Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Help Us Name a Sandwich After Coach Groves!

Three PSU Track Alumni have sandwiches named after them at the Fraser St. Deli in State College.
  1. The Mike Reid- A breakfast sandwich with ham.
  2. The Beth Alford-Sullivan- A super-veggie salad (double veggies).
  3. The Horace Ashenfelter III- A deli-meat wrap with turkey breast, cucumbers and fat-free honey mustard.
In honor of his 38-year tenure as Track and Cross Country Coach at PSU, his numerous Olympians and his countless All-Americans, I feel a sandwich in his honor is warranted. What sandwich should it be? Double entendres, off-color humor and barely behind-the-line creativity is expected. Please use the comment section to nominate a sandwich worthy of Coach Groves.


  1. One pound of bologna in a twelve inch roll. No veggies.

  2. Add "plain and simple" or "unadorned" to that.

  3. The "Give em' Hell Harry Sandwich" (Earnest Borgnine was tame compared to our Harry...)should include the fire-hot buffalo chicken, with jalapeno's, doused with tabasco sauce (just to prove your manlyhood and that your status in today's society is one step higher than whale sheet!)

  4. One pound of lean, mean beef on hard tack with spicy mustard. Served with a whole dill pickle.

  5. Tough, stringy corned beef, moldy, aged bleu cheese, with drippy cole slaw.


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