Monday, July 4, 2016

Alumni Singlet Spotted At Tracktown USA!

There are more than 200 Alumni Singlets and Alumni T-Shirts out there in the wilds. This one happens to belong to Olympic Trials Official Mark Heckel.  Mark's credentials for our group are many and varied and there is the newest one to add!

Even Pre would have bought one!

In order to thank him for his consideration of us he has been made an Idiot Officer!  His official title will be Chairman of Weights and Measures.  Congrats to Mark for the honor.  Remember to add it to your CV.  (Salaries are figured and distributed Quarterly and have been averaging $0 for the last 32 Quarters.)

The next sale of Alumni Singlets and T-Shirts will occur this Fall.  Alert your friends, especially those recent graduates who have yet to find their way to our blog.  Mark Hawkins has done yeoman's work for years now in helping bring us these keepsakes.  Everyone needs one of each!

And the first sale of our Kelly's Store is complete.  Those who purchased jackets or backpacks should be receiving them now.  Please visit the Facebook site and let us know what you think of them and what items we should include in the next Fall sale!!!
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