Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Ebel Is Able And His Throwers Are Too!

Coach Ebel has every right to be strutting and crowing, but he has just nonchalantly directed all congratulations to his throwers.  And his throwers won or excelled in just about every event they could at Penn Relays, both College Division and Championship Division!

Women's Discus:   Obeng Marfo   2nd   161' 2"
Men's Shot Put:  Jon Yohman   1st    60' 10.5"
Men's Discus:   David Lucas   1st   180' 6"
Women's Javelin:  Sarah Stanley   1st   147' 3"
Men's Javelin:   Ryan Kerr     1st    228' 8"
Women's Shot Put:  Alyssa Robinson   3rd  52' 5.5"
Women's Hammer Throw:  Rachel Fatherly   6th   178' 10"
Women's Javelin:  Lauren Kenney   6th  144' 5"
Men's Hammer Throw:  Morgan Shigo   1st  206' 0"

Coach Ebel and John Lucas.

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