Monday, July 6, 2009

California Dreaming With "The Blue Band"

Larry Mangan sends us two photos to enter our contest from sunny California, (pronounced Kal- E-Forn-Ya, by their Austrian born governor). Larry was actually the first recipient of one of our "Blue Bands" when he told me he couldn't make the golf outing when we were at the Big Ten Indoor Championships.* I'm glad it has gone to good use.

The first photo shows San Francisco Bay and the second is Monterey Bay. Apparently, Larry saw fireworks in four different directions from atop the hills out there. Must be nice! I at least heard the fireworks at the York Fairgrounds, with my dogs shivering beside me.

*"The Blue Band" moniker is Larry's. I'm not that clever.

And, RIP Black Dog of Richmond VA. May you roam forever in our memory.

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