Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Nittany Lion Alums in the News:

Current Nittany Lion Tyler McCandless placed 27th at the US 10-Mile Championships in Minneapolis over the weekend in 50:17. Tyler has eligibility for Indoor and Outdoor Track this season and is surely missed by the XC squad this year. Maybe he should speak with Gary Black, Brian Boyer or John Ziegler about their 24 years of combined eligility! (Just kiidding NCAA.) I'm looking forward to a big Track season from Tyler.

Jamie (Rutkowski) Donaldson ('96) only discovered her finest running niche in 2004. Having spent time with Park Barner (an Ultra-Running pioneer from Harrisburg) in the past, I still never quite understood Ultra-Runners. They are a strange and wonderful breed. Jamie set the US record in the 200,000 M run (yeah, you read that right!). She went on to run 133 miles for 24 hours. Her record of 21:01:28 eclipsed the previous 200,000 M (you read that right again!) by a full 7 minutes. I doubt she has time for golf, but I'll ask anyway.

Luke Watson, PSU Graduate Student, posted a debut 2:15:29 in the Twin Cities Marathon. Luke is a Notre Dame grad, but none of us hold it against him. He too has little time for golf, but we may shame him into it yet.

And James Carney is representing the US Team again at the World Half-Marathon Championships in Birmingham England this weekend.


  1. Ok Dave, the right wing rants are one thing, but to invite a Domer into the Nittany Lion fold is close to anarchy!!! Would Rush hug Obama? Would a Republican Senator behave boorishly in a men's room? Oh wait, that actually happened...see what you've done? Larry

  2. Yeah, can you believe it? The Big Tent that is PSU Track Alumni Golf has some interesting characters. Next we'll let in guys who grew up in Pittsburgh!!

  3. Don't do that, you'll really ruin things!! Larry


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