Sunday, August 16, 2009

Things Even Mom Forgot to Tell You About Penn State Track and Field Alumni Golf:

Most importantly! Don't Fear the Golf! Even first-time golfers have attained immortality on The Cup. What better way is there to enter the frustrating world of golf than with friends and comrades? We'll barely make fun of you. Besides, the golf is secondary to getting together, honoring Coach Groves, and supporting the present and future of PSU Track. You can still come and NOT golf, but we'll entice you in soon enough. Might as well be this year.

Facts about the tourney:
  • It is a Best-Ball scramble format. That means you take only the best of the foursomes shots after each shot. You only need an occasionally lucky one to make your partners extremely happy with you.
  • You don't need a foursome to enter. In fact, we assign foursomes according to a complicated formula involving EtOH, pizza crusts and numerology centered around the letter "D". Whatever you do, don't get involved with the picking of the foursomes. Leave it to the professionals (Clark Haley, Harry Smith and other insane members of our group). Watching this is like watching sausage being made; you'll never want to partake again!
  • No one has ever played in our tournament and gone home thinking "I wish I hadn't done that."
  • We had 37 golfers last year, with a goal of 60 this year. A shotgun start is in the works for the first time in the history of the event.
  • Coach Groves played with all 9 foursomes last year, and even sunk a birdie putt for my foursome on the dreaded 5th hole.
  • All monies generated go toward the Coach Groves Endowment, Friends of Penn State Track and future costs associated with our group.
  • The current PSU Staff and Athletes will attend our festivities this year.
  • Spouses, relatives and friends of PSU Track are welcome! That includes just about everyone on Planet Earth.
Some changes are coming to our event this year because of our growth and increasing popularity.
  1. Both the Friday Night Get Together and the Post-Tourney Celebration will be held at Damon's in the coming year. We will still call the Saturday evening awards ceremony and dinner the "Shisler Shindig" in honor of their hospitality all the previous years.
  2. Discount rooms will be available shortly at the Hampton Inn next door to Damon's. There will be an easy one-click reservation option right here on our web-site.
  3. An all inclusive Fun-Run and Alumni Mile will be held at the Outdoor Track Saturday morning before the tourney. Prize packages and various "competitions" are being dreamed up. Come run or walk with Olympians and "Schlubs" alike.

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