Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Can I Piece Together 800M Training Through The Decades?

I at least have a start.  With Phil Passen's impetus, we have learned a little about Yevgeni Arzhanov's training for the 800M back in the early 70's.  I spoke with Steve Shisler at the Penn State National who will be able to give us an inkling of his training in the early to mid 80's and his coaching of his current high school athletes.  George Brose has a treasure trove of records from the 4 x 880Y record holders from Oklahoma State in the 60's.  And I can contact several recent PSU grads to ascertain more recent training methods. Anyone with any records or remembrances can contact me for additional input.

I figure this will be a long term product project much like the Greatest PSU Women Cross Country Runners of All-Time late last year!  But I plodded on until it was complete.  With my new set of Interns, we should be able to complete this new task easily.

At my first glance, the training throughout the years is really consistent.  Much more so than distance running as a whole.
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