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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Penn State Track is Everywhere

Although she says she shouldn't be credited with the find, Elaine LaFramboise Pino alerted me to a snippet of video showing how widespread we are becoming. As a boxer in his youth, Nelson Mandela would have fit right in with any of us involved with the team.

So it is fitting that someone representing us was there for his funeral. And didn't shake any dictator's hands. (I threw that in just to renew the top description of our group which relates occasional "oblique" political reference.)  I'm not actually sure that shaking Raul's hands means anything at all.  Check out the video at 1:55!

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Anonymous said...

Great pick up by an eagle eyed observer.

Both Obama and Bush have shaken hands with Putin, Roosevelt sat next to Stalin and many administration supported the Shah of Iran.

Perhaps this is the start of a thaw that will lead to our ability to purchase Cuban cigars legally.

skwilli said...

I'm actually in agreement. Raul the dictator looked small, weak and disarmed during "the shake". It turns out there has been months of negotiation leading up to that.

Even I might have to try a Cuban cigar.

Anonymous said...

Where's the digitalis?? Dave agreed with a Democrat! LTM

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