Sunday, February 8, 2009

Errors of Omission and Moonbats Welcome:

Mark Haywood checked in to confirm another Certified True -"Did You Know"(registered trademark of this blog!). He did in fact win a bet with Doug Kent by eating two Wendy's triples with everything. He added that he ate both his fries and Doug's fries to seal the victory! In addition, he relates that even if he can't golf with us, he will most probably attend the Friday night get-together. And Doug Kent is on the "Most Probably" list for attending our event. It is lining up as a hootenanny to beat all hootenannies.

Remember, anyone with PSU Track ties is more than welcome to add to the festivities. You would practically have to be a tin-foil hat wearing cat to NOT attend. Get your confirmation in (right here on the web site!) before 3/31/09 to save 10% on the complete package. And even if you aren't golfing, get your confirmation in by 3/31/09 to save $5 on the reunion and Shisler's Shindig (Post-Tournament Celebration).

If you need somewhere to stay and Bernie Madoff made off with all your cash, you can still arrange for a room at the Hampton Inn (Official Hotel of PSU Track Alumni Golf since 2002). Make reservations right on the blog page, and save more than $40/night!


  1. OK, Dave,
    I am now officially very scared about what else you may know from our PSU days that I a) do not recall or admit to b) could be jailed for c) may have fathered.

    Just kidding, of course. Thanks for the walk down memory lane. Winning that bet from Doug was fun, as was just about everything about those 4 years. Hope to see Doug and you and everyone at the end of May.

  2. I remember most everything that can do me no good monetarily. It's why I have to keep working, damn it.


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