Sunday, December 23, 2018

Alumnus Of The Year

Our soon-to-be regular poster and current Blog Laureate Lawrence Mangan wrote this post on our Facebook Page, so I am reposting it here so everyone can see it. 

Person of the Year.

As another year draws to a close and we celebrate the very worthy athletic accomplishments of current and former Nittany Lions, I think it's important to recognize a very significant off-the-field/track performance. Ben Franklin said that nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes. But before this lovely thing called life slips from our grasp, some of us transition in varied ways. Our Coach is in such a transition, and one person from our ranks is honorably resolute in being his able guide. Despite the fact that he would deflect and be uncomfortable with such attention or any compliment, I nominate Greg Fredericks as our Person of the Year. If we had such an award, Greg would have won it for at least the past decade, maybe even as long as his 5K and 10K records have stood the test of time (46 years in case you just landed on this planet), and will get my nod for as long as he keeps hanging around being an all together fine human being.
David Foster Baskwill I apologize yet again for failing to post this on the Glob..Golb...Blog. It will be my New Years resolution to acquire the requisite skill set! For the rest of us, be sure to pay special attention to that older person in your community who may not have such a special guide. Maybe you could try to be like Greg.

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