Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Worthy Causes

The city of Lancaster is hoping to honor Penn State's Olympic Gold Medalist Barney Ewell by renaming the Square the Ewell Olympic Plaza.  Add your name to the petition!

 Coach Gondak has also started a drive to support upgrades to the Locker Rooms and more:

Penn State Cross Country/Track and Field Alumni:
First and foremost – THANK YOU as always for your support of the program.  It was a lot of fun this past weekend at the National Open seeing all of the alumni in the stands supporting our program.  As you can see from the performances at the meet – your support matters!  Our team is a product of what you started when you were in the Blue and White – so again, thank you.
We had an alumni gathering on Saturday night and it was brought to my attention that with this years football/parking ticket renewal process there was not a clear way for your seat/parking donation to be directed back to the program.  Looking at the invoiced I received myself as well as when I paid  for my seats on-line, I did not see a way to make this happen either.
I spoke with Kirk Diehl – the director of Varsity S – and he said you are still able to have the seat donation fee go directly into the Track and Field OUD Account, which is our fundraising account that I have direct access to help enhance the program (100% of any donation/gift you make to the program goes into the OUD account).

There are two ways you can do this, either call/email Kirk and ask him to make sure your seat donation fee is directed toward the Men’s or Women’s Track Program after you pay on-line.  Or, if you mail in your payment with a check, include a note to indicate you want your seat donation to go toward the program.
Kirk’s information is located below.  This is a great way to support     the program and is only offered to alumni of the program so thank you for this! 
I also mentioned on Saturday night that I am going to start a campaign to raise funds to improve our locker room that was kick-started by a generous gift of $50,000 this past weekend.  I will have more details about our locker room campaign shortly.
Let me know if you have any questions.  Thank you again for your support of the program!
John Gondak
Kirk Diehl – 814-867-2202

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