Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Some Raw, Unedited Drone Videos From The Track

Each of these videos is unedited.  These flights were made in preparation of filming the Alumni "Run" to synchronize the magnetic compasses and define waypoints to follow the runners around the track.  But they still contain some gems, like Owen Dawson and Steve Waithe working out on Thursday afternoon, and a panorama of the Indoor Complex, Bryce Jordan Center, Beaver Stadium and Nittany Mountain from 400 feet (6:48 of the Outdoor Track Video).  And my first crash of Airship 800U!  In my defense, it was inside a large building with metal roof and girders.  There wasn't any way to fully maneuver the beast reliably because of no compass or GPS.  The only way to land was either by a little crash or grabbing it out of the sky, which is not recommended.

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