Sunday, December 30, 2018

Making Horror Movies Is Scary

Well, I finally did it!  I filmed a walk-on part in the latest horror movie from the great people at Darkstone Entertainment.

As way of history, I first got involved in the film making business when Steve Black related that he was in the teaser trailer for a remake of the "worst movie ever made".  It was filmed in Virginia, where Steve was a part-time actor appearing in numerous episodes on the Investigation Discovery Channel.   See if you can spot Steve running away from zombies!

My thoughts went back to those good ole summer days spent watching Dr. Shock bring us all the classic horror flicks from WPHL 17 Philadelphia in the early 70s.

One of those flicks was the monstrously cheaply made "Plan 9 From Outer Space" by the notorious Ed Wood.  To be able to be involved with a remake of the film meant to honor the previous director AND maintain the fun and humor of the whole thing, was an opportunity I couldn't pass up.  I invested just enough to become an Associate Producer on the film and get my name up on the big screen for the first time ever!

The film caused quite a stir in the horror movie world and was greeted with enough acclaim to ensure that Writer, Director John Johnson had an easier time with funding for his follow-up film, "The Dark Net".  I still invested in the film and was honored with a walk-on role as an Assistant to the Mayor of the beseiged town of Nilbog, with three lines of dialog!

Writer, Director John Johnson. Photo by Barb Black.

Waiting my turn to "shine" Photo by Barb Black.

Filmed on location in Buena Vista, Virginia. Photo by Bark Black.

Makeup artist and camerawoman Mariah Smith Johnson

Let's just say that I am not an actor.  I had "starred" in my Senior Class Play 41 years ago, but I have very little recollection of the whole thing.  I only messed one line up in three performances of the Peter Sellers Classic, "The Mouse That Roared".  Not so with this one, though...

They tell me the several takes are enough to piece together usable film. I don't know how?  I honestly wasn't nervous at all until the word "action" was spoken, and then I was a babbling, forgetful middle-aged podiatrist way out of his league.  Oh well, I did this in a homage to Steve Black, who would have made a very fine star in either of these films.  He's laughing at me now from above.

The Premiere of the film will be in June, with VOD and DVD sales to follow.  I will keep all of you up-to-date.   I have arranged a viewing in York with the Director following its first showing in Virginia.  Maybe a few lucky members of our group can make a party of it that day?  I will be in an uncharacteristically good mood.

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