Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Meet Your Old Friends at the Harry Groves Golf Tourney and Reunion

The best part of the Reunion weekend for many attendees is the Friday night get-together. Seeing as so many of us are mediocre (at best!) golfers, the Saturday Tourney is fun, but sometimes an ordeal to be endured. Even hackers like me can get their name on The Cup though, so we "endeavor to persevere" as Chief Dan George said in The Outlaw Josey Wales. Some have even elected to forego the golfing and just attend our Friday get-together and the Awards dinner. This is more than fine. In fact, any combination of events is welcomed by all of us. Some have snuck in under their spouses radar for just the golf! (Can you imagine?) We guarantee a good time. There is even things you can do to help at the Golf Tourney if you don't wish to make divots all day. ( Like screw up all our videos or photos, or get nearly decapitated filming an errant drive! All of which has been done more than once!)

Here is a video I dug up showing what a typical meeting between old friends looks like at our Reunion.

Addendum: The Men's Team is now ranked #14 nationally while the Women's Team is #8. Let's hear it for Beth Alford-Sullivan's (and all the coaches!) athletes!

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