Sunday, July 24, 2016

Warming Up

So Daughter the Elder picked the hottest day of the year to have us help her move into her new apartment for the upcoming Fall Semester.  95 degrees in State College hasn't happened very often.  And let's not forget the Feels Like 104 degrees!

In addition to the lifting of heavy objects, I had just enough time to take a few pics of the upgrade to the track and attain minor damage to Mobile Blog I by backing into a tree limb!  I couldn't use Nano-Airship 800U due to the 15 mph winds, so all I got were some rotten cell phone pics from a distance.

The under-surface looks complete.

A minimum of equipment.

A lonely steeple pit!
And the PSU Olympian Big Men were warming up jolly ole England in London at the Diamond League meet.

Joe Kovacs won the meet with a throw of 22.04 (72' 3 3/4") and Big Homie Darrell Hill placed 4th with 21.24 (69' 8 1/4").

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