Thursday, February 11, 2016

What Do You Call Someone From Maine?

A Maine-iac, a Maine-ian, A Maine-an...    (I looked it up after I thought about it a bit AND I was right!)

According to our research engine:
People from Maine may be properly called the following term(s):
Down Easter or Downeaster
Pine Tree

But the real answer is, of course, FAST.

Brannon Kidder and Isaiah Harris.

Penn State Freshman Isaiah Harris (Lewiston, Maine) joined Brannon Kidder in the top 5 in the NCAA this year in the 800M this past week on the Ashenfelter oval.  Middle distance running in America is doing fine.

And my quest to collate and analyze 800M training through the decades continues.  The newest class of interns hasn't arrived and they already have a Spring Break looming, so it will take time.  But I think I have the 60's, 70's and 80's covered.  I would love to hear from some 800M guys from the 90's and 00's! 
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