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Thursday, December 12, 2013

Paul Souza Headlines the New Track League

The newly formed American Track League will featuring one of our own. Not on the track or in the field but on the stage.

"The American Track League will be a series of international caliber track and field meets throughout the United States. The meet structure is designed to be quick and exciting with little lag time between events and with live music played throughout the meet. The traveling house band of the meet series is the Boston based Velveteen Playboys, led by front man Paul Souza. The feel of the meet will be much like that of a track meet within a rock concert."

Once again we are everywhere. For those who don't know Paul hold's the school high jump record with a leap of 7' 4 1/4" in 1982

And for those who have never heard the Velveteen Playboys (I'll admit I haven't)


skwilli said...

As a Playboy Groupie, I'll add that he is very good. We'll get him to a Reunion one of these years.

Anonymous said...

Will these be track meets or track and field meets? :-)

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