Monday, October 19, 2009

Gophers Need to Stay as Warm as Flamingos!

Different animal species deal with the complexity of global warming in different ways. Flamingos* adapt to the earlier cold temperatures seen with global warming by vacationing in Florida most of the year, where they generally have fun living in trailers and going to dinner at about 3:00PM each evening. Gophers on the other hand, like to take a nip now and then when stuck out in the "globally warm weather" like we had in State College for the past weekend's football game. Campus police confiscated a 2/3 full bottle of Captain Morgans from the Gopher cheer-leading squad on Saturday! Before we get all uppity over this we have to remember that the Gopher's Track Alumni still have a golf outing that dwarfs ours.

*Flamingos courtesy of my co-worker's stealth surgical night-time raid on Sunday morning.

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