete of the Week honors.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Weather Or Not To Attend

A promising weather report to provide anyone still on the fence for Penn Relays a little more motivation to attend.

So far it is looking lovely, although a 10-day forecast is subject to change. A slight chance of rain on Friday (only 30%) but the other day's will be quite comfortable. Maybe the walnut and chestnut trees will be in bloom as well!
5 days till the multi-events start, 7 days for the relays!

It's THAT Time of Year Again!

Bear season.  We go through this every year.  Bears are waking up from a long slumber and now need to look around and find a range to call their own.  Yet every year, like clockwork, humans are dumbfounded as to why this is happening.  They view bears as just like Zombies or something.

So here's another video of a bear getting darted and falling out of a tree.  Note that the IQ of the bear is probably as high as the people who formulated the contraption to catch the bear!

But you all knew this post was just another excuse to post My Bear Story again, didn't you?

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

USTFCCCA Rankings (Week 2)

I've been slacking on providing updates.

The USTFCCCA Team Rankings for week 2 have been released. The men and women both move up two spots to 18th and 12th respectively.

More For Comic Book Fans

It seems Archie has always been a member of the Track and Cross Country team at Riverdale High! He even went on to dabble in marathoning and triathlon.  But I don't buy the Betty and Veronica Cross Country competition!
Addendum:  I'm pretty sure that none of them were recruited at 880 U!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

For Comic Book Fans

Everyone knows Archie right? The character will be killed off in an upcoming issue. Here is a list of possible scenarios for Archie's future. Since, as any comic book fan knows, no one dies for real in the comics.

1 Archie's "ghost" haunts Riverdale. Jughead is able to break the spell and bring Archie back to life.

2 He has been transported to an alternate universe where he must stop Bizarro Archie from taking over the world. This becomes a reoccurring story arc where Archie is summoned to fight evil on this alternate Earth.

3 Archie is actually an FBI informant inside the Mafia. After his cover is blown he fakes his own death and flees the country. We later found out that he has been living anonymously in Calcutta, planning a triumphant return.

4 It was an imposter that was killed while the real Archie is recruited to be the new Captain America. Nick Fury thinks Archie will be easier to command than Steve Rogers. Iron Man and Thor won't stop hazing young Archie.

5 Thinking the world would be a better place if he no longer existed. Archie's guardian angel shows him what Riverdale would be like if he dies. The story becomes a Christmas classic.

6 It was only a dream. Upon awaking from his nightmare he must finally choose, once and for all, Betty or Veronica.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Javelin Army

If we were living in antiquity and about to go to battle. These are the men and women I would want on my side. Throwing spears, not at me, but at the enemy.

From the Sun Angel Classic at Arizona State.

          Women's Javelin
          1 Laura Loht SR 170' 3"
          2 Lauren Kenney JR 164' 3"
          6 Megan Boyer SR 140' 2"
          9 Kianna Weinzheimer SO 133' 7"
          11 Olivia Mangan JR 131' 7"
          Men's Javelin
          2 Cole Proffitt FR 217' 9"
          3 Michael Shuey SO 213' 9"
          5 Robert Cardina FR 200' 4"
          11 Russell Hedrick SR 184' 6"

Full Results from TFRRS. Another scored meet (hooray!) with the men taking fourth place and the women in second. Not bad considering it wasn't a full squad as the distance runners competed at Bucknell. This weekend it is the Mt. Sac Relays for some and the Bucknell Team Challenge for others. Penn Relays in two weeks!

I add this photo for artistic purposes only.  I hope Matt doesn't feel I am stepping on his blog toes! -skwilli

Achilles Learns the Javelin by Giovanni Battista Cipriani.

Fifteen Hundred Mania

It seems everybody was placed into the 1500M this week for
the Nittany Lions.With some pretty good results at the 
Bucknell Invitational. 
1 Brannon Kidder SO    3:42.99*
2 Owen Dawson(Alumni)  3:43.61
5 Wade Endress   JR    3:45.33
6 Za'Von Watkins SO    3:45.79
9 Matt Fischer   JR    3:46.95 
22  Nick Scarpello  SR  3:51.79 
And I have received word that Owen Dawson and his brother  
Kyle Dawson will be lining up with the rest of the Alumni 
rabble at the Coach Groves Golf Tourney in May.  Be sure 
to join us for the worm burning and all the other 

*4:00.54 Mile by the Reigel method  t2 = t1 * (d2 / d1)1.06
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