Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Appalling Idiocy of Blog/Group Officers!

Sure, it sounded good. "Send me the SD card with all the video clips of the 8th Annual Harry Groves Golf Tourney on them to me so I can edit them and present them to the group via the blog! Go ahead and send it via the US Postal Service, what could go wrong?" One empty envelope later, these blog idiot/officers are no longer fans of government related entities in any form!* Of course, the back-ups would come in handy this time. What? No back-ups!! How stupid can we be, you may ask. The answer is simple. We are as stupid as anyone who would trust the government with anything important.**

So instead, I include old video of a dual meet against Villanova starring Nigel "Incubator" Jones held in 1978 at the Westerly Parkway Junior High School Track.

* The USPS is a joint government/private entity.

** Continued criticism of the government serves no purpose, but it's still fun.


  1. You're a dumbass.

    As he made his case yesterday for more government involvement in healthcare, I think I heard President Obama acknowledge at his townhall meeting that the USPS "...was the one in trouble" when competing with FedEx and UPS.

    Even the President thinks you should have avoided the Post Office.

  2. If you think I'm dumb now, wait until my healthcare is free!


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