Monday, February 29, 2016

It's Leap Day!

Instead of taking the day off, I will present not one, but two topics.

First up, taking time off when you are sick.  I learned the hard way back in 1978 when I went for a "short run" at night with a fever and difficulty breathing.  The run went fine in the darkness, with the snow falling and I kept my streak of nearly 2 years intact!

And then 20 minutes later, I fell apart.  Pneumonia and pleuritis ensued and I was out for a whole week!  The pleuritis actually scars your chest wall and to this day when I get a cold or worse you can hear the wheezing and the rubbing every time I breathe. 

So don't be stupid like I was!

And why not a little levity on this extra day?

Turns out that the research is very valuable and shows that overweight penguins are more clumsy than those that are not overweight!

Last year's meeting of the Group's Idiot Officers.
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