Wednesday, July 27, 2016

How Does A Real Writer Bring The Story Of The Appalachian Trail Conquest To Life?

 "It's easier than living in the normal world and having to go to work or school."
-Phoebe Whiteside, about her thru-hike of the AT

I have kept all of you updated with the shenanigans of Rob Whiteside and his daughter Phoebe on the Appalachian Trail since April.  But now that they are done, I figured someone else will tell the story better than I.  A real professional writer, for once...

Turns out they averaged more than 16 miles daily, with Rob holding her back some!  But they still beat the average thru-hike (only 20-25% of those that start out!) by about a month and a half.

And Rob owes me a post for the blog and I owe him a Ruth's Chris Steak. (grilled vertically at 1800 degrees for 9 seconds and served on a 500 degree plate coated with butter!)

Tip: You don't need any sides at Ruth's Chris. Entree and dessert (Creme Brulee!) only.
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