Tuesday, November 24, 2015

The Times Are A Changing (The Reunion and Golf Tourney Weekend, That Is!)

You youngsters don't even know who Bob Dylan is, I suppose.  But he was once really big.  A counterculture icon before counterculture icons decided to all think alike.  Thus becoming non-counterculture! A Jewish boy from Minnesota who made it big in the Music World despite having a voice worse than my great grandmother and guitar skills somewhat like the 6th graders in the local middle school.  (He isn't half bad at the harmonica, even if he's wearing it around his neck like a doofus.)

John "DNA" Kauffman (mentioned on these pages before), once sidled up next to him at a State College bar (the Saloon, I believe) before a show in 1980 and told him that he heard a guy by the name of Robert Zimmerman had a show in Rec Hall that night but he didn't really like him very much.  He was rewarded with tickets and a few drinks from a smirking Bob Dylan and hung around backstage during the "Slow Train Coming" Concert, (his probably brief dalliance with Christianity, although I'm not certain about that)

All this to introduce the change in dates for the 15th Annual Coach Harry Groves Golf Tournament.  

The date is being changed to the following weekend of May 20 and 21 from the original date of May 13, 14.  Please help spread the word and mark your calendars.

In way of explanation for the inevitable scorn we may encounter...  It is never easy to pick a date for the Reunion.  There are always problems with any dates we choose. Each year we try to pick dates as early as possible , but we need to keep several things in mind: 
  • Can never have it during Graduation weekend! No hotel rooms! (May 6-8, 2016).
  • Never want to have it during weekend of Mother's Day due to lower turnout (May 8, 2016).
  • Never want to have it during Memorial Day weekend due to lower turn out (May 30, 2016).  
  • We also try to coordinate the off week between the Big Ten Championships (May 13-14,2016) and the NCAA Prelims (May 26-28, 2016) so that the team can be part of our festivities. This off-weekdate was sketchy when we made our determination and it has now been finalized to the May 20-21 weekend. So the change is being made!
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