Tuesday, February 16, 2016

It's Still Hot In LA

The Olympic Trials Marathon and the LA Marathon have come and gone, but not all the Nittany Lions have left town.  Since I rarely do anything of interest or fun, I figured I would pass along the exploits of Paul Souza in La La Land.

First, some one dug up this blast from the past featuring two very young Nits.  Notice that Ted Lyon may have given Paul the hair styling tip!

Paul Souza, left. Ted Lyon, right.
And it turns out that Paul was in LA for the Marathon and the Grammys!  With some down time to shoot some hoops with his son.

And apparently Paul is only the second most interesting man in the world!

Addendum:  After several years of waiting, my time has finally come.  Plan 9 has arrived in America.  Plan 9 is a remake of "the worst movie ever made", Ed Wood's 1959 "Plan 9 From Outer Space".  This is the movie that Director John Johnson thinks that Ed would have made if he had the money (and talent) at the time.

Plan 9 has put me on the Big Screen (in Eastern Europe, the Middle East, Australia and New Zealand so far).  And I am now listed in the IMDb  (International Movie Database!!) as a Producer.

The movie is a B-movie (shown in the old days before the feature) with plenty of gore and some bare female chests in the tradition of such fare. It will not be a great film, but a fun diversion for those who remember the original and can bear the tumult of blood and gore and schlock.

Plan 9 can be rented or purchased on all the various film distribution sources, Hulu, Netflix, Google Play Store, Amazon and WalMart etc.  Hulu and Netflix will be coming in 90 days!

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