Saturday, January 16, 2010

It's Reunion and Golf Go Time!

Indoor Track Season has begun, so it's time to turn one's thoughts to this year's Reunion and 9th Annual
Coach Harry Groves Golf Tournament. It promises to be the largest event ever, cementing our group in PSU's Sports universe. Entries have already begun to trickle in. The Early Bird Discount is now in effect. Remember, you can save $25 by getting your entry in by 3/31/10. That will pay your way to the Awards Dinner and Reception following the tourney and leave you with a nifty $10 you can use for the Donation Raffle to help support our group for next year!

This year's Reunion will help celebrate Coach Groves' 80th Birthday as well as other events. There will be cake! It will be held on an off week for the team and we will have current coaches and team members participating for the first time. The union of us old -timers and the young bucks (and women!) will be a tremendous way to help make Penn State Track Alumni (the Golf is optional!) the world's most active and largest Track Alumni Group. Most questions can be handled by perusing the web site, but any additional questions will be easily answered by contacting me by email, dfbaskwill(at)cs(dot)com.

Be alert for the coming email blast and be tolerant of duplicated efforts. I'm no more organized now than I was as a Freshman in 1977. In fact, I'm not quite sure I'm not less organized.

Pictured at the 2009 Reunion are: IT Czar Jeff Sanden '83, some fat guy, legal counsel Doug Kent '80, Don Ziter '81 and Mark Haywood '81. Some of the best friends anyone could ever have. We ran a lot of miles together. Don't miss out on seeing your friends and making many more that share your love for PSU Track.


  1. Doug looks more like a middle-aged thrower than a distance guy. What happened. I understand your appearance (you always wanted to secretly be a thrower, didn't you?!), and Don and Mark look like they are still in pretty good shape. Not bad for a bunch of old men!

  2. Hard to believe we were all on the same Dorm floor! (Along with Irv Pankey and his 34 inch thighs.) My shot put all-time best is either 12 or 17 feet, but I'm guessing 12, so I'm certainly not in any "throwers" category. My mandatory weight workout was always "waiting" for Coach to leave! (I did manage a 120 lb. bench press one time when I weighed 115 lb.)

  3. Haywood here. Thanks for the props, Hammer. I'm still doing my 25-35m a week especially in nasty weather or in the dark, just so the neighbors will continue to believe I am utterly insane.

    I echo Dave's comments - some of the best friends anyone could ever have. I am very lucky to have crossed paths with them.


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