Monday, May 30, 2016

Where 800U All Began

Coach Groves' very first Championship of America at Penn Relays was the 1983 4 x 800M race.  I have talked about it before, but now I have some extra great photos to go with it.

I was actually in the front row directly opposite the start/finish line, which was a tremendous vantage point to see it all!  And apparently Tom Shiffer was very near me.  Because he took a bunch of photos of all of the runners, and dug them out after the Reunion and sent them my way.  Thus, all of us can enjoy them for posterity.

That's Paul McLaughlin, Randy Moore, Mike Cook and Kenny Wynn in all their glory.  John Marshall and  Marcus O'Sullivan also appear in the pics.  Our Blog Laureate and others will pipe in with more on our Facebook site...

All photos courtesy of Tom Shiffer. Keep them coming Tom!

This is also the race where my future wife was standing next to Coach Groves in the stands, as he was not in his usual place beneath the clock.  He related he was too nervous and headed into the stands.  When they finished and began their victory lap, Barb saw Coach actually crying real tears.  He asked her to never tell anyone, which lasted as long as it took to for her to find me at the front row.  When Coach tells people that Championships of America victories mean more to him than Olympic ones, he really does mean it.  That statement alone made George Steinbrenner once write a check to the Penn Relays for $1 Million!  True story (for once on our blog!)
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