Thursday, February 26, 2009

Amateur Journalism and Golden Dreams Dashed

I'm off tomorrow for State College to report on the Men's Big Ten Indoor Track and Field Championships. I'll cover the tough human interest stories no one else dares to. Like "How did Brian Boyer's lecture go on Thursday?" And "Did you run this morning or just eat breakfast at The Waffle Shop?" I'll try to run down some of the 90's and 00's guys and twist their arms to hit the links with us in May. I'll even have a Microsoft-style display at the Reunion at Damon's on Saturday night. I'll hand out magnets, decals, business cards, stickers, photos and more. I'll even have advance copies of our technology-rich t-shirts, ironed by metrosexual Gary Black for those who sign-up or donate to our cause.*

In other news, the "Horace" golden putter will have to wait for next year. The manufacturer is out of business, probably due to the high cost and demand for gold, not the current 4th worst recession since 1970.** We will be substituting Gary's "Billy Berue" this year, a worthy substitute!

*All proceeds are destined for the Harry Groves Endowment. Our CFO and Hammer Throwers will protect us from any financial malfeasance.

** Political statements are downright stupid in these times of Constitutional and Bill of Rights Assaults.

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  1. Well after years of conspiracy Mark Haywood finally let the cat out of the bag and sent me this link. Man you guys look old. I'll look you up at the Big Ten meet. I'll be out on Sunday. Maybe someday I'll post the story of carrying a passed out Gary Black into my house after Brian Mount's wedding, but that's a story for a future date.


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