Thursday, September 10, 2009

Donations Appreciated!

My recent reunion with Ted Lyon was unexpected and a big reason I continue to blog and promote the Golf Outing and Reunion. I have become reacquainted with many great friends and made many new ones through the activities. This is a rare picture of my father and I before a cross-country meet in 1978. That's Ted warming up behind us! I came across the picture by coincidence right around the time we both went to see Paul Souza's band in Philadelphia.

I convinced Ted to join our little band of hackers next year and, as always, promised him he would have a great time. (No one has asked for their money back yet!) Ted also generously donated to our coffers which will allow us to deliver the fine quality of goods and services we have come to expect from PSU Track Alumni Golf. I quite honestly appreciate every donation we have received. And Ted's first roommate at PSU was our very own Official Physicist, Brian Boyer!* Will the coincidences ever cease?

*Actually a Nuclear Engineer but how can a Biology Major quibble over such things. Ron Moore will become Co-Official Physicist upon his first appearance at the event.

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