Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Coach Groves Going Strong

In a wide-ranging conversation on Sunday, it became obvious to me that Coach Groves is still going strong. In an effort to have Coach invite more attendees to our Golf Outing, I asked him to write a brief note that I can disseminate to all via electronic means. At first, he was on a walk, and he had to call me back later. He is in good form, and is looking forward to our tournament "as long as nothing else better comes up".

Our conversation drifted onto many topics, including bathrooms around the word (ask me about China sometime!), football, other alums, knee problems and hundreds more. He even divulged that he tried to recruit Al Cantello out of Norristown High, in the 1950's, despite his terrible form (and world record!)! Al has been Coach at Navy since time began, so that's saying something. He told me how he got Frank Zarnowski into Track announcing which led to his second career as the world's decathlon expert. (Frank is actually an economy professor at Mount St. Mary's in Maryland.) He also related that Paul Stemmer has been an assistant Coach at South Alabama the past several years.

Coach has his short irons and putter (or he'll use Clark Haley's second set again) ready for the tourney. He also has the updated Queensbury Rules book available for that tricky par 5 hole with the bird house. Bribes and under-the-table payments are being accepted to be included in Coach's foursome this year. I have taken myself out of the running since I shared a cart with him last year. So I might as well make money off it, right?

I'll email a copy of Coach's screed soon, and I'll encourage everyone to spread it around like the viruses we got in college after leaving the window open.

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