Saturday, September 20, 2014

Another Vintage Pic From 1972

Following yesterday's vintage Women's team picture, i thought I'd post a Men's team photo to kind of balance things out.  Our Left Coast and Oregon Duck friend Dan Martinez came through in the nick of time with this beauty.  I've seen the pic before, but not on the cover!

And the internettie thingie again led me back to this one, which was reposted from our very own blog some time ago!

1975 AAU Champs. in Annapolis MD, 4 PSU alums in top 17.

Friday, September 19, 2014

50 Years of Women's Sports at PSU

The celebration is on in Happy Valley this weekend.  It's been 50 years since Women's Sports blossomed at Penn State.  Congrats to everyone.  Send some pics our way if you are there!

To highlight the festivities, here's a pic from the intertubes I came across yesterday.*  I think I know 4 of the PSU runners, but I'm not going to risk the embarrassment of failure and the scorn of my detractor(s) by posting them.  Let's all chime in and fill in the names via the comments!

*These youngsters were not around at the beginning of PSU Women's sports. This is approximately 1979-80??? 1982 (Missed it by thaaaat much.)

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Off-Season Enjoyment

Interview from SPIKES with new outdoor 1000 meter alumni record holder (he also has the indoor and outdoor 800 records) Casimir Loxsom. Fellow Brooks Beast training partner Garett Heath also answer questions about some behind the scenes events and what they have planned for the off-season break.



A Lion Returns and 50 Shades of No

State College native Alex Kenney joined the Nittany Lion track team last year after 3 years on the Lion football team.  Now he returns to the gridiron at Beaver Stadium ON THE OTHER TEAM!  

Alex Kenney
*And here's a cautionary tale of woe (warning, scary, lengthy Article!) involving a promising track athlete, a Freshman romance, 50 Shades of Grey, and Title IX (used as a cudgel!).  No means no, maybe means no, and if you are a smart male college student, yes means no now.  Learn why influential intellectuals advise against any male college student having sex.  Most colleges, including Penn State, now have no due process rights (aka Constitutional Rights) for male students.  An accusation is now a conviction and there's almost nothing to be done about it.

Here's another tale of trampling of Constitutional Rights at Penn State. Or maybe just the Rights of a card table?  Or something?

*This post has been amended by the addition of new material that has come to my attention.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

PSU is 800 U: Let's Make It Track and Field/ XC U

Congrats to Coach John Gondak on being named Head Coach and Director of PSU Track and Field and Cross Country

New Athletic Director making the announcement to the team.

USTFCCCA Rankings Week 1

The USTFCCCA national and regional rankings are out for week 1 and both the men and women are being awarded for their victories at the Harry Goves Spiked Shoe meet. Each is coming in at number 3 in the Mid-Atlantic Region; the men were 5th in the preseason regional poll while the women were 4th.

Nationally the men who were un-ranked in the preseason are receiving some votes, 13 to be exact, for their win over previously ranked Georgetown. I believe this is the first time the men are listed on the national rankings since 2010 when the they finished 30th at the NCAA meet. The women meanwhile have a nice streak going of being nationally ranked and their weekend victory bumped them up two spots to 27th.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Not Your Everyday Wimpy Runner!

As a runner, Mike Pfaff was much, much closer to the 4-minute mile than I was.  But he is also someone who should not be messed with, as evidenced by his Stunt Reel he posted on Facebook. Enter the Lion!

This is his warning that I'm coming for him soon! (with a Skype call for another in our critically acclaimed podcast series).

Coming Soon: Podcast 4: The Hollywood One.

Rocky Never Received A Particpation Medal

As documented on this blog in the past (here and here) the famous run taken by Rocky Balboa when training for his two fights with Apollo Creed was approximately 50 kilometers. So naturally some hardcore running enthusiast did a 50k in the movies honor last December that followed the approximate route based on the movies well known montage.

Even more naturally, dare I say more American, some have decided to take it to the next step and sissy it up for the masses while handing out medals for participation. The Rocky Run 5k/10k ladies and gentlemen.

Rocky didn't receive anything for going to distance. All he got was a re figured face to show for his effort.

Stallone is shaking his head in disapproval
P.S. Even the 76ers Nerlens Noel is getting in on the trend. At least he did it for marketing purposes.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Hall of Fame Accolades For a Lion: With a Twist!

Our very fine Laundry and Morale Officer alerted me to the recent induction of Michael Wyatt to his High School Hall of Fame in Suburban Buffalo.

Mike belongs in many more Halls of Fame for his accomplishments on and off the track.  I was always amazed by his range from 800M to the Marathon.  I was pleased to run the first 20 with him during his marathon in 1979, his first ever run over 15 miles. And learning he played tennis in his first 2 years instead of running track is priceless.  Congratulations, Mike!  My high school would confuse me with the janitor nowadays.

Mike Wyatt

Notice the tennis in place of track in his first 2 high school years!

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Coach Grove Behind the Wheel at His Meet

I let the (good) details to others, but I wanted to pass along this good pic of Coach Groves sent to us by pole vaulter Don Skerpon. But as I told Don, step away as quickly as possible when Coach is behind the wheel of a golf cart!

Coach Groves behind the wheel.
He's hardly changed a bit. I think that's 1980, but I'm not sure!
I spent the morning and early afternoon in Suburban Pittsburgh for the Penn State Greater Allegheny Invitational There's a whole other world out there in PSU cross country.  And I'm pleased to see it.  It may not be quite as fast as the University Park Division I team, but it is thriving none the less.  There were teams from 7 PSUAC branch campuses and several other Division III teams in McKeesport for the race.  Daughter the Elder placed 7th with another big improvement under Coach Preston's tutelage.  The entire PSU Mont Alto team had improvement from last weeks very competitive race at Division II Shippensburg.  It is great to see cross country is thriving at every level.  It very well could be the best sport of all!

Greater Allegheny Invitational, PSUAC

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Harry Groves Spiked Shoe Swim Meet

The weather was different, Penn State runners traded sticky sweat and dead bugs for cold rain, but the results were the same. For the first time since 2003 both the men's and women's team won team titles at the Harry Groves Spiked Shoe Invitational. Great confidence boost moving forward.

Men's Results
Women's Results
The 2014 Spiked Shoe women's champs! #PSUXC #WeAre
— PennStateTFXC(@PennStateTFXC) September 13, 2014

Friday, September 12, 2014

More Stuff Coming My Way: Updates

I won't be at the Coach Groves Spiked Shoe Meet this weekend, so I'm hoping Matt will cover it with his usual aplomb.  Don Skerpon will also be there, so we will be well represented.  And I'll add my hat-tip to Coach Groves also.  A meet named for him is the very least he deserves.  Just don't let him drive the van!

And I've received some more neat items on previous posts.

1.  Our great friend from Canada (a Yank up North, as it were) George Brose helped us pin down a little more on the Willie Nelson running thing.  While it isn't rock hard confirmation, it gives credibility to the authenticity of that photo!

David,  I connected with a friend in Austin to ask about Willie Nelson's road racing days.
This came back.

Well, I never actually saw Willie in a race, but I have heard that he has participated in some races or fun runs, and he has been spotted on the Austin Hike & Bike trail in running togs.  But that was years ago.  Do you want me to research it for you?  A former law partner of mine  has represented Willie off and on for years.  I could check with him.  But I can tell you with some confidence that he has done some running in his day.

2.  Also from George's blog  Once Upon a Time in the Vest comes this great look back at the 50th anniversary of Bob Schul's 5000M Olympic Victory.  That's the same race that Bill Dellinger leaned just enough to get the bronze in his 3rd Olympics.

Bob Schul heavily influenced teammate and good friend Tom Rapp.  Tom in turn has been continuing the coaching techniques of Bob Schul quite successfully in Ohio.  Tom is married to former Nittany Lion star Mary (Rawe) Rapp.  Quite a pedigree there!

3.  After several weeks with my Best Running Shoe Ever Made, I can report that I am quite pleased with them.  They really do give me the impression of those great shoes from 1980, despite the many years and pounds since then.  And they have provided me with about a 6% increase in running efficiency, as measured by stride length and heart rate.*

And apparently others have a hankering for those old beauties too.  Nike has announced a new-fangled version of them to be introduced soon.

4.  Tim Johnson continues to write 3000% better than I do.  Here's his article on a recent local cross country race in Central Pennsylvania.

5.  Bear stories (like mine!) are always welcome at the blog with it all.  Especially when they also involve golf.

*Not scientific, but anecdotal evidence.
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