Friday, February 13, 2009

Valentines Day Makes Life Difficult

Are you prepared? What to give? Does a pair of Nike Air Court Shoes sound OK? All men have no idea what to do at this time of year. We usually rely on whatever is next to the check-out at Wal Mart or to the whims of someone we know at work. This year I'm getting a gift certificate to Lowe's so Barb can finish our Penn State themed bathroom, (yeah, I know!).

Another good gift would be a weekend at PSU accompanying you at the Harry Groves Golf Tournament and Reunion! Those not golfing will be able to attend the All-Sports Museum and the Berkey Creamery while us idiots golf. And we will love to see your family at our reunion evening on Friday night and at The Shisler's Shindig on Saturday. All women alums are encouraged to come to our event, God knows we need better scenery (except for Beth!). Coach Groves made a specific request to get women involved. I guess he realizes its the only way to keep the rest of us behaving well. (And yes, we are behaving well!)

And as a service to all, here's a good cover of Mike Sand's song to Coach Groves. "Your Daddy Ain't Your Daddy, but Your Daddy Don't Know" is now the Official Song of PSU Track Alumni Golf.

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