Monday, November 23, 2015

There Sure Has Been A Lot Of AIAW Stuff Lately! Or Two Halves Make For A Full Post

And rightly so!  Because these women are still running well today.  I try to never disclose a woman's age, but won't prevent you from doing the math required.

First up, Janet Norem, who may have the Alumni (Golfer) record for miles run on the Continent of Africa.  Somehow she ended up on the Left Coast from hometown Pittsburgh when she isn't overseas, and placed third in her age division at the USA San Diego Half-Marathon. At school, we probably spoke 3 or 4 words to each other, and she never realized how much I admired her.  Still do.  Someone who has done wonderful things for this world.  A Nittany Lion ambassador of the finest order.

Janet Norem.

Secondly, and closer to home was Doreen (Statare) McCoubrie's age-group victory at the Philadelphia Half-Marathon in an unbelievable time of 1:27 and change.  Doreen has been a big help with our Mid-Atlantic Division USATF team.

Doreen McCoubrie, left.

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