Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The A-Team Brings Back the Mirth!

The quartet of Clark Haley, Harry Smith, Steve Balkey and Nick K. represented PSU Track Alumni Golf at the 5th Annual Kevin Dare Golf tournament Monday. With the pirate admonition to "take no prisoners" it was inevitable to anticipate a good score. "I pity the fool" who thought otherwise. When the smoke cleared and the tax-code sized rules were followed, the foursome came through with a record for our group. Ten under par, 29 for the first nine scared the dickens out of Al Geiberger and the PGA record books. Alas, this wasn't good enough to win anything, but I have a few more wrist bands to salve their wounds. The BMW would have meant taxes anyway, guys.

Harry Smith made the shot of the day by overhitting an approach shot and bouncing the ball onto the top of a cart. Without knowing for sure, I'll bet there is a specialty club just for that situation. I know it isn't a niblet, but it's something like that. Maybe cutlet or bartlett? They used to make them out of balsa wood, but now its all fiberglass composites.

The group helped spread the word on our tourney and interacted with the Coaches and athletes at the post tourney reception. Of special import was their meeting with Coaches Whittacre and Alford-Sullivan. The past and present staff in conjunction with our group makes for a tremendous future for PSU Track. Keep spreading the word.

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